May Lucky Draw: Who Won?

Congratulations, Pam (from VIC)!!

You are the winner of a Diana Mannequin (in the size of YOUR choice).

I’m so excited for you – just think of the wardrobe you can create with your very own dressmaker’s dummy!


And this is what Pam said about winning…


Oh my God! Really? Seriously? The only thing I’ve ever won was $23.70 on a Tatts ticket!
I cant believe this is happening. Im a Textiles/ sewing teacher in a High School. Never had my own mannequin. Seriously can’t believe it!

Oh and I will be making myself a new winter skirt, so having the mannequin will be perfect as I will size it up perfectly to my shape, size & height – I am only 150cm tall, very important to get the proportions right!
Oh and THANK YOU !!!!!!

Pam xxxx (VIC)




Congratulations, Pam!!

And now, who wants to know what YOU might win NEXT??

With winter truely upon us, most of us are busy turning quilt tops into quilts.
That means you need some batting!

Whether you do the quilting yourself, or sending them away to get yours quilted, you will LOVE our 100% Bamboo Batting. And we are giving away a WHOLE roll!

So, whether you’re already making quilts, or just discovering the (oddly addictive) joy of cutting-fabric-up-and-sewing-them-back-together-again, you WILL love our bamboo batting :-)


Simply go to this link below and enter for YOUR chance to win:

Because, you never know, you might be the next winner!



 Remember to enter BEFORE midnight 30th of June. You have to be in it to WIN it!

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