Gemini Go Die Cutting Machine for Fabric (6" x 3") - The Official Aust Version

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Gemini Go Die Cutting Machine for Fabric (6" x 3") - The Official Aust Version

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Are you sick Of your precious sewing time
being sucked up with fiddly fabric cutting?


If you're looking at this electric fabric cutter, chances are...

  • You love patchwork, but not the fiddly cutting.
  • You're sick of wasting time on preparation, and never enough time for sewing.
  • You've tried a die-cutter like AccuQuilt, but struggled with repeated wrist strain with all the hand cranking. There must be a better way!

Well, there is.

Now cutting your blocks is as easy as pressing a button. Because someone has invented a machine that does it for you...

"Love this little machine.

Very strong and well made. Every die comes out perfectly. The other larger machines I’ve had never cut all the way through. And no hand cranking! This is the best."

- Angela, a Happy Customer

Here's a little bit of insider information...

Having worked for a decade or so behind the scene in the clothing industry, I was formally trained as a Fashion Designer - and later spent 10 years teaching others the joy of patchwork. I like to share insider tricks, and I believe in doing things properly.

My obervation from teaching is that almost EVERYONE is short of time - and don't we ALL wish that we have more time to sew (or "sanity breaks" might be more accurate).

  • That's why you NEED to find a way to get the most of YOUR time out.

Imagine if  you could get ALL the fiddly pieces cut for your patchwork & applique project without templates, tracing, using scissors, or even rotary cutting......

So You Can Get Sewing
Easily , Quickly ,
and with
Great Results Every Time!

The Best Kept Secret of Fast & Effortless Cutting is Gemini Machine.

It's an electrical die cutter that actually cuts fabric for you...

This one is the Gemini Go - more compact yet just as powerful as the original!

See it in action...

Here, we have the essentials to get YOU started ....

Better still - our Gemini Cutting System has an Australian plug - making it the safe and official choice for you!

Can't Wait to Try?
Let's Get You Started - Grab Yours Now.

"I'm so happy that I no longer have to hand crank! I still have my old die cutter with the crank just in case but so impressed this machine actually cut my project time in half!

The Gemini Go does make some noise though isn't that loud so I could still listen to music or watch telly while I'm using it.

Absolutely love this machine, so simple to use just switch on, press button and watch it go. Wish I'd had one long ago lol."

- Kathryn, a Happy Customer

The Gemini Go Fabric Cutter is a precise & effortless cutting system - that Allows You to Cut fabric as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting.

  • Faster, lighter and quieter than other die-cutting machines
  • Compatible with thin metal dies from most brands - you might already have some
  • Uses higher pressure than many other die-cutting and embossing machines
  • Designed for intricate dies as well as for cutting heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers of fabric (as long as you use Multi Media Dies)
  • Edge to edge cutting - no matter where you place your dies on the board!
  • The facility to pause, resume and reverse the cutting process for BEST results
  • Perfect for portable use - a small compact and efficient machine

This means you will free up more time to actually sew. Yay!

What is a Gemini Machine, exactly?

Tenically, Gemini is a Die Cutting & Embossing Machine, originally created for scrapbooking  & paper craft. But more than other machines - Gemini cuts fabric - as long as you use the right dies.

Often comparted with Sizzix Big Shot / Fabi, the Silhouette Cameo and AccuQuilt - Gemini gives you the best of three worlds, because....

  • Unlike Big Shot: Gemini is electronic. NO more hand cranking!
  • Unlike Silhouette: Gemini doesn't need a computer to operate. Much Simpler!
  • Unlike AccuQuilt: Gemini works with most brands of thin metal dies. So Versatile!

If you've been looking for the best fabric cutting machine - you've found it :-)

Would you like to give it a go?
Why Not - Add One to your cart Now.

"I love my Crafters Companion Gemini Junior so much, that I also bought the Mini Gemini Go which I use for my smaller dies.

