Best Dress Pattern by You Sew Girl

Best Dress Pattern by You Sew Girl

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Have you ever fallen in Love with THAT fabric
And said to yourself:
"Wouldn't that be perfect for a Dress"...? 

Best Dress Pattern - C12001

Dress Size: 5 - 10

You Sew, Girl! by Nicole Mallalieu

Make it flared, make it gathered, make it summer or winter....
casual or formal.... serious or fun...
add pintucks or keep it plain... v-neck or round...

Bust through your fabric stash with this pattern
to make your girl a whole new wardrobe for next-to-nix!

Your friends won't believe you made this dress! 

Now, Here's your chance to Whip up THAT Dress
~ Have Your Girl Showing it off ~
and Proudly tell everyone: " I made it Myself!"

" Your patterns and instructions excel anyone else on this planet!

Sure wish I lived near you so I could attend some of your classes.

Thank you for the lessons included with each pattern you do."

- Dot - Virginia, USA (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)


having EVERYONE commenting
on THAT exquisite handmade garment your girl is wearing.

... And watch their jaws drop when you told them that YOU made it

... While you humbly giggled and coyly (but proudly) said,

"Oh, this old thing.....?

Why, yes... of course I made it myself."

What If.......

Turning Fabric into Fabulous Pieces Your Girl Loves to wear 
Was Easier than you think?

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

Hey, you might as well take credit for being AWESOME at creating clothes...
..... seeing you've done the hard work of sewing anyway!

Often the hard part is to come up is the "know how".......

The Secret of successful dressmaking is having the RIGHT instruction.

Hey, it is the most basic thing to do but it will make a huge difference.

Imagine This:

Fabulous clothes made by YOU....

(using Nicole Mallalieu Design patterns)    

I'm thrilled to announce that Sew Much Easier has paired up with a fellow local designer...

Nicole Mallalieu
(from the "You Sew, Girl!" fame)

And we now stock her sewing patterns!

Since we both graduated from the same fashion design institute - AND having attended her workshops myself -
I can confidently vouch for her degrees of perfectionism....

Ok, I know you ALL know that she makes awesome sewing patterns.

What you may not know - is just how awesome her instructions are....

Each pattern is like having your own private lesson

...... with Nicole Mallalieu herself!

This is what teaching others to sew means to Nicole:

" No matter what kind of chaos, minor ailments, grief or stress is going on in daily life, I step into this [sewing class] and feel like I'm home. 

It's wonderful to meet so many other people from the sewing-tribe, who are interested and enthusiastic about the same things that I am. 

Best of all, I get to see them take a journey from uncertainty and self-doubt to bustin-out-all-over pride in their achievements."

- Nicole Mallalieu (quoted from her blog "You Sew, Grl!")


That means YOU too can enjoy learning from Nicole .....

...... at your own home, in your own pace

...... by simply  following her step-by-step instructions

...... so you can ENJOY creating clothes for your kids

...... and be proud to say " I MADE it myself !! "

Let's see what you've got here.....

Best Dress Pattern - C12001 (You Sew, Girl! by Nicole Mallalieu)

Dress Size: 5 - 10 (height 115cm - 140cm)

This is one for girls who want to wear pretty dresses.

It's practical, comfortable and twirly, yet it's also suitable for formal occasions.

The sleeve, bodice, skirt and belt (at the back) each have two interchangeable variations, so you'll be able to make a dress for every special occasion and even more just for fun!

Make them in different fabrics to create unique outfits on your girl's next event or function.....

Your friends won't believe you made this dress!

*NOTE: Instructions do NOT include embellishment techniques.

Sewing Skills Level:


Intermediate (Level 3) or "Advanced Basic" with enough sewing experience

level is perfect for you if you are a confident sewist - that means you are comfortable with sewing accurately.

While this dress is not difficulat to make, it DOES include a few technical details - which will "make" the dress.

Instructions include how to add a feature panel and THE BEST way* to insert an invisible zipper.

Vary the lengths, fabrics and embellishments* to make a dress to suit every occasion!

This pattern is
suitable for those with enough sewing experience and ready to learn more.

*Other zipper types and applications can be used on this dress, 
But once you learn this method, you'll forget all about fussy lapped and centred zips!

