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Duckbill Applique Scissors by Klasses

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Handbag Queen's Secret Exposed:
Trimming Bulky Seams Done Easily & Ooops-Free

Discover How...

Ask anybody who needs to trim fabric away....

There is NOTHING more frustrating than accidentally snipping into the wrong places!

Whether you're making hand bags, clothes, applique or working with lace, there are times when you need to trim away bulk at the seams, cutting away background fabric, or trimming seam allwances before turning, it is easy to accidentally snip into the "good" part of your frabic....

That means you have to start ALL OVER again. Aaaaarghhhhh!!!!!


"You can probably see why these are sometimes called Pelican-bill scissors..... they are incredibly useful for appliqué and grading seams.

The wide bill of the scissors slides along the layer(s) below and holds it down so it doesn't get snipped.

Plus, everytime you look in your scissor drawer you can giggle a little since they're so funny looking."

- Kim, "The Misadventures of Mub"

What would it be like to NEVER have to struggle with cumbersome shears in delicate places...

And NO more Oooops from accidental cuts and rips, Ever Again?

What if trimming away fiddly bits in your project was easier than you think?

*photo courtesy of Lori from Monkeyroom

Often the hard part is to come up with exactly the right tool, for the right job, at the right price.

Formally trained as a Fashion / Textile Designer - now a Quilter & Patchwork Teacher - I have spent the last 10 years teaching others and sharing the joy of Patchwork Quilt making.

I have to admit I am a recent convert - having attended an awesome bag making workshop (by Nicole Mallalieu, of "You Sew Girl!" fame, and the Hand Bag Queen herself).

You see, to make hand bags properly - so that you end up with a "handmade" bag rather than a "home made" bag (quoting Nicole Mallalieu helself) - you need to use multiple layers of GOOD interfacing.

Of course, this creates bulk in the seams - which means you will have lumpy seams that are hard to sew and  and even harder on the eyes. Oh no.

That means you really have no choice but to trim the interfacing layers away, but leaving the outer fabric layer intact so you have some seam allowance to work with.....

Sounds fiddly? I thought so myself.

Bu then I was amazed at how easy it was - with the right scissors - and how difficult it would be if you use the wrong scissors. Now I know I will never look back.....

The Secret Weapon of accident-free trimming is a pair of Duckbill Scissors!

Did you say "Duckbill"...??!!

Why the funny shape?

Also referred to as "Pelican Scissors" or "Applique Scissors", they were originally made for rug workers.

You see, the duck bill (or pelican bill, if you like) part is flat so the rug workers could cut the loops of the rug evenly. The bend makes the blade slip right along the edge where they cutting the piles.

So how do these duckbill scissors help me with my sewing projects?

Glad you asked :-)

These specially designed paddle-shaped blade pushes away the bottom layer of fabric, embroidery backing, or interfacing by providing a clear cutting path.

The "duckbill" part of the scissors keeps (and protects) the lower layer of fabric away from the upper to allow close cutting with precision and control - that means you will happily trim bits away without any worries!

Also, the offset handle creates a comfortable hand position above your work surface, and its unique angle allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

I was amazed at how comfortable these scissors are, and how quickly I got used to them!

Now, take a close look at these scissors.....
  • Made of solid stainless steel - they are easy to clean and designed to last!

  • Speacially made Knife Edge blades to cut layers of fabric through like butter. No kidding.

  • Ergononic handles and decent, finger-friendly finger holes, these scissors are 14.5 cm (or 5 3/4" inch) - made for real crafter's hands!

  • Made in Italy by skilled artisans, enjoy effortless cutting with specially forged knife edge blades.


Being a savvy crafter, you know how important it is to get the most out of your tools.

Cleaning & Care

To ensure your scissors stay in top condition,
a bit of common sense and regular cleaning is all it takes.

