Industrial Steam Iron Station "Snail" 1 litre by Comel Italy

Industrial Steam Iron Station "Snail" 1 litre by Comel Italy

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Everyone laughed at this Ugly Iron
  Especially compared with LauraStar & EuroPro

But when they experience it in action...

If you're looking at this Industrial Steam Generated Iron, chances are...

  • You're prolific at dressmaking, but your domestic iron isn't keeping up with you.
  • You've been using a normal iron for your business, and never have enough steam.
  • Your beloved Laura Star just died, and the repair quote is scary. So you're looking for an alternative that's made to last and easy to maintain.

Shocked by the cost & repair bills of your expensive designer-branded steam generated iron? You're not alone...

"For years I had a Euro Pro steam generator iron, which was quite impressive. It finally "died" and you can no longer get them repaired in Australia because parts are no longer available.

I thought I would buy a LauraStar this time, and that's when a friend of mine told me that her Laura Star repair bills were ridiculous. So I somehow found this industrial one instead.

Oh my goodness, this is the smoothest, easiest and quickest iron I have ever had. Without trying to discredit the Euro Pro product I had, my new iron made the Euro Pro seem like a 'travel iron', by comparison.

I AM SO VERY GLAD that I purchased this product. My ironing time is divided in half, because 'one swipe' is all it takes. The feature of being able to hold the steam button down saves a LOT of time when ironing table cloths, etc. Truely, this was an excellent choice!"

- Bernadette, a Happy Customer

Most of us Sewists have dreamt of owning a posh steam iron system - such as LauraStar or EuroPro. They are pretty, and they sure are good at marketing.

But they also cost a  lot of money.

How do you know it would cope with YOUR budding sewing business? Because you've heard rumous about costly repairs.

You feel that you really need to get some advice - from someone other than the sales people who are trying to sell it to you ( coud you trust salesmen in polyester suits who do not sew)?

What if there  was an alternative to Euro Pro & Laura Star?

Often the hard part is to find a solution that solves your problem, with proven results. Of course, there is no doubt that in order to be have a handmade business, you need skills.....

But the first step is having insider information about the right equipments.

Discover the Best Kept industrial Secret of Comel Snail from Italy.

This is a robust & reliable ironing system preferred by the sewing industry & dry cleaners!

Here's a little bit of insider information...

Having worked for a decade or so behind the scene in the clothing industry, I was formally trained as a Fashion Designer - and later spent 10 years teaching others the joy of sewing. I like to share insider tricks, and I believe in doing things properly.

Now, let me share something personal...

During my first year studying to become a Fashion Designer, I was seduced by the a certain brand of steam iron system at my local shopping centre. I made an impulse decision and next thing I knew - that posh steam iron system was taking up residence in my little studio. Literally.

I hadn't realised how BIG it was (I swear it didn't look at big when I bought it). And sure, it was great to finally be able to have a half-decent iron on hand, I also desperately needed the room for making patterns and cutting out.

And then I noticed my power bill went up. By quite a lot. Oh my.

Now, don't get me wrong. This ironing system was lovely. It did the job. But when I finally needed to get some repair work done, I was told that my bill would be somewhere between $450 to $650, parts would be extra. Or, I could always trade my old one in for a new one (and pay the difference, which would be close to $1000)....

That was when I started looking elsewhere.

There has GOT to be a better system. Maybe one that's like what we use at Fashion School...? Sure, they ain't pretty like the branded ones, but I KNOW they work. And I've never seem them break down. Ever.

My research led me to my industrial contacts, who have been serving the rag trade for three generations - since the 1920s - and have technicians in house (these are men in chinos who DO sew). So I got heaps of practical advice. And my very own Industrial Steam System. And I sew happily ever after :-)

So this is the solution I actually use myself.

And now you can experience the difference too.....

The Insider's Trick Of Getting Ironing Done, Quickly, Easily, and Perfectly is with an Industrial Steam Generator Iron!

No doubt you've already found out.....

Why ironing with store-bought domestic iron is such a PAIN...

Especially when YOU have a business to run. Or some serious sewing to be done.

Or Both.

You might have expereienced some (or all) of these problems...
  • Takes too much time
  • Poor results from Not Enough Steam
  • Steam not strong enough anyway
  • Won't fuse your interfacing properly
  • Staining fabric caused by scale build-up
  • Constantly having to Stop, Refill and Wait for more steam
  • Takes elbow grease to remove stubborn creases

What if you could  avoid all of the above?