You will need:

Fabric (see chart for quantity):


  • 30 cm fusible interfacing
  • 20 - 25 cm invisible zip (using larger zip for larger sizes)
  • 80 cm of 12 mm wide bias binding (or use a 12 mm bias tape maker)
  • Matching threads
  • Two buttons, if making the back belt

Handy Tools (Optional):

  • Pinking shears
  • Dressmaker's wheel
  • Dressmaker's carbon paper
  • Tailor's awl
  • 12 mm Bias Tape Maker
  • Fabric Marker or Chalk
  • Rotary Cutter & Quilter's Ruler
  • Quilter's Cutting Board
  • Fusible webbing / tape
  • Overlocker (serger)
  • Invisible Zipper foot


"I just had to email you to tell you how pleased I am with myself and how terrific your patterns are....

I did it today, and I am SO pleased with how it turned out, which is why I am gushing to you here.

I did find two bits a bit fiddly.... BUT the point is – I DID IT.

And I love it. And I am going to have to make another one (or two, three, four).... "

- Allison - Vic  (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

So, what's so special about "You Sew, Girl!" patterns by Nicole Mallalieu...? 

Nicole Mallalieu Design sewing Patterns are more than just any ol' patterns!

Graded over four levels of difficulty (from "Beginners" to "Advanced"), with each level teaching more of the fundamentals of professional dressmaking, the patterns are like a self-paced dressmaking course to help you to LEARN and IMPROVE your skills.

Begin at or below your level of sewing ability, and you're sure to achieve great results as you learn techniques to improve your sewing and dressmaking.

As you gain confidence and know-how, move on to the next level, and learn a few more techniques... and on and on... (it's addictive!).

The more designs you work through, the more dressmaking skills you'll gain.... and the more FABULOUS clothes you'll end up with - to keep, give away or sell!

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

"[Nicole's pattern] is fantastic! I've already made two, and get lots of comments on them.

The pattern was so easy to follow, and now I think I'm addicted! In fact, so much so that I'd like to buy another pattern....
I generally have little patience for machine sewing (I do hand quilting, which I enjoy much more than sitting at a machine), but the pattern was so straightforward, and the results so immediate that even I didn't get scared off!"

- Julie, VIC  (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

What exactly do I get out of these patterns?

This patterns show you how to make more than just one garment - by varying the designs you can come up with as many different ways as your imagination will allow (that means more clothes for your girl)!

Instructions for variations leave the ACTUAL design work up to you.

This is how you learn and develop the craft, rather than make up just another piece of clothing that didn't fit so well (like everyone else!!).

Your garments will be original and creative, and before you know it - you will become a designer in your own right - with a sizeable collection of handmade clothes to prove it!

*Note: Image shows the quality of paper and level of details.

What do the patterns LOOK like inside the packets....?

The patterns are all full-size patterns ( actual size, with almost no "cut on fold" pieces), printed on 80gsm white paper - none of those fly-away brown tissue paper - so you can use it over and over again. Yay!

The instructions are VERY DETAILED, with lots of diagrams and photos of every stage of the construction process. There are also tips for a better finish, and also lots of hints and instructions for varying the design of the bag.

The pattern is packed in a reusable self-sealed clear bag - which will store your pattern pieces securely once you've cut them out.

The colour prints on the cover are there for inspiration, and you'll also find a materials list on the back, and more information on cutting on the inside of the cover.

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

What if I don't understand the instructions, or have any problems making the bag...?

You'll have the back-up of "technical support"!!

If you have any problems with the pattern, or need any advice on making up the bag, you can find useful Tips and Tutorials on Nicole Mallalieu's website - the answer might be there... If not, then simply email Nicole or if you prefer, feel free to contact us and we will either make some suggestions, or ask Nicole for you.

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

The instructions are a little LONG... does that mean that they're very complicated?

No. Not at all.

The patterns are straightforward - because Nicole does a LOT of teaching, she understands just how many questions people have when they're following each pattern.

She tries to ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS by fully breaking down the process and showing diagrams and photos at every stage.

You will find tips and suggestions at every step to make the job easier, or give a better finish... so that's a lot of information. It's like a dressmaking class in a packet - and you don't even have to leave the house!

