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Adjustoform Supafit Junior Mannequin for Children 6 - 10

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Finally... An Adjustable
dressmaker's Dummy For Kids

That Grows With Your Child
And Stands Still While You Sew!

"Here's How to Take The Guess Work
Out of sewing childrenswear

in the easiest, stress-free way..."

Junior (for Kids aged 6 - 10)

Chest: 62 - 80 cm (24" - 32")
Waist: 57 - 75 cm (22" - 30")
Hips: 66 - 85 cm (26" - 34")

Torso / Back Length: 28 - 30 cm

Congratulations on your decision to search for a dressmaking model just for kids...
Your sewing adventure is about to become tantrum-free!

Imagine if you could

Whip up all the garments you'd loved to see on your child - in blogs, magazines, Instagram & Pinterest...

If Only.......

Kids would stand still long enough - so that you can check the fit as you sew - from start to finish!?

If you're looking at this Kid's Dressmaker's Dummy, chances are...

  • You're learning to sew, and you need one for making children's wear.
  • You love to make kids'clothes, but struggled with fitting when they're at school.
  • You have a long list of things to make for your kids - like tutu, dress-up costumes, school uniforms - if only they'd stand still long enough!
  • You're making flower girl / page boys outfits, and fed up with trying to put half-pinned garments on wriggling, complaining little humans!

You're not alone. Work-in-progress fitting for your children is fiddly (and full of pins) - but unavoidable. Because getting the right fit depends on it.

"I bought this little dressmaker's dummy because my children are afraid I'll accidentally stick them with a pin during a fitting. Now I can use the mannequin instead.

As far as sizing, this is perfect for my little 7 year old, who  actually wears a size 6.

Be sure to check your child's measurements against those in the product description, because clothe sizeing isn't always accurate.

My order arrived quickly. The packaging was adequate, and the stand is stable and was very easy to put assemble.

Very very happy with this product."

- Melinda, a Happy Customer

What if work-in-progress fitting for children was easier than you think?

Often the hard part is to come up with exactly the right tool, for the right job, at the right price. Of course, there is no doubt that in order to create beautiful garments, you need to practice.....

But the first step is having the right equipment on hand.

The Secret of Stress-free Fitting is with a Children's Adjustable Mannequin (that acts as your child's body double while you work).

Simply adjust the dials to their measurements - then pad up to reflect their true shape if you need, because no two people have the same shape :-)

Here's a little bit of insider information...

Having worked for a decade or so behind the scene in the clothing industry, I was formally trained as a Fashion Designer - and later spent 10 years teaching others the joy of sewing. I like to share insider tricks, and I believe in doing things properly.

Now, let me share a little-known secret from behind the scene...

Store-bought sewing patterns rarely fit properly, straight out of the pack.

The best way to achieve perfect fitting for children is to simply make a "trail" garment in calico first, put it on the dummy, then complete the fitting by making adjustments. If you didn't have time to do this, at least check your pattern by pinning it on the mannquin first.

Taking the time to do the fitting properly for childrenswear is worth your while - because it will give you a better result, also avoid tantrums & wasted time!

Think About it...

Buying clothes for kids can be a PAIN...

    * You can't find things in nice fabrics
    * Everything starts to look the same
    * NOTHING fits them properly

Beside - they grow out of their clothes so quickly anyway. So....

Why Should You Pay Heaps for Designer Kidswear when you can just whip 'em up yourself - in the fabric of your choice. Right?

So, How Does an Adjustable Kid's Form Help?

A child's dress form will make garment making and alterations easier, more satisfying and more rewarding than you ever thought possible.

It's the only sure way of achieving a really professional look and a bespoke fit to garments, whether you're making dance outfits or uniforms.

When the adjustable kid's dummy has been adjusted to specific measurements it becomes a replica of your child (especially if they won't co-operate during fitting).

Better still - being adjustable means you can keep up with their growing!

And that's why tricky tasks like pattern fitting, fabric pinning, tacking, setting in of sleeves and darts, and many more tricks of the trade can be carried out on the mannequin, avoiding the irritation (not to mention the waste of time) of constantly trying the garment on them, and taking it off, and back on again...

Hey, making your own kid's clothes is supposed to be FUN, remember?

Keen to Give it a go yourself?
Simply Add to Cart Now.

"Easy to assemble and the adjustment for sizes as your child grows, and Very nice quality!

The height can be raised as well, and it's hady having a hem marker. It's fully pinnable as long as you go in an angle.

I like how it is lightweight, easy to move around and can be taken down when not in use."

- Rebecca, a Happy Customer

So, How Does an Adjustable Kids Form Help?

A dress form will make garment making and alterations easier, more satisfying and more rewarding than you ever thought possible.

