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Wedding Dress Storage Garment Bag - Blue

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The Truth About Wedding Days Is that
It can be Stressful.....

How Would You like To have ONE More Thing
Taken Off your mind on that day? 

Read On To Find Out More.....

Approximate Dimensions:

178 cm (Length) x 69 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Depth / Gusset)
*Hanger, Dress & Mannequin are NOT included*

" I bought this wedding dress bag because it has a pair of  large handles and a loop to go over your hanger, it is waterproof, showerproof and breathable.

The bag is everything it says and much more.

It is quite big and roomy and can contain at least one long gowns with train, veil, shawls etc, so they can all be protected - especially when carrying gowns made of delicate fabrics.

Having the handles means the bag fold neatly in the middle for easy transportation.... which was fantastic on my wedding day as we did quite a bit of running around.

I recommend the bag for anyone who is planning their big day.... don't go without one!"

- Victoria, a Happy Customer

Ask anybody who has ever been through the planning of a wedding..... 

There is Nothing more stressful than having to worry about EVERYTHING...... and then find out on the big day that your wedding dress (yes - THE dress - the one that you've forked out good money for, and took forever to get just right) is damaged or soiled from all the running around....!!!!

What would you do.......????
Or, more to the point - what
could you have done to prevent this??

Imagine NOT having to worry about the condition of your dress on the day....

Because you KNOW it is being kept protected and well away from harm - no matter how much commotion goes around....

This way you can just breathe, relax, and concentrate on looking gorgeous.... let others fuss around YOU while you sip bubbly....

Hey, you might as well enjoy your special day, now that the hard work is all finished!

As a formally trained Fashion Designer, I have spent time as a Wedding & Event Planner and I have seen it all behind the scenes....

Let me be straight to the point with you.

Whether you're getting married, becoming a debutante, or simply attending a school formal... when it comes to looking AND feeling your best, some people ALWAYS seem to be more confident and carefree - as though they have it ALL under control.

What sets them apart? I mean, they've got the same amount of time and budget as you, and from the same area..... so what makes them so different?

The secret is simple: they have come PREPARED.....

Having The Dress safely stored and protected.....

Knowing their outfit will NOT let them down when it comes time to shine.

Here, this Bridal Dress Cover Bag will take care of it.....

                                       Front View                                                       Back View

What if..... Having Peace of Mind on that hectic day
Is Easier Than You Think?

Imagine striding into the room, knowing that you've got every eye on you and your fabulous outfit....
And you KNOW that your dress will
be flawless...

Because you have taken every precaution to make sure it stayed out of harms way - until you're ready to wear it....

         Instead of this....                                              Yours will be......

*Hanger, Dress & Mannequin are NOT included*

And.... if you happen to be THE BRIDE (or the debutante), you want to make 200% sure that your dress WILL be prestine on the big day...!!!

Are you willing to take the risk of mishaps and accidents to the dresses for yourself or your bridesmaids on THE day, because you've simply been too busy organising everything else...??

While other brides may be scrambling to save their (or their bridesmaid's) outfit - AND grasping on the edge of their sanity, you can prance down the aisle in style - looking absolutely radiant, feeling completely in love, enjoying the blessing from all and really relax and enjoy YOUR big day!

Check Out what we've got here:

*Hanger and Dress are NOT included*

Your Exclusive "Something Blue" Wedding Dress Bag

Approximate Dimensions:
178 cm (Length) x 69 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Depth / Gusset*)

*What is a gusset?
A gusset is a rectangular fabric insert at the sides and base of the bag. It goes along the two side seams of the bag and gives depth to the bag for extra holding space.

*Hangers and Dress are NOT included*
*Hanger NOT included*

"....Something Blue...."

As a token for good luck, blue has been connected to weddings for centuries.

In ancient Rome, brides wore blue as a symbol of love, modesty, and fidelity.

Christianity has long dressed the Virgin Mary in blue, so purity was associated with the colour.

In fact, before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding gowns, as evidenced in proverbs like, "Marry in blue, lover be true."