"I'll be raving about your patterns again, honestly Nikki, you really do the best instructions of pretty much all the patterns I've used....

Great combinations of diagrams and instructions, and I love getting complete pattern pieces.... Your variations on designs are also great.!

- Lara - Vic (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

Do I have to read ALL the instructions?

We won't make you - but we DO recommend that you READ before you start.

While experienced sewists may choose to skim the instructions (although they'd probably pick up a few new tricks if they read them), you will find all the information in there if you need it.

It's best to stick to a simple design idea when working with a new pattern for the first time.

Read through each step as you're sewing to make sure you're on track.

Once you've made one, MAKE ANOTHER ONE with a new variation.

Try new things with each garment and extend your skills by following the "variation" instructions.

*Note: Image courtesy of "Thornberry" by Lara

Can I use the patterns to make clothes to SELL?

Sure! Nicole has no objection to this, as long as you use your own design ideas to interpret the patterns.

And here comes the scary-sounding (but important) bit:

You cannot copy or distribute the patterns / instructions in any way.

Because copying or distributing the actual patterns or intellectual property in ANY WAY is an infringement of copyright - which is ILLEGAL and subject to prosecution by Nicole's legal team.

Sounds like common sense? We think so too.

*Note: Image courtesy of "Thornberry" by Lara

"I am a perfectionist ..... everything I make has to be better than you can buy in the shops. I made two things today and they are perfect.

As it is I shall be saving heaps of money to avoid bitter disappointment I shall only be buying and using [Nikki's] patterns from this day forth!!! 

Thank you again for making easy to use patterns... [the results] are better than anything I have seen in the shops."

- Helen - Vic  (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

About Nicole Mallalieu Design

Nicole Mallalieu Design is a small, independent business which follows ethical employment practices (no sweatshops here!).

You Sew, Girl! is a trademark owned by Nicole Mallalieu.

You Sew, Girl! by Nicole Mallalieu Bag Patterns are proudly designed, printed and assembled in Melbourne, Australia.

Nicole Mallalieu Design supports other other small local businesses by sourcing and outsourcing locally.

Nicole also has lots of warm-and-fuzzy notions about helping the world to be a better place through unleashing creativity and confidence and bringing something positive into people's lives....

About the Designer.....

Nicole Mallalieu

Since picking up a needle and thread at the age of three, Nicole Mallalieu has been a passionate designer and maker of all things "textile".

She graduated (in 1989) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, with a degree in Fashion, and has worked in Australia, England and Ireland, making clothing, hats, bags and furnishings.

She has specialised in one-off, hand-finished bags and hats for exhibitions, commissions and boutiques and worked as a designer, patternmaker and product developer for the commercial market.

Since returning to Australia in 2002, Nicole has designed and manufactured bag patterns in conjunction with teaching courses and workshops in patternmaking, sewing and bag making.

She writes the occasional magazine article (Stitches, Get Creative, Homespun etc), vast amounts of student notes and her book "You SEW girl!" is currently available in all good book and craft shops.

Nicole teaches workshops in Northcote and as a guest tutor for fabric stores, craft guilds and professional associations. Her classes are constantly booked out because happy fabric addicts keep returning to try and make a dint in their stash!

....and YOU get to enjoy instant success in whatever fabric you've set your heart on.....

Because the patterns are just like having your very own private classes!

*Note: Image courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

Intermediate or "Advanced Basic" Sewing Skills

This is the perfect basic dress pattern for "big" girls aged 5 - 10, who want to wear pretty dresses, but don't want to "look like a baby" any more :-)

It's as flattering as it is comfortable and can be made in different lengths, in summer or winter fabrics.

This big-girl's dress is named "Best" Dress (as in "Sunday best") but it doesn't have to be formal or serious - not that there is anything wrong with that :-)

If you're looking for a simple and stylish basic dress, which can easily be adapted to make a zillion different styles, this is it.

This is what Nikki says about the dress:

"I've pitched it toward intermediate sewing skills, I tested it on 10 beginners and advancing-beginners (as well as a couple more experienced sewing gals). 

Although it was slightly beyond the comfort zone of beginners, they all learned loads and made dresses that they loved. 

