Date Posted: 15 June 2017  

  Ever wondered what goes on behind Sew Much Easier? Here, let me give you some inside glimpse on what I do... All the sewing goodies on my website began their public lives in my little "photo studio" - see above - which doubles as my sewing room, the study, or the guest room.... out of our two-bedroom '60s apartment in bayside Melbourne. This is also where I test drive each thing - before I decide whether or not they make it on the website. Because I'm only interested in handing over what YOU would be happy with.  

In t...

Date Posted: 12 November 2015  

  "I just don't understand how people would spend so much on sewing machines, then use cheap inferior feet!" Said K, somewhat exasperated. "If only they knew the risks."  

"Risks? There are risks?" I asked.  

This was how it all began. During a conversation with our supplier - for his privacy, let's just call him K. Let's wind back slightly, to the start.... "So, your competitor is quoting me X dollars for the same item. Can...

Date Posted: 22 September 2012  

It’s official. It works. And oh my - it’s pretty too :-)

After trading on eBay for the last couple of years (and having completed almost 5000 happy transactions on eBay alone), and chatting / meeting up with quite a few of you kindred hand-made souls, we’ve put together a little something for you to browse and enjoy!

Maybe it’s that dress you’ve been itching to make (and dying wear). Maybe it’s that special quilt design that’s been whispering in your ears at night. Or, there might just be a certain colour or print that jogs a fond memory somewhere deep inside – and you’ve just had to have that fabric. For a handbag. For a quilt. For you.

Whatever your reason,...

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