So, here's an Easy opportunity for You to include Something Blue on Your Big Day :-)

No matter how delicate or precious your bridal gown -
- this garment bag will protect it.

And they are great for other garments too.....
  • Designer Outfits (by famous labels or your own creation)
  • Debutante gown
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Evening / Formal Outfits
  • Racing Festival Outfits
  • Theatrical Costumes
  • Vintage Collectible Gowns
  • Long Winter Coats 
  • Tuxedos and Suits
  • Seasonal / Bulky Clothing
*Hangers and Dress are NOT included*           

Want To Know More?

  • A Generous Size large enough to fit even the fullest Dresses - so your dream gown will be well taken care of.

  • Sturdy Handles with Extra Reinforced Stitches - Large enough to fling across your arm to free up your hands, because we know that you need all available hands on the day....

  • Sel-Fabric Handles - ensuring that your handles can take plenty of weight and STILL be gentle on your hand or arm.

  • Each bag comes individually wrapped to keep them in prestine condition.

  • Quality Zipper, conveniently located in the middle for getting the dress in and out in a hurry. 

  • Reinforced Opening for your hanger so your garment stays in shape yet fully protected.

  • Double Layer Binding securing all seams - so your most precious gown is out of harm's way!

  • Convenient Loop at the bottom end, so that the tail end of the bag can hook back onto the hanger, this way the bottom of your dress (and the bag) is off the ground - great for being on the run!

  • Exclusive colour - NOT available elsewhere! Because we had this bag made for YOU - the discerning bride with exquisite taste.

  • Breathable so that your garment stays fresh - and you can use the bag for long term storage once your dress has been cleaned.

  • Shower Proof and Water Repellent - when the weather is not predictable, you can still count on your dress staying clean and dry!

  • Wide Gusset (20cm in depth) to provide room to cater for the fullest dress or longest train!

  • Premium quality, Eco-friendly, non-toxic material used through out - good for your occasion, gentle on the environmental footprint.

  • Made of Non-Woven Polypropylene fabric (not "PEVA") - Read on to find out how why it is the BEST choice for you!

- once the wedding is over.....

Your Dress Goes Straight into the bag

..... while you just forget about it,
..... to go on enjoying the rest of the evening (and your honeymoon)......

* for long term storage, it is highly recommended that you get the gown professionally cleaned before putting it away*

Ummmm.... Why is it BLUE....??

Because we have had requests from brides asking for "something blue" - since they often do not have anything blue to have on the day - for good luck and a bit of old-fashioned whimsical tradition.

Also, it happens to remind us of
Tiffany packaging.....

..... as well as all the nice things that come in that colour.......

*NOTE: Photos shown for insirational purposes. Only the dressbag is for sale here.

What's the bag made of?

Your bag is made of Non-Woven Polypropylene fabric - also known as NWPP -
- which is the same material your "Green" super market bags are made of - except better quality.

You see, the quality in fabric is classified in a unit called
"grams per square meter" (g/sm) ....

That means the higher the number, the thicker the material, and the higher the quality.

For Example

Our bridal cover bags are made of 100 g/sm quality.

Standard supermarket bags from
Safeway / Woolworth are only 80 g/sm.

And, we KNOW those super market bags are incredibly strong -
- How much grocery did you manage to fit into yours?

So, imagine how strong your wedding Dress Bag is -
- and how much it can carry and protect....!!

*Hangers and Dress are NOT included*

What is Non-Woven Polypropylene?

Non-woven polypropylene is the new miracle fabric.

It is a practical fabric because it is strong and extremely lightweight - being a recyclable plastic fabric, it is the choice of super market bags and also promotional tote bags.

The fabric is also comfortable and soft, as well as non-toxic - so it is commonly used to make surgical masks and gowns for hospitals and medical facilities.

How Do I Care for My Garment Bags?

Your wedding dress bags can be quickly wiped clean, and also machine washable in gentle cycle and cold water. Once they come out of the machine, hang them out to dry.

Please Note:
  • Do Not Iron (not even in cool setting)
  • Do Not Wring (because you can't iron it)
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • This material is NOT heat proof because it IS a plastic product.

