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Body Tape for Hollywood Fashion - 3 m x 2 Rolls

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Who Else Wants To
look like a glamorous celebrity

Without risking an embarrassing wardrobe Malfunction..?

Let's face it....

You've got parties, weddings, formals, and all sorts of events coming up all the time, Right?

And you do have THAT gorgeous dress in your wardrobe which will be just right for your next occasion!

It's guaranteed to make you look and feel a like million dollars except....

You're PETRIFIED that it may reveal just a little TOO much... and end up being the subject of gossip instead of everyone's envy.

So yet again you're stuck with the "safe and boring" option. Hmmmmm.....

Everyone who's had to get ready for a special occasion knows.....

There's NOTHING more frustrating than having THE perfect outfit and being terrified to wear it!

We all want to look gorgeous and feel confident simply by getting dressed RIGHT, so we can forget about it for the rest of the evening and have fun instead.

After all... we're supposed to enjoying the party rather than feeling self-conscious and constantly worrying about our outfit... right?

As a formally trained Fashion Designer, I have spent time as a Wedding & Event Planner and I have seen it all behind the scenes....

Let me be straight to the point with you.

Whether you're going to a party, getting married, or simply dressing for everyday work and play... when it comes to looking AND feeling your best, some people ALWAYS seem to look stylish with ease - even if they are wearing a simple white shirt and pants, or a classic LBD (little black dress).

What sets them apart? I mean, they've got the same amount of time and budget as you, and from the same area..... so what makes them so different?

The secret is simple: they have come PREPARED with Double Sided Body Tape.....
Just to make sure their outfit will NOT let them down.

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What if feeling totally confident of what you're wearing is easier than you think?

Imagine striding into the room....

  • knowing that you've got every eye on you and your fabulous outfit,
  • and you KNOW that you will remain stylish for the rest of the evening,
  • while everyone else will start to look "frayed at the edges" as the night goes on....

And.... if you happen to be THE BRIDE (or the debutante), you want to make 200% sure that your dress WILL NOT malfunction on the big day...!!!

Are you willing to take the risk of wardrobe malfunction for yourself or your bridesmaids on THE day, because you've simply been too busy organising everything else...??

While others are scrambling to save their outfit - AND dignity, you can dance and glide into the night at your leisure, without a care in the world - being the social butterfly that you are - and still have time to grab yourself a bubbly or two and really relax and have a great time.

"This stuff works!

I had no idea if it would, but it definitely did.

I wore it to make sure my straps stayed up during my wedding reception. I danced and sweated for hours.

I never thought about them until I took the dress off and was surprised that I had to tug a bit to get the straps off me. There was no sticky residue on myself or the dress.

I haven't tried it for anything else, but for keeping straps up, look no further."

- Kathryn, a Happy Bride

Think about all the styles that you love -
  • plunging neckline,
  • low back
  • strapless

each one has the potential to let you down....
On the ONE day that you need to look your absolute BEST, for the biggest event....!!!

"My brides maids used it to keep from flashing everyone and I used it to keep the back of my shoe in place... it's very versatile, and very sticky."

- Rae, a Happy Bride

Having a roll of
Body Tape handy is the secret.....

Many Hollywood starlets and their stylists have long been using double sided tapes to stay gorgeous....

No matter how hard they party or how challenging their outfits are!

Now this can be YOUR secret too!

"Love this product!

I have this one fabulous dress which I dreaded wearing out dancing. Because of its extremely low neckline (really, it should be called a navel-line it is so low. Think J Lo...), regular two sided tape (I know, tacky - but I was desperate) or spray adhesive (have you ever tried to get that stuff off?) just really couldn't keep up.
This tape stays the distance... I showed the exact amount of skin that I wanted to, and still left a lot to the imagination.

I suggest taking the chance of using a bit more to make sure that you have them in the right strategic location, because you don't want a "puckered" look by trying to skimp on the tape.

If you want a nice line (even when you are leaning forward) I recommend using a long line of tape to keep the fabric in place.

Sure, the tape is not cheap, but compared to how good I look in that expensive dress - it is well worth the price."