I feel by having both machines I can use the correct size machine with the correct size die and prevent warping of the plates too quickly. Best cutting machine ever!"

- Anne, a Happy Customer

How Does Gemini Machine Work....?

One word - Pressure.

The Gemini is pretty easy to use. Just load up the die and material of your choice between the appropriate plates to make a "sandwich", then push a button and send it through.

It's as simple as that. With an electric motor - instead of hand cranking.

So YOU simply press the button - and voila! It goes. Only takes a few seconds :-)

The cutting surface is 6" x 3" (15.24 cm x 7.62 cm) - compact yet more powerful than some other machines.

Because the machine has such a wide cutting area, you can cut as many dies as you can fit onto the cutting plate. The cutting surface size is one of the best features of the Gemini, because it allowed you to cut all the dies you need for your project at one time.

Better still - you can use the reverse button to make sure you get a really clean cut!

More About Pressure

The Gemini machine is very powerful and designed to exert a lot of pressure – which allows
for cutting very intricate dies cleanly. The amount of pressure on the die can be increased or
decreased depending on the combination of plates & shims you use. These are also known as "platform" or "sandwiching".

Pay attention because the correct combination is a must in order to get best results.

This 10-min video explains all about how to use the pressure to get the most out of your Gemini machine...

Sandwiching The Plates

To feed a die through the Gemini for cutting, you must first sandwich it between the included plates and shims.

The Clear Cutting Plates should always be the top and bottom plates of this sandwich - because these are the only two plates which should ever touch the rollers.

The combination between the cutting plates is flexible. When you're cutting fabric, the Recommended Combination for Fabric goes like this: Clear Cutting Plate on the bottom, then the Plastic Shim, Die, Material to be cut, and Clear Cutting Plate on top.

  • Start with the Clear Cutting Plate on the bottom.
  • Place the Plastic Shim on top of it.
  • Position the cutting die, blade side up, with the smooth side facing the Plastic Shim.
  • Place your Material on top of the die (up to 6 layers of patchwork fabric).
  • Place the Clear Cutting Plate on top of the Material to be cut.
  • Align the platform combination and feed it into the Gemini machine.
  • Release your hold on the platform combination once the motor begins to pull it into the machine.

NOTE: The illustration above shows 6 layers of pachwork cotton fabric – your Fabric / Multi Media Dies will cut a variety of different materials, however to keep the total thickness of the material no more than 2mm. Performace of the die and machine will differ depending on the density of the material, take care when trying new materials.

Sounds Good?
Get One & Try it for your Next Project :-)

"The Gemini by Crafter’s Companion is an electric die cutting and embossing machine that is well appreciated for its versatility and durability.

It has the ability to cut a wide variety of materials such as rubber, plastic, fabric, magnetic sheets, cardboard, vinyl, or metal without a hitch and without missing an edge.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Convenient operation buttons for better control the cutting progress
  • Large platform size and can cut multiple dies simultaneously
  • Compatible with embossing folders and dies of other brands

  • Some user complained of warping plates

The Gemini die cutting machine is highly recommended for intricate dies due to the high amount of pressure it exerts.

It has a large cutting platform that can hold materials that are 9 inches wide and 12.5 inches long to cut many dies at a time.

Gemini die cutting machine is very easy to use and has the pulse, resume, and reverse buttons to control the machine cutting operations.


Undoubtedly, the Gemini die cutting machine is one of the most versatile crafting machines you can bank on.

- Review from Tamar Jones, Craft Selections

What's inside the box?

This Gemini Go Package Includes:

  • Gemini Go Machine
  • Clear Cutting Platform x 2
  • Metal Cutting Platform
  • Magnetic Shim
  • Plastic Shim
  • Rubber Embossing Mat
  • User Guide
  • Power Cable (with Australian Plug)

    With this new found friend, you are ready to discover quilting in a fast & fun way!

    But Don't Just Take Our Words for it....
    Expereience it for Yourself.