They felt proud of what they'd achieved and confident that they could (and would) make the dress again.
And the little girls ADORE it.  (It's very twirly.)"

- Nicole Mallalieu, Designer of "Best Dress"

This level is perfect for you if you are comfortable with making basic clothes and ready for a bit of challenge - even if you're fairly new to sewing.

The instructions will boost your sewing skills beyond your current level,

clearly explaining many of the finer points of creating a well-finished dress.

Enjoy learning lots of tricks and tips in the world of dressmaking 
- So you can get started making great stylish, timeless pieces that your girl will be happy to wear!

Get The technique & Sew it your style! 

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

"I finished my skirt by hemming it this morning. The pattern is Nicole Mallalieu Design's A-Line Skirt. I just love the yoke on the skirt - no more facings rolling out the top of my skirt.

There (as usual) were heaps of little tips and tricks to get a really professional finish in the easiest possible way.

The best part though, was the instructions for inserting the invisible zip. There is no need to be afraid of zips - not even the invisible ones!"

- Carmel  (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

Better still, you get to have heaps of fun and make tons of beautiful things for your family and friends too...!!!

How about getting your own budding fashionistas involved in selecting fabrics?

Better still, how about making a bag to match each outfit - for yourself and your little ladies? Nicole has a fabulour range of bags too!

(... they're gonna think that you are amazing ....)

Sounds like you might enjoy Making Your Own Kid's Clothes?

Scroll up and grab yours now... before we run out!

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

"[The patterns] are great, well written, easy to follow and fab to look at, what more can you want? I will be back for more."

- Dawn - Surrey, UK (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

So what's included in this pattern?


Unlike most of the commercial patterns out there....

Nikki's instruction is so comprehensive - you'd think it's a book!

Here's the table of contents:

A. Preparation & Cutting
B. Make the Belt or Bow
C. Bodice
D. Insert Invisible (Concealed) Zipper
E. Attach the Facing
F. Sleeves - Cap or Gathered
G. Skirt
H. Attch the Bodice to the Skirt
I.   Finish the Dress
Appendices - Cutting Instructions

And, life-size pattern pieces for you to cut and use!!!

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

"As with all Nikki's patterns, there are tips and hints to improve your sewing skills. It makes the job easier and you learn to sew like a pro as you go (say that three times quickly)."

- Leonie, VIC  (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)


Like all patterns and instructions,
Please Read through everything
BEFORE you start cutting and sewing!!!

How Many Versions can you make out of this ONE pattern?

More than just another commercial pattern, Nicole's instruction will inspire you to create so much more!

Here are some inspirations from the designer herself.....

*Note: Images courtesy of "You Sew, Girl!" by Nicole Mallalieu

What would YOU do with your pattern....?


"[Nicole Mallalieu's] instructions are brilliant.

I took my time and worked through step by step and it went together exactly as she said.

I can't wait to make another..... I will definitely make more and I will definitely try some other styles as well, but this will be a favourite! "

- Carol - NSW (testimonial courtesy of You Sew, Grl!)

So the only question is...., is ONE pattern really going to be enough, or should you grab an extra one for a fellow sewing buddy?

Simply Add to Cart & Order Yours Now!

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Your No-Worries
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Everything we stock only make it to our online store if we absolutlely LOVE them - for our own sewing. Because we're only interested in handing over what YOU would be happy with.


Hi, I'm Shelley.

I confess that I'm a fabric addict. And I love nothing more than geeking out over the ins-and-outs of sewing machines - and all the bits that come with it. Presser feet are my specialty :-)

I've been sharing my passion of sewing all my life - with a career in fashion design and patchwork teaching - and now I serve fellow sewist everywhere by delivering sewing goodies to your door. And that's only the beginning.

Long after your first purchase - whether it's a sewing machine, dressmakers dummy, or some bobbins - we'll be there to celebrate your joy in the simple act of making something by hand.

Simply drop us a line and...

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P.S.  I know you're a savvy shooper. And you understand the value of Buy Well, Buy Once.

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P.P.S.  Join Thousands of Happy Sewists Australia-wide, and be part of our caring creative community. Contact me (Shelley) any time for technical advice or anything sewing related.

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