- Alicia, a Happy Customer

What would it be like to NEVER have to put up with wardrobe malfunction - and No more feeling self-conscious, No more embarrassing moments, ever again?

Imagine being able to arrive at the party looking and feeling a million dollars in your secured outfit, done stylishly, quickly, and with Great Ease EVERY TIME because your secret weapon gives you all the help you need!

Having a roll of Body Tap Handy means you can:

  • Secure revealing necklines
  • Keep straps from falling off your shoulders
  • Hold up strapless dress / tops
  • Eliminate blouse / shirt gaps
  • Hide bra straps
  • Fix hems fast
  • Keep G-strings out of sight with low-cut pants & jeans
  • Close wrap skirts / dresses
  • Keep scarves and accessories in place
  • Save money -  pay a fraction of the cost of brands like Hollywood Tapes!

Important... Read This If You Have Sensitive Skin...

This Body Tape is Hypoallergenic. Which means "having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction". It is NOT, however: "Non-Allergenic".  To claim that something is Non-Allergenic means "having NO tendency to provoke an allergic reaction".

As with any product applied to the skin, there is always the possibility that a small number of people will have a mild reaction.

Even myself: although I have annoyingly sensitive skin (and CANNOT wear makeup), I am STILL able to use Body Tape when I need to.

So when you get your tape it is always a good idea if you are sensitive to test it first. As you would with cosmetics, try a small piece on the inside of your arm or behind your ear to see how your skin reacts.

I mean, it's a common sense approach, right?

Besides, most of the time you'd be using the double-sided tape to hold layers of fabric together - like between the buttons on your shirts, the cross-over bits on your wrap dress, sticking your bra to your tops... and so forth.

By The Way.... Did You Know: this Body Tape was originally developed to keep wigs and toupees in place!

  • The specially formulated adhesive is gentle on skin and hypoallergenic.
  • The adhesive leaves no residue and works on most on fabrics (it's a good idea to spot-test first before using).
  • The clear tape doesn’t cover up the skin’s natural colour and is more discreet and fabric-friendly than safety pins.

Sounds impressive, huh? I’m just glad it works.

If You want a simple answer to always look your best in ANY outfit
confidently & stylishly...
 Here is the solution! 

Simply Scroll Up And Get Yours Now!

  • Works skin-to-fabric or fabric-to-fabric to hold clothing in place.
  • Transparent, so it will not show through even the sheerest fabrics.
  • Stretches slightly to move with your body & will hold up to perspiration.
  • One-use only product, designed to be removed before a garment is washed.
  • Perfect size for purse, pocket, briefcase, and travel bag.
  • Keep bra straps from slipping & prevent blouse gaps between buttons.

  • Secure plunging necklines & hold belts, scarves, and straps in place.
  • Perfect for quick hemming and other emergency repairs.
  • Keep wrap styles wrapped.
  • A full roll of Body Tape (a WHOLE 5 metres), as opposed to a few strips like some other brands (such as Hollywood Tapes). Save money so you can shop more (YAY!)
  • Good quality, non-flimsy - so it won't bunch up as you move.
  • Clear (no colour) tape which goes with your skin tone AND whatever fabric your outfit is made of.
  • 25mm wide to make sure that you have plenty of surface area, and allows to be trimmed to shape to suit your particular outfit.
  • Decent amount of adhesive - but not too much - to ensure your outfit stays in place!


When you go anywhere WITHOUT a "secured" outfit, you will find:
  1. You are distracted by constantly wondering whether your outfit will "behave"...
  2. By the time a "wardrobe malfunction" actually happens, you may have to make a desperate dash to save your outfit AND hide your embarrassment. Not fun...
  3. Worst of all: you might be so scarred for life, that you never want to show your face again - that is, if you get another invitation anyway!
While most garments are fine and safe, there is always the chance of buttons popping, hems un-doing, straps slipping......  Is it really worth risking your reputation and social life over...?

Besides, being prepared means you have peace of mind right from the start -
Just another way to make sure
your night turns out to be a dream - and NOT a nightmare!

  From This:                                                             To This!


So, How To Use This Body Tape
, anyway?

