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Elna Press EP120 (Elnapress 120) Ironing Press

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Hate Ironing with a passion?
Fed Up
with RSI Wrist & Sore Arm from Ironing?

This might be Your Perfect solution....

If you're looking at this Elna Press, chances are...

  • You hate ironing - but you're a perfectionist & love fresh crisp laundry.
  • You grew up with one - and your old one just died. So you need a new one.
  • You run an Airbnb / boutique accomodation - and fed up with ironing sheets daily.
  • you're suffering from repeated wrist strain, yet ironing won't get done by themselves!
  • You're sick & tired wrecking irons with iron-on interfacing - and still they never sticky properly!

Frustrated by the limitation of a normal iron? You're not alone...

“Hi Shelley,

I almost forgot to let you know my fusing press arrived without any problems last Thursday.

I've just started a small business myself making womens clothing and I needed press to have piece of mind when I send a garment out that the fusing will not come away from the fabric.

Thank you for your help and the speedy dispatch.

I decided I needed the press and about a week later I had it sitting pride of place in my studio. ”

- Claire Aulsebrook, Plume Clothing, Williamstown VIC

The Best Ironing Help for those who hate to iron is an Elna Press!

Elna Press has been popular for decades - for good reasons.

Ok, so you dream about having some help with ironing... 

Except the reality is more like this... 

If You Can Relate to this, then Read on....

We are all Too Busy to Iron. And we've ALL got better things to do.

You know how you look forward to having a little time to yourself and just do nothing.
And that's ALL you've really wanted to do all week.......

Except there's this little thing called "housework". And they don't just get done by themselves. Bummer.

Sometime you could've sworn that maybe all of the clothes come with THIS instruction -------------->>>


What if ironing could be done quickly, perfectly AND painlessly...?!

Think about how your local laundry / dry cleaner goes about pressing all day (under time pressure and always heaps to iron) - they use a press instead of an iron, don't they?

With Elnapress, you can re-create that professional result at home without spending a fortune on an industrial press (or laundromat bills). Imagine how you'd feel stepping out in beautifully pressed gaments every day!

NOTE: above photo shown for demostration purposes. Different model depicted.

How long does Elnapress take? 

Well, it takes two minutes to heat up, and each time you press it only stays down for a few seconds to take the wrinkles out - that means you can HALF your ironing time!

Does Elna press chew up heaps of electricity? 

It runs on just 600 to 800 watts (and takes less time to get the job done), that makes it more efficient to run than a regular iron - which helps you save on power bills too.

How compact is the Elnapress? 

Does it take up a lot of room? When not in use, you can lock your Elna press and stand it up straight. Then it goes into a cupboard and no one has to know it's there - people might just think that you are a natural domestic goddess. Let them :-)

NOTE: above photo shown for demostration purposes. Different model depicted.

What about safety? What if you forgot to turn it off? 

Your Elna press is designed to turn off the heating system after 10 seconds, and then turns itself off completely if you don't use it for 15 minutes. Phew - that's one less thing to worry about. Isn't enjoying your peace of mind priceless?!

Now, imagine yourself sitting comfortably in front of a table or bench, with an Elnapress in front of you (with the TV or music on). Place your cloth on the board and press down. Done. Next, place, press. Done. Your ironing might even be done before the next commercial - and you've been sitting down the whole time - with just one piece of equipment to put away!

Imagine how much simpler life can be - no fiddly iron cavity to fill, no rickety ironing board to set up, no wrist and arm strain, and definitely no sore back / neck from standing up and bending over just to do a silly chore like ironing.

Could ironing really be effortless - with satisfying results?

See for Yourself. Here's the Elna Press in action:

Keen to try it out?  Simply Order one Now!

“I hate ironing, by hate I mean I DETEST IT from the bottom of my heart. It's up there with doing dishes.

I bought this for Mum for Christmas and I'm hooked once I've seen how she loves it - so I bought one for myself and never looked back.

Sure - it works differently to a normal iron and I had a go a few times before getting the hang of it completely.

There are videos on Vimeo that show tricks and speedy methods so you can really get the most value out of your Elna press. Well worth it. Get one.”

- Kerry, a Happy Customer

Did you know....