You CAN - by simply investing in a better iron. An industrial one, to be precise.

Imagine - No More Frustration while getting the same amount of work done in a fraction of the time, so you can get on with other important things. And actually have a life.

Sounds Good?

Ready to Experience it yourself?
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"Received my new iron a couple days ago and I love it.

Easy to use and the steam is amazing!! I went from LauraStar to this and there is NO comparison. My new iron cuts my ironing time in half.

I had so much fun with it - after having done all my pressing, I started ironing my sheets just to continue ironing. It is that good.

This iron is from Italy and very well made. You won't be sorry."

- Ruth, a Happy Customer

So, What's so special about Comel Snail Steam Generator Iron?

Great question - glad you asked :-)

The biggest difference between a Steam Generator industrial iron and a domestic iron is where the water is kept.

You know how a normal iron needs to be filled with water IN the iron itself (often through a tiny opening in a funny angle).... kinda fiddly, and you are most likely to spill water everywhere. Sound familiar?

Worse still, you HAVE to keep topping the iron up with water, or there will be NO steam. Bugger.

Well, with the Snail Steam Iron, the water tank is an actual tank (made of real metal). Water goes into a proper opening, and you fill it up ONCE*. And you turn it on. That's it.

The best thing about the Comel Snail is that you don't need to worry about scale built-up inside the iron. That means your clothes will stay clean while you iron, without any risk of staining!

On top of that, you will enjoy professional results from the strong, continuous steam from an industrial iron - without having to own a drycleaner or clothing manufacturing business.

What you get is a compact, cleverly designed steam generated iron, perfectly made for your handmade business as well as
cutting the time and effort in your chores in half.... so you will have MORE time and energy for sewing. Yay!

Can't Wait to Try?!
Order Yours Today.

*NOTE: you will only need to refill when there is no steam left. How long that takes despends on how much steam you actually use. This varies from fabric to fabric, and the type of work you do.

"I've had this steam iron for a couple of weeks, and it is a delight to use.

This is a no-frills commercial grade steam generator. The iron has a temperature control and a steam trigger. The boiler unit has two on-off switches: one for the boiler itself and one for the iron. Oh, and a low-water warning light. That's it.

What's great is the quality and quantity of steam this thing puts out..

Unlike ordinary irons, this steam blast can be held for quite a long while without losing power. Also unlike ordinary irons and some boiler/iron combos, this steam is continuous steam under pressure. 

Recently I have been doing mostly garment construction, so I have been prefolding things like plackets, ironing a lot of seams and a lot of pre-shrunk lengths of fabric between the dryer and the cutting board.

This unit works significantly faster than the conventional steam iron I was using. Maybe 50% faster on simple folds or flat ironing, and several times faster when trying to set crisp folds on six to eight layers of fabric (like the triangle fold on the end of a placket).

The steam is generated in the boiler unit, at the far end of the hose, not in the iron itself. The hose is amply long to reach across the full length of an ironing board, while still letting you maneuver the iron. It doesn't get in the way due to the built-in spring-loaded support arm for the hose.

As a commercial unit, this is both less expensive and more durable than similar domestic steam generator irons. And it has a large boiler tank made of metal - which is why I've chosen this one over LauraStar.

While the outside of the boiler unit gets uncomfortably warm, it does not seem to be a burn hazard. I don't hesitate to put it on a board.

The boiler unit comes with its own sillicon mat so you can set the hot iron directly on it. This is good because you can't set the iron on its end because the steam plumbing comes out there.

The only drawback to a unit like this is the relatively slow heatup and cooldown time. Allow 15 minutes (20 at the most) to bring the boiler up to steam heat from room temperature.

And allow an hour to cool off and open up a filled boiler after making steam. Since one filling satisfies my needs (and I have mine on all day), this drawback has not been a problem for me at all."

- Anne, a Happy Customer

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What Are the Benefits of Snail Steam Iron?