*Hanger NOT included*

What's so good about this fabric, anyway?

Made of premium quality, eco-friendly Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP) - your bridal cover bag is also non-toxic and breathable.

Your Non-Woven polypropylene bags are generally known to be an environmentally friendly choice - compared to single-use, throw-away plastic bags - because they are:

  • reusable,
  • easy to clean,
  • recyclable,
  • sometimes made with recycled products,
  • it uses less energy to create nonwoven polypropylene bags than it does to create cotton bags.

The advantages of using Non Woven Polypropylene bags are:

  • Good permeability to air - that means the content in the bag can breathe
  • Repellence of water - to ensure your garments stay dry
  • Fade Resistant so your garments can be protected against harmful UV
  • Washable and Reuseable to take care of all your delicate garments!
  • Made to Last - the fabric is tough, strong & robust for best protection
  • Reusable many times over to minimise waste going to landfill
  • 100% Recyclable so that they can be turned into more bags down the track!

Did you know?

Tupperware is also made of Non-Woven Polypropylene - except in plastic form, as opposed to being a fabric. 

So if it is good enough for Tupperware for keeping food in top condition, doesn't your gorgeous gown deserve the same priviledge too?

*Hangers and Dress are NOT included*

But, Be Very Aware.....
Not All Garment Bags are Equal.

Some garment bags are made of PEVA, which is just a plastic sheet, and Do Not breathe....

Quality of bags made of Non-Woven Polypropylene can also vary greatly - you may find lower prices, however you may not get a guaranteed quality product.... as always, you DO get what you pay for!

When buying from us, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your garments will be protected by the highest quality bags, made by reputable packaging specialists.

In fact, our bags are made of the same quality material as used by all the well-known designer houses and bridal salons around the world....

First class quality has never been so affordable!

*Hanger and Pole are NOT included*

" I am really happy with this wedding dress bag!

It fits my wedding dress in nicely and the long train as well.

We were running around taking photos on my wedding day, and I kept my veil and train in it so it didn't get dirty or wrecked :-)

We went on my honeymoon straight after the reception, and I simply zipped the dress into the bag and gave it Mum so she can get it to the cleaners while we went away.

Now that I'm back - and the dress is clean - it can stay in the bag to be put away.

I can't think of a better storage solution for my dress and all the accessories. Thank you x"

- Katie, a Happy Bride

No Wedding Dress to Put in the Bag?

These garment bags are ideal for:

  • fashion students (aka Project Runway winner of the future)
  • dressmaking / tailoring professionals,
  • threatrical costume makers,
  • vintage garment collectors
  • textiles artists and historians
  • and anyone who wants an organised wardrobe.....

*Photo from The Age, Sep 4th, 2006 by Angela Wylie

If any of these sounds like you....

..... then the team here at Sew Much Easier are ready and waiting to get your Garment Bag on its way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!

What Else Can You Use The Garment Bags for?

  • Designer Outfits (by famous labels or your own creation)
  • Debutante gown
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Evening / Formal Outfits
  • Racing Festival Outfits
  • Theatrical Costumes
  • Vintage Collectible Gowns
  • Long Winter Coats 
  • Tuxedos and Suits
  • Seasonal / Bulky Clothing Storage

You might still find the dress bag extremely useful in unexpected places....

"I recently bought a few of these bags for my wife as we went on a cruise - we were told to take some formal attire because it was a luxury cruise, and we were visiting many exclusive locations overseas.

The bags certainly made life easy to carry and transport all her dresses, as well as my tux and coat.

We also order extra bags because one for her sisters joined us on the cruise.

Both ladies were delighted with the cruise and how the bags had enough room.

They ended up putting all their extra outfits bought during their many shopping trips along the way... and we brought everything home in prestine condition!"

- David, a Happy Customer

*Hangers and Dress are NOT included*

So the only question is.....

Would ONE bag really be enough?

or Do You need TWO or more for your bridesmaids as well?

All you need to do to make it happen is...

*Hanger, Dress & Mannequin are NOT included*

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