More than just taking care of ironing in the housekeeping way, your Elna Press is also THE Best for applying fusible interfacing....

..... or anything fusible, for that matter (including Vliesofix).

Because the Elna press has a heated surface that is flat with NO holes and x 7 times larger than your houseold iron!

Now, how does that make it better, you ask?
Well, let me share a little confession...

Until recently, I've had a lot trouble applying iron-on interfacing at home with a normal iron. Yes, I know - I worked in the rag-trade. I was supposed to know better (how embarrassing)......

And of course, there was an industrial press at work, but working on personal sewing project at work was definitely out of the question *sigh*....

So, what makes the (humble household) iron not suitable for fusing?

When you try fusing the interfacing with a household iron, the hot surface is actually in the shape of the iron sole (with lots of holes) - which leaves indentation as you press and fuse.

The results? You get little ripples from applying pressure acrossed the piece.

No matter how careful you are, the duration and the amount of pressure isn't going to be identical each time. As you move and press, some area will fuse better than others. And that's how you end up with uneven results. Often the glue in some areas might not even be melted properly yet!

That's why when I make things at home for fun, I avoided projects that needed iron-on interfacing (and used the sewin-in type instead)!

If you've also had trouble fusing interfacing with a regular iron - I can honestly say I know your pain.

That is, until I fell in love with make handbags with patchwork cotton, and started taking lessons with non-other than the name behind "You Sew Girl" patterns - Nicole Mallialieu (Nikki!) herself. Apart from being the "Handbag Queen" - Nikki is simply THE source for all things interfacing.

In short, I learnt that iron-on interfacing often "makes or breaks" your project.

So much so that you can get away with using cheap fabric with GOOD interfacing, and the result will still be a million dollars if and when the interfasing has been fused and become part of the fabric itself (but not if the interfacing is ironed on poorly).

And Nikki's secret weapon? You guessed it - an Elna Press.

Of course - a dry heat press that comes with a perfectly smooth, hole-free heated area, which provides even pressure across your whole piece, and uniformed timing. It's a no brainer. And oh my - I've never had such instant success with next to NO effort - ever! Where has this marvel been all my life?!

So needless to say, this is the method I actually use myself.

And I will share my secret with you.....

The Easiest Way of applying iron-on interfacing properly is with an Elna Press!

And the added BONUS?

You can get your ironing done - Quickly, Easily and with Great Results!

Simply Click The Add To Cart Button To Get Yours Now!

"I make handbags and purses and was spending way too much time bonding the fleece interfacing to my fabric with the iron. And then count to 20 with each press of the iron.

I was looking for a secoondhand Elna press when my husband insisted that I get this one. I thought it was an unnecessary expense but a new one with warranty does make sense.

Well, it has saved me a lot of time, no more counting as when the machines beeps the bond is complete and perfect. And it does a way better job then me and my old iron.

My finished product turns out nicer because the bond is better and consistent. Now I have freed up more time to sew, and I couldn't be happier."

- Sarah, a Happy Customer

Let's see what you get...

The Elna Press EP120 is brought to you by the same Australian team that distribute your Janome Sewing Machines. So you know you will be looked-after by the Experts.

This package includes:

  • Elnapress EP120 - quality entry model with excellent price tag!
  • Spray Bottle - sprays water to create steam for professional results!
  • Ironing Cushion / Mittessential for those hard-to-reach area
  • Instruction Book - so you and your new press  can get to know each other :-)
  • Instructional DVD - with expert tips on ironing
  • Power Cord - with Australian plug

NOTE: above photo shown for demostration purposes. Different model depicted.

You'll Really Love these Awesome Benefits....

  • Iron Like A Pro: Elnapress gives professional result without the cost and bulk on an industrial press. Imagine stepping out in beautifully pressed gaments every day!
  • Size Matters (there, I said it): your Elna press can be easily stored in a cupboard when not in use. It takes little space and stays out of sight. Brilliant!
  • Thanks to the large ironing shoe and its 45 kg of automatic pressure, you can iron all clothes and fabrics efficiently and save upto 50% of time compare to normal ironing!
  • The elnapress consumes very little energy: just 600 to 800 watts, significantly less than a regular iron. That means triple savings for you: time, energy and money.
  • Simplify your life: Take your elnapress out, place it on a table and plug it in. That's it. No board to set up, no distilled water to pour, no noise: what a pleasure!
  • Stress-free: enjoy ironing effortlessly - just press and it’s ironed. It’s easy, quick and satisfying. Save wear and tear on yourself – just sit down, relax and iron.
  • Safety First: your Elnapress turns off the heating system after 10 sec in the closed position, and it shuts off automatically after sitting idle for 15 minutes. No worries!