  • Professional results - fast - every time. Thanks to the industrial-strength pressure and continuous steam that does the work for you!
  • The steam is created in a separate water tank made of top quality stainless steel - NOT plastic, like other leading brands - which means you can run it all day* if you like.
  • Less effort in getting stubborn creases out - just watch the steam work its magic (no elbow grease required)
  • No need to constantly top-up. Just fill the tank up once*, and off you go.
  • Safer than domestic iron because it has a built-in temperature control.
  • The element stops heating when the temperature is reached so it's  econimic to run - because the unit  maintains its heat in between use.
  • Made to last, with real metal and industrial-standard components. No a throw-away plastic product like others. 
  • Buy Well. Buy Once. Less waste to go to landfill - better for the environmant, cheaper in the long run for you.
  • Less power consumption overall comparing with than any domestic iron. The iron itself uses 850w (whereas domestic irons tend to go from 2000 w to 2500 w). 
  • Quick & Easy to maintain (and almost never need repair) because the heating element is underneath (NOT inside the tank, so there is no need to open the whole unit up), and all the parts are always available - just ask us.

*NOTE: while the system is designed to stay on for long period of time, you do need to refill when there is no steam left. How long it takes in between refill despends on how much steam you actually use. This varies from fabric to fabric, and the type of work you do.

Did You Know a Well-Designed Industrial Iron Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint... And Your Power Bill?

By simply switching to using Comel Steam Generated Iron instead of standard domestic iron you can save energy and help reduce landfill by NOT having to replace your iron for a long time!

Your daily contribution can add up over time...

Which means when you Switch to using well-designed industrial products, you can actually SAVE money over time..!!

Sounds Good?
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Let's see what you get...

Stainless Steel Pressurised Water Tank / Boiler

Heavy-Duty Industrial Iron with Steam Trigger


Silicon Rubber Mat

Screw Cap for Pressurised Boiler
& Rubber Seal / Washer (to ensure unit is airtight)

Flex Support (to get the cord out of your way)

And, last but not least - an Australian Plug!

Get Yours Now
And Experience the Difference...!

"I've had this iron for over a year now and am very pleased with it. After going through a few basic home irons, I wanted to invest in something nicer, so I researched and compared both 'professional' and 'industrial' steam generator irons.

I decided on the industrial steam generator type for a variety of reasons, including the quality of steam and ability to produce good steam without running out all the time.

While there are a few steam generator irons specifically marketed to the home user (like LauraStar), what I ended up with is basically an entry-level industrial iron. And I couldn't be happier.

Comel did a good thing making a more affordable and compact steam generator. It has a great build and quality, is easy to clean and fill, and a small size for the home user.

As for the pressing itself, I'm in love. I have so much more control over my pressing than I did with other irons. Yes, the steam is amazing, and strong. There is no spitting or dribbling water.

If you've been looking for a great, reliable iron, this is it."

- Christine, a Happy Customer

How Does a Steam Generator Iron work?

Fairly simple, actually.

Just like how pressure cooker works - water is heated in a sealed container to create steam, and the steam built-up inside an airtight container which creates pressure. Voila! Pressurised steam!

You see, the boiling point of water is 100�C. When boiling with in a pot with no cap, no matter how much you heat, it will never go past the temperature of 100�C because of evaporation. Also the vaporised steam remains the same temperature of the boiling water - which stays at 100 C.

This is as hot as any domestic iron gets. Because the plastic containers are not made to similate pressure cookers (and definitely NOT airtight).

Now, when you heat water with a sealed cap, in an airtight container, vaporised steam will try to escape but because it is a sealed environment it will not be able to escape.

This results is the build up of pressure - that means as the temperature rises the pressure also increases, while the boiling point of water increases as the pressure rises, resulting in superheated water which can reach a temperature of up to 121 C. That's how hot your steam can be - that's pretty hot (so be extra careful)!

At this point, it is useful to know that steam has 6 times the heat potential when it condenses (changes from gas to liquid state of matter) on a cool surface - which is the item you're ironing. The steam is push through into the iron itself, and when you push the trigger, it releases the pressurised steam, into the fabric and forces the wrinkles out. Just like that.

Sounds impressive, huh? I’m just glad it works.

Keen to Find Out for yourself?
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"I've only used this steam generator for couple of weeks and totally love it!

My husband wears dress shirts to work and his shirts never looked properly ironed, even though I had a Laura Star steam iron set on the highest setting and I would spray his shirts with water and starch before ironing.

When that finally broke, we decided to go with an industrial steam generator instead. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Because it gets the job done in 1-2 goes, vs. 4-5 with my previous steam iron.

I can iron 4 shirts in one go, which use a lot of steam. The continuous steam works great, all I need to do was hold down the trigger.