  • Clean the blades regularly with a soft cloth with some white spirit.
  • Apply a drop of sewing machine oil to the joint from time to time and wipe off any excess.
  • Take care not to cut pins or metal objects.
  • Do not allow glue or sticky substance to be left on blades - this inhibit the cutting action.
  • Always store scissors in clean, dry place.
  • For best results, do not use these for cutting paper - mark them for fabric cutting only.

What are these duckbill scissors good for?

When making handbags, use them to reduce bulk by trimming layers of interfacing away within your seams - and you won't accidentally snip into the wrong parts!

Need matching pipings? Make your own. Cut your bias strips wider than you need, then trim away the excess after you've enclosed the piping cord. Easy.

Cut out applique shapes before fusing or needle-turning - having such sharp blades makes the job easy and painless - no matter how many small bits you need!

When working with lace for lingerie etc, use them to trim away background fabric to reveal the lace effect without damaging your delicate (and expensive) lace

Love machine embroidery but hate removing stabilizers and loose threads? Give these pelican scissors a go - they will snip away ONLY what you DON'T want, neatly and precisely!

*Photos courtesy of (clockwise from top left): craftstylish, modern domestic, sewiquilt, obsessivelystitching*

What the pelican scissors do is protecting the layer of fabric you are NOT cutting, while providing a sharp cutting edge with ergonomically designed handles - that means less hand-fatigue, no annoying accidents - and a professional finish!

You will end up using these scissors for everything (I did).... because you can now get all the fiddly bits trimmed up - quickly and easily - then simply enjoy stress-free sewing!

What else can I do with these scissors?

See what a fellow sewist gets up to with her duckbill scissors:

"I use them for almost everything. They're perfect for cutting shapes, cut-away and mole` appliqué and for those sad moments when you need to cut mats out of your cat's fur.

Momo thinks it's a dreadful idea, but then again, he doesn't want to be brushed either.

Joking aside, and the cat trim is not a joke, they're perfect for cutting an edge you need to stitch around.

The closer you can cut the edge, the tighter and neater your stitched edging around it will be."

- Ellen Anne Eddy, "Practical Thread Magic"

The response for discovering the Duckbill Scissors has been phenomenal.

Here is what other people are saying about it:

"I do a lot of machine applique and have struggled endlessly with wisps and tufts at the cut edge. This tool is essential for clean clear beautiful edges.

Don't wait like I did, buy it now - it will change your life!"

- Rose, a Happy Customer

"I purchased these scissors for a project I was doing with a reverse applique.

They worked great and cut through the knit fabric with no problem at all and they weren't too heavy in my hand, which was a big plus.

They were very comfortable to use once I got the hang of the odd shape. I would recommend these scissors if you do appliques, for sure."

- Belinda, a Happy Customer

"I've done all forms of needle crafts all my life but have never owned applique scissors until these.

Now I wish I'd discovered them years ago.

Trimming goes much quicker and there's no worry of "accidentally" cutting into a design or background if used properly, letting the large blade be your shield and guide, making them useful for any close trimming, not just applique."

-  Liz, a Happy Customer

I am so sure that you are going to love these Duckbill Scissors,
that I am willing to completely guarantee it!

I will tell you more about the guarantee in a moment..

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Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
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This item comes with our No-Nonsense, 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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That means No Risk to You whatsoever!

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  • Save bucket loads of Money - so you can go fabric shopping (YAY)!
  • A sense of achievement, because you've made something from start to finish.
  • No more piles of unfinished projects - instead, you will churn out lots of handbags and other goodies for your family to enjoy!
  • Professional finish to everything you've made - your friends will be dying to know your secrets.....

And what's more.... the money you invest in this amazing and essential tool is nothing to what you could receive back...

This is a fantasticopportunity to get your unfinished projects completed and turn them into family heirlooms to be loved and admired by all!

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We know sewing. But you know best.

Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Not to worry - we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to support you.

Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee*

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days.

The benefits under this Guarantee are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the product you have purchased.

We want you to have a plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

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We'll send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

So you can be sure you'll be happy with your purchases!

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In Stock
AU $27.00
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