Can be used for sticking fabric to skin or fabric to fabric. When getting dressed, you:
  1. Simply cut tape to your desired length and stick where needed.
  2. Apply to bare skin or the side of your garment to be hidden.
  3. Peel away the backing paper (white) to reveal the tape (clear).
  4. Press the outer layer of the garment onto the sticky side.
  5. Done! It's as easy as Stick, Peel, Press.

When applying make sure that your skin is not wet or moisturised.

This is the most common factor that stop the adhesive from working correctly.... which means the tape won't be able to do its job properly!

"I never realised how versatile and effective this Body Tape was until I tried it. It is much better than I had expected.

I don't know about you, but I love strapless tops and dresses. The problem is, they have a tendency to slip down a bit.

Body Tape does an amazing job of holding all my clothes exactly where they should be. I've found that thin fabrics stick better than thick ones.

Also, it may not look like there's that much in there, but I was surprised by how long one roll lasted.

It's a great item to have. You may not use it all the time, but when there's a special night out and you're wearing something that might slip, you'll be glad you have this."

- Jessica, a Happy Customer

Why should you risk potentially embarrassing moments, which could ruin your career, social life, reputation amongst relatives, friends, colleagues -
or ALL of the above -

when you really should be enjoying yourself and making the most of any event?!

Why not Get some Body Tape and Experience the Difference for yourself...!
What this Body Tape will do is simply help you feel assured.....

Just by taking away the chance of mis-haps, WHENEVER you need to attend any events.... WHATEVER outfit you choose!

Make it your daily ritual when you dress for work - a bit of tape between the buttons on your shirt or holding your bra straps in place - means you can focus on making wins & being your BEST each day...!!!

"I have always had trouble with my shirt gaping between the buttons and revealing my undergarments to everyone.

This tape really stays put, even with somewhat snug-fitting button-up tops.

At first I was worried it would wear out over the course of the day, but it doesn't!

Now that I'm almost using up my first roll, I would definitely buy this again."

- Marina, a Happy Customer


Everyone will wonder what your secret of success is. Let them wonder.....


"I am very impressed with this tape, worth every penny!

I wore a silk blouse to work, attended a very important business meeting, and used the tape to make sure that when I had to move or lean over the conference table, I would not show my bra (I prefer discretion in a room full of businessmen, thank you).

It worked flawlessly all day and then when I pulled it off, it did not damage the delicate silk or my skin. Other tapes have.

I also use it to make scarves stay exactly where I want them, hour after hour. Now a roll of this tape is a "must have" just like my laptop."

- Susan, a Happy Customer

Did You Know that simply by helping you feel prepared... you can reduce your stress overall?

Which means when you use Body Tape to secure your outfit, you can actually ENJOY life in general..!!

"i love this stuff. i'm in uni and go out a lot at night, but dont want to pop out lol. my friends and i all use this and it works amazing. it doesnt hurt to take off at all, and stays in place all night :)"

- Kate, a Happy (partying) Uni Student

Could this be YOUR solution to potential Fashion Faux Pas...?

Find Out For Yourself...!!
Scroll Up And Grab One To Try For Yourself Today!

Let's See How Else this Body Tape Can Help You:
  • Solving storage issues by ensuring that your garments stay on the hanger rather than at the bottom of your wardrobe.
  • Not just for clothing, you can use it for soft furnishing & craft too!
"I use this tape all the time. It's by far the best double-sided tape on the market. It's extremely thin AND extremely sticky.

I use it to put fabric on the back of unfinished furniture when I don't want holes from tacks.

I've also used it to make bamboo and fabric flags.

Forget traditional office double-sided tape. Body Tape is the way to go for ALL crafts.."

- Sam, a Happy Customer
  • Quick, No-Sew solution to adjust your hems to suit your height: say goodbye to paying for alterations... forever!

    "This is a great product capable of to holding up pants legs, jacket sleeves, blouse openings, etc. 
    When you're ready to wash or remove, once you get it started it peels off well."

    - Georgie, a Happy Customer
  • Experience professionally custom-fitted bras without breaking the bank - everyday!