I like steam on demand though, and the button is very easy to press, almost effortlessly, cutting time in half.

Now I'm enjoying excellent results everytime. Happy customer so far!"

- Georgina, a Happy Customer

If You want a simple solution to make the most of your daily ironing...  Here is the solution! 

When you do your pressing WITHOUT a Steam Generator Iron, you will find:
  1. You instinctively use elbow grease and put pressure on your ironing board
  2. Because the wrinkles won't budge, you press harder 
  3. By the time you realised how tired you are, you have already wasted a lot of time
  4. Worst of all: you STILL have MORE ironing to do. Oh boy.


Because standard household irons are NOT designed with professional results in mind.
Instead, they are mass produced to meet the budget of an average household.

You see...

Not All Irons are Created Equal.

Why put up with poor results, and feel tired & stressed unnecessarily - when there's already an Easier & Better way?

Why not Get an  Industrial Steam Iron and Experience the Difference for yourself...!

Get Your Comel Today
And You'll Never Look Back!

Comel Italy? Never heard of this brand before...

Neither had I. At First.

Until I looked at the brand name on the industrial irons we use at the Fashion School - they have all been made by Comel Italy.

It turns out that Comel has been around since the 1970s, and are quite well-known as a leading European company in manufacturing ironing equipment.

You've never haerd of them -  Because they only cater for insiders.

Comel Italy specialise only in the best steam generator ironing systems , designed and made for garment manufacturing and drycleaning industries.

Because the team at Comel Italy are more interested in engineering, and less interested in marketing (unlike other known-brand names), most of us have never heard of them.

In fact, they don't even have a proper website, since they sell directly to trade only - to the people who they have known and served for decades - that's why Comel Italy's products have never really been made publicly available. Until Now.

That means YOU are among the privileged few that will enjoy the rare opportunity in owning one of these marvels, just like some of the best European fashion houses!

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"Like many others, I've owned Euro-pro steam generator irons for over 10 years and loved them! When my last iron finally died (and found out it can no longer be repaired in Aus), I decided to try the Laura-star. It was good at first (though not as good as the Euro-Pro), but within a few short months it began to have problems. Finally, after 13 months, it just died - DEAD!

I spent a lot of time searching out another brand like EuroPro to no avail. Then quite by chance, I came across this Italian brand called "Comel"  which I had never heard of before, but my drycleaner uses it and swears by it, so I gave it a go.

WOW!!! The steam is amazing! The ease of ironing far surpasses EuroPro or LauraStar. This is, without a doubt, the best iron I've ever owned. Highly recommended!"

- Rosa, a Happy Customer

To Refill... As Simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Simply check that there is NO steam left in the unit (test the iron to find out).
  2. Unplug the unit and wait 20 minutes for the pressure in the tank to subside.
  3. Unscrew the cap (carefully, because the tank retains heat and may still be hot). Refill.

Sounds Perfect?
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Myth: Domestic vs. Industrial

A top-of-the-range Domestic Iron would typically list some of these features.

Let's see how they relate to an Industrial Steam Generator Iron and demystify some of theses thech jargons for you.....

Myth: You can use tap water for domestic irons.

Fact: Tap water is ok for Comel - but NOT recommended for normal domestic irons.

Because the heating element of domestic irons are located INSIDE the water tank itself.

That means the mineral in tap water can cause limescale build-up, which can affect the performance and life of your domestic iron.

With the Comel Irons, the stainless steel water tank is just there to contain water. No elements inside - so your water stays unaffected.

The heating elements are located OUTSIDE the tank, and the only thing that goes through to your iron is steam (and there is NO mineral in steam to clog up you iron).

That means your clothes are only ever in contact with the steam, created by the generator.

Never worry about your clothes being stained by the iron - ever again!

Myth: The higher the wattage, the more powerful your iron.

Fact: Having a high wattage does NOT guarantee a better result. It just means your iron uses more power.

Have a look at your current irron at home - it is normal to see domemestic irons with 2000 w ~ 2500 w (e.g. LauraStar typically uses 2200 w), compared to a Comel iron, with a mere 850 w in the iron itself.

You get MORE ironing power by pressurised steam, while using LESS power in electricity.

That means Comel is actually cheaper to run!

 Having a separate water tank on your domestic iron means you will get industrial results.

Fact: Not all water tanks are the same.