Ready to give it a go? Order yours Now!

Did You Know.....

With Elnapress, you can save up to 50% of the usual ironing time.

Yes, it's true.

And you can Sit Down and iron your clothes comfortably at any table, and still produce professional results - imagine that!

And once you're done, your elnapress can be easily stored in a cupboard. Totally out of sight, and take up next to no space.

It’s Easy, Quick and Convenient.

Isn't it time you try it out..?!

So, What's So Special About This Elna Press, anyway?

To understand how this Elna ironing press can help,
First let's look at some of the features:


Pressure, heat and humidity: the three things combines will produce professional ironing results. The elnapress is the only machine to provide these three functions - which enable you to iron all clothes and all fabrics quickly, simply and comfortably - with impeccable finish - so you can step out looking (a feeling) a million dollars!

PERALUMAN HEATING SHOE (rust & corrosion resistant)

The large heating shoe (7x the surface of a regular iron), together with its 45 kilos of automatic pressure, offers you incomparable comfort, whether you’re ironing a jersey T-shirt, a delicate hand knit jumper or a three-piece suit. Perfect results every time!



The electronic temperature control gives you confidence to care for all types of fabrics with different fibre content. No unwanted creases, no shine, and fabrics do not lose their shape. Your favourite garments will be well taken care of and they will last longer (and look better too).

Sounds impressive, huh? I’m just glad it works.


"This Elna garment presser is great. Here are the top 3 benefits for me:

1. It takes me about 25-50% of the time to iron a a single shirt or pants comapares to a normal iron.

2. The energy used is to iron is considerably less. You're simply laying one piece of your garment (pant leg, shirt front, shirt sleeve, etc) on the ironing pad and then closer the cover. Do this about 4 times (at under 30 seconds - the presser itself takes only 6 seconds) and you're done. Compare that to using an iron where you're running your iron up and down the shirt / pants multiple times.

3. #1 & #2 combine to make my #3. Your clothes will look a lot better. Per #2, even if you could replicate the press using your iron (and you really can't), you're going to get tired or bored after a couple items. Similarly, even if you could iron a garment in the same amount of time (and you can't), you're going to get tired or bored.

I bet you're going to have a lot of unpressed clothes if you use an iron. Whereas with the Elna presser, just because of the low amount of time/energy used, you'll probably even press stuff you normally wouldn't like your jeans.

When I look at the price of this and the time/energy saved, I would consider it free because it pays for itself.

For someone who values their time and have better things to do then ironing, I would recommend by this."

- George, a Happy Customer

The new Elna Press EP120  gives you a wide range of features in a top-level professional ironing press...... without breaking the bank.

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is $699.00 - but you don't need to pay that much when you shop with us (especiallly when we have a sale on)!

"This Elna press is well worth the money!

No longer do I have to take pants to cleaners to get heavy starched and pressed.

So simple to use - now I just use spray-on liquid starch and this press has them looking wonderful in very little time.

Once you get used to it it is very very easy to use. Love the portability as it stores out of way easily and is light enough to not have to strain to pick it up."

- Jan, a Happy Customer

Here, See it in Action...

Now just imagine life WITHOUT your Elna Press.....

And what difference having an Elna Press would make.....

Can You Live without One? 

Simply Add To Cart & Get Yours Now!