    Sounds like you might enjoy playing with Gemini?

    Add One to Cart now... before we run out!

    Gemini Machine comes in THREE sizes 

    This one is the most compact size. The Go! See Comparison chart above.

    Here's a Gemini Die Cutting Machine Review

    We made about a hundred cuts with our Gemini and a few dozen embossed card fronts. We wanted to test how durable the Gemini is and how quickly it works. Ultimately, we wanted to know crafters who already own a die cutting and embossing machine should upgrade to the Gemini.

    Here is what we like and what we don’t:

    • No Manual Cranking: We could have never cut so many dies with our Big Shot because our arms would have fallen off. The biggest feature of this machine is that you only have to press a button. There is absolutely no manual cranking involved.
    • Just One Press: We liked that you only have to press the button once with the Gemini.
    • Any Size, Many Brands: The cutting area for the Gemini Original is HUGE. That means you can cut multiple dies at once and you can use many brand of thin metal dies.
    • Reverse Button: If you want to get a deeper impression or a cleaner cut, you can press the Gemini’s reverse button and send you sandwich back through the machine again. You don’t have to reload.
    • All Shims Included: With most other embossing/die cutting machines, you have to purchase special shims separately. (ahem – we're looking at you, Sizzix). Those extras really drive up the price. So, even though the Gemini does have a higher price than other machines, when you consider the cost of extras, it does actually almost even out.
    • Handy Handles: The Gemini has two handles on its side, making it more convenient to carry.
    • Costs: Gemini costs less than some other electric die cutters.

    • Price: the price tag of this machine might be a con because not everyone has this kind of budget. However, as we mentioned, the price does start to even out when you consider that you are already getting all the shims and plates you need.
    • Shims Warped: We were disappointed when our shims/plates warped during our first use. We were still able to use them, of course. And we know that warping is pretty much unavoidable. TIP – we sent the plates through without a die and that did make the warping better. It also helps to alternate the direction you lay them each time.
    • Accidentally Cut Rubber Mat – if you accidentally use the rubber mat with one of your metal dies, you WILL slice through it. Be careful when you sandwich the plates!

    Our Verdict:

    As we mentioned in our review, we think the Gemini die cutting machine is a great option if you have health issues or you simply get tired of manually cranking your die cutting embossing machine, then the Gemini is a must have.

    - Review from Craftyouself

    Let's have a closer look at the specs...

    Gemini Fabric Cutter (Gemini Go)

    • Machine Dimension (height x width x depth): 11.3cm x 16.2cm x 19.6cm
    • Plate Size: 6" x 3"
    • Machine Weight: 1.8 kg
    • Pass Through Time: 14 Seconds
    • Voltage: 230V for Australia
    • RRP in Australia: $199.99 AUD

    With a sleek low-profile design - the Gemini is faster & quieter than other die cutting and embossing machines in the market. 

    It has been designed for strength and versatility - cleanly cuts through intricate dies, as well as for cutting heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers of fabric (just make sure you use "Multi Media Dies" ). 

    Using higher pressure than many other machines, the Gemini allows better cutting of elaborate designs.  With a large platform size (6" x 3"), edge to edge cutting - you can fit multiple dies at the same time and get the cutting done even quicker!

    With the unique pause, resume and reverse feature, you can reverse out smaller dies once they are cut (for a quicker pass), as well as being able to have peace of mind if you're concerned you've put an incorrect sandwich combination through - you can simply pause it and reverse it out to check.

    The Gemini is compatible with most leading thin metal dies and embossing folders.

    Note: The Gemini Go Cutter comes with all the shims & plates - but dies & booster cables are sold separately.