Almost ALL known-brand irons have plastic tanks with heating elements inside.

Since plastic and heat don't mix, the heat given out by the elements is restricted.

As steam is generated by heating water, there is a limit on amount of steam you can physically get.

With plastic tanks, you are supposed to have it on for no more than two hours (which doesn't work if you run a small production and need your steam iron on ALL day).

An industrial steam generator iron has a metal tank, which stores the water and can be heated to a much higher temerature (and hold the heat as well as the steam, similar to a thermos bottle).

That means the water inside is maintained at optimum temperture at creating steam, so you can enjoy industrial strength steam, all day, every day.

Myth: Look for the "bar" pressure. The more "bars" you have, the better.

Fact: The term "bar" is the unit that measures pressure, often assocciated with coffee machines, and sometimes used in marketing materials in domestic steam irons.

However, the bar unit is officially superseded and usage is strongly discouraged - because it is not a universal system and can mean different things to different people (you can read more on Wiki).

That means using the bar unit can lead to misunderstanding, which does not help you comapre products realistically (i.e. a coffee machine often shows 16 bars, and still has much less pressure than the Comel iron where the specification shows 2.5 bars). So use this term as a guide only - the proof is in the steam!

Myth: Auto Shut Off is a good safety feature.

Fact: Definitely - but you should NOT rely on it.

In the case of domestic irons (even the known-name fancy steam generator irons), they are never designed to be left on for more than 2 hours - because of the plastic parts in domestic irons.

This is NOT the case with an industrial product.

Your Comel steam generator iron has been made to work full time, that means having it turned on once in the morning, and turned off at the end of the day.

They are designed to have a  built-in thermostiatic control so the heating element cuts off when it reaches the right temperature - it will never overheat, and it is designed to be safe to stay on for long periods of time (while still economical to run).

This means you can get on with getting things done, instead of worrying about how long your iron has been on!

Myth: Industrial iron will use more electricity. A domestic iron is cheaper to run.

Fact: To determine how much electricity an appliance uses, let's have a look at their wattage. Have a look at your domestic iron - it is probably anywhere between 2000 w to 2500 w.

For example, LauraStar typically uses 2200 w.

Compare this to a Comel Industrial Steam Generator Iron, which operates on just 850 w in the iron, and 1000 w in the water tank - which does not stay on all the time - because it witches itself off when it reaches the right temperature, making it more energy efficient!

Think about it - why would the garment industry use more power, when they can use less? They are running a business after all - and so are you. Right?

Myth: Domestic irons with different steam settings will give you professional results.

Fact: Any steam setting in a domestic iron is going to seem fairly limited, compares to an industrial standard.

Just think how much more pressing your dry cleaner or your clothing manufacturer need to get through in a day, compare to a normal household.

Your workload is certainly more than the occasional ironing, so why not have industrial-strength steam as a helping hand? You deserve it.

Myth: An industrial iron takes up too much room.

Fact: When people think of industrial equipement, they think of big and bulky monsters.

That is NOT always the case - just like not all domestic irons are small (think how much room a full scale LauraStar or EuroPro takes).

Comel makes small irons that have a small footprint for the European boutique fashion houses.

That means you can enjoy full industrial steam at a fraction of the cost, and won't take up precious room in your workshop!

Myth: European appliances do not suit Australian market.

Fact: Most people think that Australia is closely comparable to the US (therefore US appliance would suit). The truth is we are more similar to the Europeans!

Being a more sophisticated market with a much smaller population, appliances that are popular in Europe are perfect for us - the voltages are the same, the environmental footprint is much smaller, and the power  plug is Australian too!

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"I love this iron, since I received it I have often wondered how in the world did I live without such an amazing iron.

It works very well, and surprisingly it's very light. I love that it comes with a cord hanger so I don't get tangled up when I am ironing.

My sister in law learned how much I had paid for this and asked me "How much ironing do you do?", the truth is I don't do a ton of ironing, but I feel that when I do need to spend the time to iron it might as well be quality time and with great results, which is what I get by using my new Italian iron. It's worth every penny."

- Evelyn, a Happy Customer

Some DOs and DON'Ts....

As with any major appliances, here are a few things to remember.
These are common sense, really.