Elna Press Iron EP120 (Swiss Designed, Made in Turkey)

a few details for anyone who's technically minded:


Ironing board dimensions : 62 cm x 25 cm
External dimensions in closed position : 65 x 54.5 x 21.5 cm
Total weight : 10.5 kg / 23 lb
Four colours carton dimensions : 72 cm x 64.5 cm x 28.5 cm


Ironing board: 11 layers of Finnish birch wood (same wood used in saunas)
Heating shoe in Peraluman (which is a special alumnium & magnesium alloy)
Automatic pressure of 45 kg (100 lb)
Voltage (specifically for Australia): 220-240 V
Initial electrical input: 1000 W
Average consumption of 600-800 W
Electronical temperature indicator
Control panel for temperature adjustment


Electronic safety buzzer and electrical cut off after 10 seconds of inactivity in closed position.
Electronic safety buzzer and automatic cut off power if the elnapress isn’t used for 15 minutes.
Integrated movable and fixed handle
Locking mechanism for safe transport


Spray Bottle
Ironing cushion
Instructions Manual
Instructional DVD

Simply Add To Cart & Get Yours Now!

Let Elna Press Help You....

Still not sure?

Here's what one (of many) happy customers had to say after purchasing their Elan Press:

"This Elnapress is the best thing I purchased. It makes ALL, did I mention, ALL my ironing chores easy and fast.

My sheets were creasing and rolling at the top and it was annoying. With the Elnapress I got the tops smoothed out and felt like a queen sleeping in these fabulous sheets! It sure can spoil you!

I love this product because it does a great job at pressing T shirts, ironing long sleeved shirts, and putting a nice crease in my jeans.

I have also used it to do T shirt transfer and appliques. Works perfectly.

It is definitely not cheap, but I'm really enjoying it! I would recommend this to any one who hates ironing."

- Pam, a Happy Customer

We have been fortunate enough to source a few of these excellent machines for Our Customers....

BUT.... Make Sure You Act Quickly. We Have Only A Few In Stock.
Be Sure Get Yours Now While Stocks Last!

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

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Your Machine is Well Protected for Safe Travel.....

So when you open the box, your will find the new Elna Press EP120 nice and snug inside its own foam cut-out.

I always make sure that my customers keep these foam cut-outs along with the box it came in - just in case you need to move house or put your machine into storage.

Also, in the highly unlikely event where you may need to send the machine back to us for a any reason, the machine will need to reach us in all of its original package, because we cannot be responsible for any damage incurred in transit.

The best way to ensure safe travel for your machine is to simply KEEP every bit of the packaging and put them back inside the box, then just store the box out of the way. Easy!

Shop with Confidence - We Look After You with Genuine Warranty!

Go Ahead And Grab Yourself a Great Elna NOW 
And Enjoy Your Ironing Experience!

Still Deciding?

Check Out What Another Happy Elna Press Owners Say About it...

"This Elna press works much better than I expected. No complaints at all. I am so happy with it!

I have had it for a number of months now and it is great! It doesn't completely replace your iron......but it sure makes ironing time go faster if the item doesn't need intricate pressing though I do press my bling jeans with this presser.

It is wonderful if you like to press your sheets. I do.

I would recommend this item to anyone needing to cut down their ironing time. The press works fast and it presses with such ease. I especially like the function that lets you know when to raise the presser off of the clothes.

It was unusual for me to buy online but I decided to give this one a try. BOY AM I GLAD I DID."

- Deb, a Happy Customer

Keen To Try It Out For Yourself?

Simply order Now Because you deserve it!

NOTE: above photo shown for demostration purposes. Different model depicted.

Why Wait?.. Simply Click Buy And Order Yours Now!


What's more.... the money you invest in this essential tool is nothing to how much more you'll enjoy your creativity with your new found secret weapon...

Grab yours now and you can experience:
  • Iron with Ease & Grace - No More Wasted Time and Effort.
  • Save Time and Wrist Strain - Ironing is Not Longer a Dreaded Chore!
  • Let the press do the lifting - so you can Avoid RSI from ironing
  • A sense of achievement, because you've now got crisp garments & sheets.
  • No Frustration - Get the job done so you can get on with life!
  • Be able to show everyone: "Look What I've Got?!"

So the Only Question is:
Should you get just ONE for yourself,
or Grab a Second one for a friend?


Simply Add To Cart To Get Yours Now!


We know sewing. But you know best.

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In Stock
AU $699.00
SAVE AU $302.00 (43%)
AU $397.00
or 4 payments of AU $99.25 learn more