Handling Denim with Your Sewing Machine

Don't Buy a Heavy Duty Machine just for Jeans...

Your Current Machine is probably fine. I bet.  


Each week, I get a phone call or email from someone who wants to "upgrade" their machine to one that can handle denim.

Because, you know, they are fed up with their current sewing machine that fails such simple task as taking up jeans...

Do I sell them a new sewing machine?  NO.

I always ask what kind of machine they have, and then this is what I say:

"You don't need a new sewing machine. Just try a few of these tricks..."

Can't get your foot over the thickness?  

Use a scrap piece of folded up denim to raise it.

Or, you can always try one of these:

This is called a "Roller Foot".
It has little rollers that work like little "tanks" that goes over bumps.

Re-attaching belt loops, and the machine won't budge?

Try using a Walking Foot or Teflon Foot.

Not just for quilting, the walking foot is also great for hemming - because it works with your feed dog to feed multiple layers together.

Give it a try and you won't end up with twisted or puckered hems.

Shortening jeans - while preserving original hem - but finding it tricky with your regular foot?

Instead, use a Zipper Foot to get really close to the edge - to make the job really invisible! We have a slim version HERE.

Or, the Stitch-in-Ditch foot is good for this. You can also use it for perfect top stitching!

Now, will these feet actually fit your machine?

It's easy to figure out. Read HERE.

There's also a story about what I've learnt behind the scene when I visiting the factory (TIP: it's important to know where your feet came from).

And if you'd like more than one foot, you get better value by the set:

There are a few feet sets to choose from. Take your pick HERE.

Until next time - Happy Sewing!