  • Don't... use adaptors, extension cord or power board.
  • Do... plug the unit into a power point directly. Always.
  • Don't...  Touch the unit or cord with damp, wet hands or feet.
  • Do...  Be careful working around the unit, because the surface can be hot.
  • Don't...  Immerse unit in water. Electricity and water don't mix.
  • Do...  Make sure unit is turned off and disconnected from power point before cleaning or moving it.
  • Don't...  Use unit in the bathroom or damp environment.
  • Do...  Disconnect the plug from the power point when not in use.
  • Don't...  Allow children near the unit, because it can be hot for some time after it has been switched off.
  • Do...  Let the unit cool down completely before putting away.
  • Don't...  Leave unit unattended when it is on.
  • Do...  Keep the screw cap firmly on when the unit is under pressure (i.e. producing steam).
  • Don't...  Overfill the watertank.
  • Do...  Clean the tank regularly, by tipping the tank out and draining it completely.
  • Don't...  Attempt to drain or tip water tank when the unit is still hot.
  • Do...  Have services or repairs done by an authorised technician.
  • Don't...  Attempt any services or repair yourself - including dismantling or opening the unit.

Attention - HOT Surface!!

This unit is capable of producing & retaining temperature ABOVE standard boiling point.

The Unit will stay hot after it has been switched off.

Please be EXTRA careful, and DO NOT allow children near the unit.

It's an INDUSTRIAL product. Treat it with Care.


Here's a few details for anyone who's technically minded:
  • Power Requirements: 230V - Plugs Directly into any standard Australian power outlet
  • Boiler Tank Capacity: 1 litre
  • Boiler Pressure: 2.5 bar*
  • Wattage on Boiler Tank: 1000 watts
  • Wattage on Iron: 850 watts
  • Nett Weight: ~ 9.5 kg
  • Gross Weight: ~ 10 kg
  • Note: Power surge may damage unit. Having surge protection at your premises is recommended.

*Shown as a guide only. The bar unit being shown in appliances tend to vary by products and brands, therefore seeing more bar unit does NOT mean that product or brand with higher bar units is better.

Grab yours now and you can experience:

  • Iron like a pro - Done Quickly and Perfectly.
  • Save Time and Hassle - Ironing is Not Longer a Dreaded Chore!
  • Let the steam do most of the work - so you can Avoid Pain from RSI
  • A sense of achievement , because you've solved your own problem.
  • No Frustration - so you can focus on running a profitable business!

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And Experience the Difference...!

"I love how the boiler within this system is capable of producing constant steam once the reservoir is up to temperature, and it is this steam that does most of the work for you.

When I was looking for a steam iron, I did my research online. My research led me to this "Comel" brand, I had a few questions. So, I called the seller and learnt that the technical support are very knowledgable, they said that they stock all of the parts used to manufacture this machine. So, obtaining repair parts if and when I need to would not be an issue.

So far I have been using this product for about 2 weeks. I am able to save money on dry cleaning, I am also now able to touch up my wool garments at home in-between cleanings. The recommendation was made to get an ironing shoe to prevent any discoloration, which I end up buying as well.

My husband's shirts now look exactly like they do when they come from the dry cleaners. I would have no problem at all recommending this product to anyone."

- Angela, a Happy Customer

This Industrial Steam Generator Iron is ideal for:
  • Budding Fashion Designers,
  • Boutique Business Owners,
  • Indie Market Stall Holders,
  • Small Fashion Production Studios,
  • Tailors and Dressmakers,
  • Teaching facilities,
  • Milleners,
  • Costume hire,
  • Drycleaners,
  • Art professionals,
  • Patchwork / quilters,
  • Textiles artists,
  • and other creative individuals.....

If any of these sounds like you we're ready to get your Steam Generator Iron on its way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!


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Just Imagine.... the money you invest in proper equipment is nothing to how much more you'll enjoy your creative pursuits with your new found secret weapon...

So the only question is:

Do You  Value Your TimeEffort Enough, to invest in a Proper Industrial ironing system?


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Does this product come with Warranty?

Yes, Definitely!

The Manufacturer's Warranty is 1 Year (12 months), covering faults and defects due to manufacturing.

It's a Return-to-Base Warranty. All warranty claims will be assessed by the Official Australian Distributor.

Please take a close look as soon as you received the product, because the Manufacturer's Warranty does not cover any accidental breakages, misuse, or wear-and-tear.

Should you have any questions or concern, we're happy to give you a hand in providing guidance and go through some troubleshooting with you.