    Safety, Care & Maintenance:
    • To clean, wipe the exterior with a soft, dry cloth.
    • Avoid abrasives, solvents / spray cleaners, or rough surface sponges.
    • Intended for aged 14+ and should not be used by younger children without adult supervision.
    • Keep hands away from plates and other parts in motion.
    • Be aware that loose fitting clothing can get caught between plates and be
      pulled into the machine.
    • Gemini is equipped with safety sensors to prevent accidental motor activation.
    • Do not disable the safety sensors and override the motor controls.
    • Only use Gemini branded platforms (i.e. plates & shims) in order to correctly operate the machine. Thin metal dies from other brands are fine.
    • Be sure to rotae your plates & shims. Some warping is normal due to the high pressure of the machine. Overloding may cause excessive warping.
    • Do Not force platforms into machine.
    • If the Gemini senses that the combination is too thick to run through the rollers, it will stop the forward motion and reverse automatically. Check the platform combination before feeding it into the machine again.
    • Check that you are not trying to cut or emboss too many layers of material at one time.
    • Remember to switch off both the ON button at the top of the machine, and the power switch at the back of the machine.
    • Certified to be used in Australia & New Zealand only.

    Would You Enjoy having your cutting done for you?
    Most Likely - Let Gemini Help You Now.

    Note: Booster Cable Sold Separately. 

    You Might Want to Consider a Booster Cable...

    This is a handy Gemini GO Accessories - Booster Cable will give your Gemini Go ultimate portability. Perfect when you want to craft in the Garden, caravan or anywhere there are limited electricity points.!

    Note: Booster Cable Sold Separately. 

    What Else Do I Need to Get Started?

    Now that you've got your Gemini Cutter, all you need is a few dies for fabric (known as "Multi Media" Dies) of your choice.

    We recommend getting the Miniature Woodland Friends Multi Media Die Set (sold separately) - because they are the perfect size for Gemini Go, and you'll just LOVE them!

    Note: These Dies Are Sold Separately. 

    "Good machine with plenty of pressure.

    I'm a quilter, so my main interest for this machine is to cut fabric. Initially there were some trial and error because it all depends on the number of layers of fabric, fabric quality and the shims you use.

    I find the instructions really helpful as it can get a bit confusing getting to know which plate to use. So I ended up photocopying the instructions and taping it to the wall next to the machine. Once you get the plates figured out, it works perfectly. Takes no time at all!

    As I have arthritis in my hands the Gemini machine has made my cutting out so much easier."

    - Robyn, a Happy Quilter

    Let's Recap the Benefits of Gemini Fabric Cutter...

    • Up to 90% faster than rotary cutters or scissors - have more time to enjoy sewing!

    • Consistent, accurate and stable cutting of precise shapes with no slipping rulers or measuring to reduce fabric waste.

    • The double roller & high pressure combine to provide clean cuts - no matter how intricate the design.

    • Spacious cutting surface - how many dies can you fit on a 6" x 3" area?!

    • Takes only 14 seconds to pass through the machine. So fast!

    • Weighs less than 2kg and portable, it has handles on both side for easy carrying.

    • Simple push button makes cutting easy and safe; eliminating arthritis, wrist, backaches, shoulder and elbow pain caused by cranking handles.

    • Wide selection of Gemini Multi Media Dies for fabric allow the creation of unlimited projects - the possibilities are endless!

    • Compatible with more than 60% of thin metal dies from leading brands- the choices are growing too.

    • Creates perfect applique with the press of a button. Doesn't get easier than this!

    • You can work from any place with a power point. Takes NO Effort to run!

    Sounds Perfect?
    Try it out for yourself.

    Don't Miss Out - Simply Add to Cart Now!

    About Craft Companion  - meet the clever founding lady

    While staudying for her degree in 2005, Sara Davies started Crafter’s Companion from her university bedroom in UK.

    Sara had a bright idea while working in a local craft shop, where she spotted a gap in the market for a tool that could create bespoke envelopes for handmade cards.

    Soon after, she set about designing the Enveloper with her Dad, a retired engineer. After securing a slot on shopping channel Ideal Word, the product became a big hit and led Sara on to develop even more new and innovative products for the craft market.