    "I had just bought a beautiful new bra that I LOVE but it didn't hold me very well. If I leaned over everything come out. This item does wonders. Just put a few strips on the bra pressed on to skin and it held perfectly. Everything stays in place and I get to keep this bra (it's a favourite now). Best item I have bought in a long time. "
    - Eva, a Happy Customer
  • Great value for everyday - maximising your wardrobe has never been easier!

    "Finally we have a fashion tape with a very affordable price tag so I can wear any shirt I want now whether it is a bit loose or a little low cut. I position the shirt so nothing inappropriate shows when bending over and the tape holds it like you wouldn't believe. This tape has changed my clothing life because I can wear 100% of my existing wardrobe without having to buy more. It's awesome and it's worth it every penny."
    - Laura, a Happy Mum

  • Never put up with safety pins that can damage your garments - ever again!

    "These are great! For any women who has ever had any trouble keeping a blouse from gaping open, these are the perfect fix. They're double-sided adhesive strips that affix easily behind a button and they stay there until you're ready to take them off.

    I've used safety pins and even tried other double-sided tape. Safety pins tend to pull and/or pinch some fabrics and the other double-sided tape didn't stay put. These are the best!
    - Cathy, a Happy Customer
  • Love dancing the night away?. You'll be happy to know your outfit can keep up with you.

    "This tape is incredible! No matter how saggy, tight, or obvious you think a wardrobe malfunction is, this tape can handle it, even through dancing. I have some in my purse because I'm prone to these malfunctions, and it is just a miracle! I would recommend bringing some extra to re-apply later in the night if you plan on dancing a lot... just in case!"
    Rachel, a Happy Customer

Here's the truth:

Just because you enjoy looking gorgeous and dressing sexy does NOT mean you deserve less respect or credibility compared to others who dress conservatively (i.e. boring. YAWN).

When it comes to dressing to express your unique personalty and still enjoy the same level of respect from everyone, you need to first BE the most confident person in the room.

It has less to do with WHAT you wear, and more to do with HOW you wear it.

With your very own secret tool to help you feel self-assured, you've practically got your own personal stylist.... so you're always looking effortlessly stylish, no matter what life throws at you!

Why not grab an extra roll of Body Tape as a
gift for your best friend when you order for yourself?

That way BOTH of you can be life of the party, without a care in the world, and worry-free..!!

We've got just the deal for you: you get TWO rolls of this Body Tape with this listing!!!!

Wow... TWO rolls for a Great Deal.
Scroll Up and Grab It NOW...!!!!

This Body Tape is NOT for you if:
  • You have super-sensitive skin and allergic absolutely to EVERYTHING..
  • You have any existing skin conditions that reacts to any adhesive.
  • You prefer to pay top dollar for branded double-sided tapes (like Hollywood Tapes, or 3M).
  • You only wear outfits that are safe & conservative.

This Body Tape is ideal for:
  • Brides who want a dream wedding (instead of a nightmare),
  • Debutantes who want their first big night to be memorable (in a good way),
  • Parents who want to be sure that their daughters are dressed appropriately at their school formals,
  • Social Butterflies who want NOTHING to stand in their way to a fun night,
  • Career women who want to be their best at work!
  • Photographers & Stylists - to keep on hand for any mis-haps on location,
  • Dressmakers for value adding service to their clients,
  • Actors & Models,
  • and other individuals who would like to dress securely.....

If any of these sounds like you we're ready to get your Body Tape (two rolls) on their way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!

What's more.... the money you invest in this essential tool is nothing to how much more you'll enjoy your night out with your new found secret weapon...

Grab yours now and you can experience:

  • Effortless Elegance in ANY event...... Absolutely Stress-Free!
  • Turn up at work Prepared so you feel 100% confident to be your best!
  • Save bucket loads of Money by avoiding costly branded products (such as Hollywood Tape) - so you have more cash for shopping (YAY)!
  • Feel privileged, because you've treated yourself and your outfit with the best kept secret of Hollywood celebrities and their stylists!
  • No more worries and distractions about potential wardrobe malfunction. Ever again!
  • Arriving looking glamorous AND remaining so until the end of the night - your friends will be dying to know your secrets.....

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In Stock
AU $19.99
SAVE AU $5.00 (25%)
AU $14.99
or 4 payments of AU $3.75 learn more