Because our products have been through QA at the factory, you most likely won't need to raise a warranty claim at all - shop with confidence!

Simply contact us if you have any issues, and we will give you more details. Easy!

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If you're not 100% happy - simply let us know and return the item in brand new condition, including all original packaging intact.

We will send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Worries!

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secure paymentShopping Online is Secure with us!

Just so we can get your item to you ASAP, we ask that you complete payment within 5 working days from committing to buy.

Please let us know by email if you would like to make other arrangements, such as waiting to purchasing other items for combined postage or waiting for pay day.

PayPal - We reccomend payment via PayPal because it is fast, easy and secure. Simply choose PayPal when you check out.
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Shop Now, Pay Later - Want it NOW and can't wait til pay day? No worries. Just use Afterpay or zipPay when you check out. They will look after your installments, and we send your order now!

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Layby - If you're happy to wait, our good old-fashioned Lay-by is easy and stress-free. Simply choose Direct Deposit at checkout, transfer the first instalment (a quarter is ideal), and send us a quick email to confirm your layby. We'll send your goods when it's all paid in full.

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Credit Cards - To pay with Visa or Master Card, please choose Credit Card as your payment method when you check out. Nice and secure.
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For American Express, make sure you choose PayPal and follow their prompt to checkout with your AMEX card (instead of PayPal funds). You don't need to have a PayPal account to do this.
Bank Transfer - Choose Direct Deposit as your payment option and our bank details will be made available to you on checkout.

NOTE: Please use your name with a post code as Bank Reference when making payment. If you have an order reference starting with "N", you can use that one.

Remember to send us a quick email whenever you've done a Bank Transfer, so we can keep an eye on your payment!

IMPORTANT: Because your order is processed promptly once funds are cleared, there won’t be time to make changes to shipping details, So When You Complete Checkout please help us by double checking we have the following:

  • Correct Physical Address. Most of the time PO Box is fine, though we may ask you for a physical address if we end up using a courier instead of Aust Post.
  • Phone Number for the delivery driver.
  • Any Special Delivery Instructions.

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How long will it take to receive my order?

All fully paid orders placed by 5pm Monday to Thursday will be processed overnight and ready to send by our warehouse - normally the next day or following business day.

Orders placed on Friday and Weekends will be processed on Sunday night - because our warehouse operates Monday to Friday except Public Holidays.

Once it leaves our warehouse, the actual time frame is up to the delivery services. This can vary depending on your location and road conditions.

Any delivery time estimates shown are estimates only - so please use it as a guide line.

You'll receive a few email updates from our system as your order progresses, so please stay tuned on these!

secure paymentHow will my order be sent?

We use a dispatch system that works out the most efficient way to send your order.

This way the postage works out fair and reasonable, and your parcel reaches you quickly as well - because we know you can't wait!
That means your parcel may reach you by either Courier or Aust Post.

In general, larger items tend to be delivered by couriers, while small items tend to go by Aust Post.

How is my postage calculated?

Great question.

Depending on weight and dimension, some times we are able to do Flat Rate across Australia, so the postage is the same no matter where you are.

Other times we use the Built-in Calculated system provided by Aust Post, and your postage is calculated based on YOUR location.

Can I get it delivered to my P.O. Box?

Depends on the item (and its dimensions), because Aust Post have size restrictions and couriers are NOT allowed to deliver to a P.O. Box.

Please check with us when in doubt.

If you have nominated a P.O. box, and the item is within Aust Post size, then it will go by Aust Post. Most of the time, this is the case.

When your item is too big, or being sent directly from our supplier, then we need you to provide a physical address so we can send a courier.

Can I get my order sent to a different delivery address? 

Your sure can!

When you check out, you can choose to ship your order to your billing address or a different address.

Simply choose the second option, and then fill in the shipping address of where you want you parcel sent.

Please double check we have Your Correct Address so your order can find its way to you!

What if courier services are not available in my area?

Some locations are outside of courier services....

In these cases we CAN arrange for your order to be deliverd to your local post office.

But please provide us with a street address (street number & name) - even if it is the only Post Office in town - as if it is an office address.

A phone number would help too - this will avoid delays.

What if I need my order urgently?

No worries, we will do our best. Just let us know.

Please give us as much notice as possible - especially for special occasions like birthdays!

In most cases, we CAN arrange an upgrade from Regular Post to Express Post for a little extra.