    Fast-forward a decade (and a bit) and Crafter’s Companion is now providing patchwork quilters with the same kind of innovations in cutting machines and dies that were previously only avaialbe in the scrapbooking / paper crafting world.

    For the first time - we've made the Gemini Cutting officially avaialbe for Downunder - so that Aussie & Kiwi quilters can also enjoy effortless cutting at the press of a button!

    "Happy with this - all the plates and shim included for cutting straight out of the box. It is surprisingly heavy for the size so you know it is built well and not like a toy. Great for the smaller dies I use.

    Already have a big Sizzix which is good for my larger dies but I'm using it less and less because I prefer pressing the button instead of hand cranking. This little machine is working hard to churn out the smaller stuff so definitely a great addition for me.

    Love the smaller size. Love, love, love this machine."

    - Jan, a Happy Customer

    Now We Can Do Things Smarter

    Gemini Fabric Cutter changed the quilting and sewing world by replacing the old time-consuming method of patchwork & applique, which goes something like this:

    • Make template by tracing off books or magazines onto cardboard or plastic
    • Hand cut templates out carefully with scissors
    • Place template on fabric, trace around them
    • Cut out Each piece with scissors by hand

    Did You Know?

    Cutting with scissors often means holding your wrists in an awkward position....

    .... especially with small movements and tedious repetitions ( like hand-cutting your pieces for patchwork).

    This can cause injury to your wrist over time.

    When you use the method above, you will get sore hands.

    And when you go to sew the pieces, you will find:
    1. The pieces are not always identical in size, and may not fit together 100%
    2. By the time you've sewn quilt blocks using these pieces, your blocks end up different sizes
    3. Now, you go to assemble the blocks together, and find that you need to ease the bigger ones or stretch the smaller ones. Not fun....
    4. Worst of all: once all the blocks are sewn together, you realised that your quilt top is all wobbly and bubbly, and most of the seams are not straight any more....!


    Because of the easing & stretching you've had to do, all cause by very small size variation in the pieces you've cut by hand.

    You see, a fraction of extra pencil line here and there on EACH little piece eventually add up to quite a bit, which contribute to all your blocks being different sizes....

    Which means you either need to ease & stretch to make the blocks fit together.....

    This causes some excess fabrics or tight spots on your finished quilt top, and that's where your problem begins... just try quilting one of these tops!

    So, What's a Quilter to Do?

    Get Gemini & Experience the Difference for yourself...!

    What this method does is simply eliminating the need to mark and cut individual patches of fabric.

    And you can avoid spending time rotary cutting and enjoy sewing instead!


    By placing your fabric (pressed for best results) on the die, assemble the plates & shims, and the whole thing gets rolled through the machine with the press of a button - just like that!

    This method speeds up the cutting process considerably.

    By allowing multiple layers of fabric to be cut at once (up to 6 layers, but I mostly do 4).... you can really save time!

    Once you're done cutting, you can chain-piece the identical pairs together.... that means your quilt will turn out looking professional, and you will really enjoy sewing the blocks together!

    You will end up getting more quilts done, with with less effort...
    You know how you dream about more time to sew?
    Now you CAN...!!

    Sounds like just what you need?   You know you deserve it!

    Add to Cart & Complete Your Order Now...

    Don't Miss Out! 

    Bonus Tip:

    It is BEST to press your fabric
    BEFORE using your Gemini

    Because store-bought fabric often has a few hard creases from the way they have been folded - theses creases can give your shapes a jagged edge if left in the fabric (see below).

    Is this cutter capable of cutting different types of fabrics?

    Not just for quilting cotton fabric, Gemini is good for other fabrics too:


    Fabric Layers

    Cotton (quilting weight) 6 layers

    Cotton with Fusible Web (e.g. Vliesofix) 4 layers

    Batiks 6 layers

    Fleeces 1-2 layers

    Flannel 1-2 layers

    Denim 1 layer

    Leather 1 layer

    Wool 2 layers

    Batting 1-2 layers

    Felt 1-2 layers

    Silk 6 layers

    Satin 6 layers

    NOTE: Chart above is the recommend number of fabric layers - actual number of fabric layers will vary depending on fabric type and thickness. It is always best to stay within 2mm of total thickness. Also might be a good idea to test-cut any new types of fabrics first.

    "This mini electronic die cutting machine is a perfect addition to my studio. I have a larger manual die cutting machine that I use for larger dies, and the Gemini Go isn’t a replacement for that, but this mini machine is just perfect for when I want to cut out smaller or standalone dies, without the hassle of getting the larger, heavier machine out.

    It does make a noise when cutting, but it does cut very well and it’s so easy to use. I love how portable this machine is too, so it would be easy to take away on a trip, friend's house or to a craft event.

     I would highly recommend the Gemini Go for small die cutters

    - Lisa, a Happy Customer

    This Gemini Cutter is NOT for you if:
    • You've already got a hand-cranked die cutter and no budget for a new machine.
    • You'd rather spend time cutting instead of investing in the machine to save time.
    • You prefer to hand-cut everything by scissors or rotary cutter.

    This fabric cutter is ideal for:
    • Beginners who want to learn how to make quilts easily,
    • Seasoned quilters who no longer wish to use a hand-cranked machine.
    • Teaching facilities,
    • Paper craft enthusiasts,
    • Patchwork / quilters who wish get more done in less time,
    • Textiles artists,
    • and other creative individuals.....

    Grab yours now and you can experience:

    • Cut with Ease & Grace - No More Cranking Handles!
    • Save Time and Wrist Strain - Cutting is No Longer a Dreaded Chore!
    • Let the machine do the hard work - all you do is press the button.
    • A sense of achievement , because you've solved your own problem.
    • No Frustration - all Enjoyment during your Precious Me-time!
    • Be the first to show everyone: "Look What I've Made?!"

    So the Only Question is:
    Should you get just ONE for yourself,
    or Grab a Second one for a friend?

    Simply Add to Cart & Order Yours Now...
    Don't Miss Out! 


    Does this product come with Warranty?

    Yes, Definitely!

    The Manufacturer's Warranty is 1 Year (12 months), covering faults and defects due to manufacturing.

    It's a Return-to-Base Warranty. All warranty claims will be assessed by the Official Australian Distributor.

    Please take a close look as soon as you received the product, because the Manufacturer's Warranty does not cover any accidental breakages, misuse, or wear-and-tear.

    Should you have any questions or concern, we're happy to give you a hand in providing guidance and go through some troubleshooting with you.

    Because our products have been through QA at the factory, you most likely won't need to raise a warranty claim at all - shop with confidence!

    Simply contact us if you have any issues, and we will give you more details. Easy!

    Want to Know Who We Are
    Before Buying?

    Click Here to Learn More About Us...

    Shop with Confidence - We Look After You with Genuine Warranty!

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    And Enjoy Your Next Sewing Adventure!

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    What if I need my order urgently?

    No worries, we will do our best. Just let us know.

    Please give us as much notice as possible - especially for special occasions like birthdays!

    In most cases, we CAN arrange an upgrade from Regular Post to Express Post for a little extra.

    Please contact us first so we can update your invoice to show the correct amount.

    Do you offer combine shipping?
    I want to order more than one item...

    Sure! Please "Add to Cart" for all the items you want and let the system work it out for you.

    If you're unsure, let us know. A quick message is all we need.
    This way we can double check the postage for you. Simple!

    Can I pick up my order?

    No. Sorry - unless you're picking up furniture directly from our supplier.

    Because most of our items are located in a commercial warehouse - with NO public acess.

    There is no shop front - because that's how we can pass on the savings to you!