Please contact us first so we can update your invoice to show the correct amount.

Do you offer combine shipping?
I want to order more than one item...

Sure! Please "Add to Cart" for all the items you want and let the system work it out for you.

If you're unsure, let us know. A quick message is all we need.
This way we can double check the postage for you. Simple!

Can I pick up my order?

No. Sorry - unless you're picking up furniture directly from our supplier.

Because most of our items are located in a commercial warehouse - with NO public acess.

There is no shop front - because that's how we can pass on the savings to you!

Some useful things you might want to know:
    • Combined Shipping - We are happy to combine shipping for multiple purchases based on the combined weight and dimensions of your items, so add what you like to cart as you go, and check out our shop to see what else you like... you never know what you might find!
    • All items we sell are Stored in a Clean and Smoke Free Environment so You can Rest Asured they will be In Top Condition when they arrive at your place.
    • Packaging & Sending - All your items will be packed well and we do everything we can to make sure you package arrives safely. In the unlikely event something does go wrong with your package, please contact us via email. We do our best to resolve any concerns.
    • Prompt Shipping - Your package will be sent to you promptly once payment is cleared. In most cases it will be dispatched the next business day.
    • Packaging Materials - We endeavour to support "green policies" and recycle clean packaging materials whenever possible. Brand names on packaging material may not necessarily match the content.
The Courier Needs Your Phone Number

When you're completing check-out please make sure your best day time phone number is included - because the courier requires a phone number.

Generally they may never ring you -  and they tend to just turn up anyway. But their office needs to have your phone number on file for "just-in-case".

If you have any special delivery instructions, please let us know.

It is best to providing these details by sending us a quick message - this means your parcel will be dispatched to you faster.

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Why Shop With Us?

Because we're here for you.
and your sewing needs.

Sew Much Easier is founded by a sewists, for fellow sewist :-)

We're a surprisingly small team that put a great deal of thoughts into what we do and how we do it. We stock only a handful of curated sewing goodies - each one carefully hand picked and tested ourselves.

Everything we stock only make it to our online store if we absolutlely LOVE them - for our own sewing. Because we're only interested in handing over what YOU would be happy with.


Hi, I'm Shelley.

I confess that I'm a fabric addict. And I love nothing more than geeking out over the ins-and-outs of sewing machines - and all the bits that come with it. Presser feet are my specialty :-)

I've been sharing my passion of sewing all my life - with a career in fashion design and patchwork teaching - and now I serve fellow sewist everywhere by delivering sewing goodies to your door. And that's only the beginning.

Long after your first purchase - whether it's a sewing machine, dressmakers dummy, or some bobbins - we'll be there to celebrate your joy in the simple act of making something by hand.

Simply drop us a line and...

we'll be there whenever you need help. Any time.


P.S.  I know you're a savvy shooper. And you understand the value of Buy Well, Buy Once.

Because you want to be 100% confident in the quality of your purchase, so that you can be 100% confident in your sewing!

That's Why...

I'd like to make sure You are 100% Happy - so take your time, take a couple of months - get to know your sewing goodies from us.

And in case you change your mind - No Worries. Because shopping online should be stress-free!

Give it a Go Today. You'll be glad you did. So, Go Ahead!

P.P.S.  Join Thousands of Happy Sewists Australia-wide, and be part of our caring creative community. Contact me (Shelley) any time for technical advice or anything sewing related.

Stay in touch - I'm here for you :-)

Last but Not Least...
When you've made something with goodies from us...
Remember to send me a photo.

Because I'd LOVE to see Your Work!


Got a Question?

Contact UsWhere Are We?

While Melbourne is our home, most of our goodies are kept in a commercial warehouse in Sydney. They aren't open to the public and there's NO shop front.

That means for most items...
We are Not Able to Offer Pick Up. 

Instead we provide fast & low cost delivery to your door :-)

The Only Exception is for Furniture - pick up can be arranged from the supplier directly.

Would you like more information on this item?

Can we clarify anything else for you at all?

Please feel free to Call 1300 88 11 59

or Send Us a Message anytime.

Your message will be responded to ASAP, usually within 24 hours and during business hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

In case the phone line is busy - please leave a clear message with your contact number (including area code) and we'll call you back. Cheers!

Sew Much Easier Contact

Got a question? We're happy to help! Drop us a line below or call within Australia on 1300 88 11 59



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