    Some useful things you might want to know:
      • Combined Shipping - We are happy to combine shipping for multiple purchases based on the combined weight and dimensions of your items, so add what you like to cart as you go, and check out our shop to see what else you like... you never know what you might find!
      • All items we sell are Stored in a Clean and Smoke Free Environment so You can Rest Asured they will be In Top Condition when they arrive at your place.
      • Packaging & Sending - All your items will be packed well and we do everything we can to make sure you package arrives safely. In the unlikely event something does go wrong with your package, please contact us via email. We do our best to resolve any concerns.
      • Prompt Shipping - Your package will be sent to you promptly once payment is cleared. In most cases it will be dispatched the next business day.
      • Packaging Materials - We endeavour to support "green policies" and recycle clean packaging materials whenever possible. Brand names on packaging material may not necessarily match the content.
    !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    The Courier Needs Your Phone Number

    When you're completing check-out please make sure your best day time phone number is included - because the courier requires a phone number.

    Generally they may never ring you -  and they tend to just turn up anyway. But their office needs to have your phone number on file for "just-in-case".

    If you have any special delivery instructions, please let us know.

    It is best to providing these details by sending us a quick message - this means your parcel will be dispatched to you faster.

     Act Now and We'll Get It To You ASAP!

    Why Shop With Us?

    Because we're here for you.
    and your sewing needs.

    Sew Much Easier is founded by a sewists, for fellow sewist :-)

    We're a surprisingly small team that put a great deal of thoughts into what we do and how we do it. We stock only a handful of curated sewing goodies - each one carefully hand picked and tested ourselves.

    Everything we stock only make it to our online store if we absolutlely LOVE them - for our own sewing. Because we're only interested in handing over what YOU would be happy with.


    Hi, I'm Shelley.

    I confess that I'm a fabric addict. And I love nothing more than geeking out over the ins-and-outs of sewing machines - and all the bits that come with it. Presser feet are my specialty :-)

    I've been sharing my passion of sewing all my life - with a career in fashion design and patchwork teaching - and now I serve fellow sewist everywhere by delivering sewing goodies to your door. And that's only the beginning.

    Long after your first purchase - whether it's a sewing machine, dressmakers dummy, or some bobbins - we'll be there to celebrate your joy in the simple act of making something by hand.

    Simply drop us a line and...

    we'll be there whenever you need help. Any time.


    P.S.  I know you're a savvy shooper. And you understand the value of Buy Well, Buy Once.

    Because you want to be 100% confident in the quality of your purchase, so that you can be 100% confident in your sewing!

    That's Why...

    I'd like to make sure You are 100% Happy - so take your time, take a couple of months - get to know your sewing goodies from us.

    And in case you change your mind - No Worries. Because shopping online should be stress-free!

    Give it a Go Today. You'll be glad you did. So, Go Ahead!

    P.P.S.  Join Thousands of Happy Sewists Australia-wide, and be part of our caring creative community. Contact me (Shelley) any time for technical advice or anything sewing related.

    Stay in touch - I'm here for you :-)

    Last but Not Least...
    When you've made something with goodies from us...
    Remember to send me a photo.

    Because I'd LOVE to see Your Work!


    Got a Question?

    Contact UsWhere Are We?

    While Melbourne is our home, most of our goodies are kept in a commercial warehouse in Sydney. They aren't open to the public and there's NO shop front.

    That means for most items...
    We are Not Able to Offer Pick Up. 

    Instead we provide fast & low cost delivery to your door :-)

    The Only Exception is for Furniture - pick up can be arranged from the supplier directly.

    Would you like more information on this item?

    Can we clarify anything else for you at all?

    Please feel free to Call 1300 88 11 59

    or Send Us a Message anytime.

    Your message will be responded to ASAP, usually within 24 hours and during business hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

    In case the phone line is busy - please leave a clear message with your contact number (including area code) and we'll call you back. Cheers!

    Sew Much Easier Contact

    Got a question? We're happy to help! Drop us a line below or call within Australia on 1300 88 11 59



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