It's the only sure way of achieving a really professional look and a bespoke fit, whether you're making clothes for your own kids or someone else's children.

When the adjustable dressmaker's dummy has been adjusted to specific measurements it becomes a replica of your Child (or any other kids for that matter... whomever the garments are for).

And that's why tricky tasks like pattern fitting, fabric pinning, tacking, setting in of sleeves and making gathers, and many more tricks of the trade can be carried out on the mannequin, avoiding the rolled eyes (not to mention the tantrums) of constantly trying the garment on a wriggling little body, and taking it off them, and back on again...

Hey, making your own clothes for kids is supposed to be FUN, remember?

"I make tutu and custom dresses for our dance studio - this is brilliant for work in progress, and it's perfect for displaying finished dresses too.

Easy to put together, easy to store. I'm so happy with them that I now own a few of these."

- Rose, a Happy Customer

Meet your very own Mannequin for Childrenswear....

The name is Junior.
("Hello," says Junior, "Ready to make something fun for the kids....?")

Sometimes known as dress form, even dressmaker's dummy
(awwww... we KNOW she's not dumb, even if Junior doesn't have a head)........
....... Junior might just be the sewing buddy you need!!

An ideal sewing companion, Junior is a fully adjustable, uni-sex form.

Junior can help you with:

  • pattern adjustments before cutting,

  • better fittings and alterations

  • grows as they grow, so everything you make will fit perfectly!

  • Save Money by doing the work yourself - instead of paying for designer brands.

  • an opportunity to try ambitious projects - such as a dance costume - just like they do in a real designer boutiques!!!

Sounds Exactly Like the kind of Help You Need?
 Why Not Get One and Experience it Yourself...!

"This Mannequin Is PERFECT. I love it...!!

It is true to size and easy to adjust for different sizes. It is lightweight but surprisingly sturdy.

The blue cover fabric is high quality and contrasts well with the fabric I use.

It came packaged really well and was super easy to assemble."

- Sarah, a Happy Customer

Clever Junior has some nifty tricks to help YOU...
Achieve perfect fitting every time - no matter how fast your kids grow!

Check out....

  • The twelve (12) dials make it easy to change the dimensions of the body, including settings at the neck for smooth collars and necklines.
  • Junior's 8 piece body allows for even distribution of measurements, for a realistic and flattering fit.
  • The height also adjusts, and a hem gauge comes included to mark the hemline for skirts and dresses.
  • Valour / foam covered makes it possible to pin your fabric and pattern in an angle, so you can always check to make sure you get a perfect fit!
  • Did you know that her torso can be lengthened when a longer back measurement is required...? Just another secret for advance dressmaking!
  • Junior's neck is also fully adjustable with an auto-set system and a BONUS useful pin cushion too!!!
  • The kid has strength - made from a strong yet flexible plastic material, hollow on the inside for adjustablity, and covered in nylon foam-backed fabric.
  • Standing tall and proud with a stable metal tripod stand - Junior will be there for you whenever you sew - and standing still too!!
  • Junior is adjustable so you'd only need the ONE size (the adjustments cater for kids aged 6 to 10 approximately - depends on the child).
  • Junior's full shoulders are life-like and essential for a better hang to sleeves - which beats trying on half-finished garments with pinned-on sleeves (ouch)....!!

Sounds Good?
  Order Now to Try For Yourself...!

"I adore this little mannequin!

She is my studio assistant for my etsy store and perfect when sewing for my 6 year old daughter.

Height is easily adjustable to fit your needs. Her foam and knit fabric covered body is very firm and sturdy, and the pin cushion on top is a nice touch.

She's also quite photogenic when I take photos of my garments. Being size-adjustable is a definite advantage!"

- Liz, a Happy Customer


Do I Really Need a Dressmaker's Dummy for Kids...?

More to the point: Can you really do without one....?

Think About This: Do Kids EVER stop Wriggling or Growing?

If you're interested in designing and making fabulous outfits for your own kids, a career in fashion / costume design for children, an income from dressmaking or alterations for other parents, or simply need to whip up a batch of flower girls / page boys outfits for a wedding..... you'll need a Junior dress form.

A child's dressmaker's model is invaluable in garment making....

  • whether you sew for your own kids or others
  • whether you are a beginner or a professional dressmaker
  • you will become quite attached to your new sewing assistant!

Would it Work for You?
  Why Not Give it a Go!


Yes, Junior comes from UK...
                                   ...just like our other dress forms :-)

Unlike many other cheaper dress forms (mainly made in China), you will find these MUCH better made...

That's because the manufacturer, The Adjustoform (A. E. Arthur Group), is the largest and longest established worldwide manufacturer of adjustable mannequins for dressmaking.... talk about being a specialist!

At the factory in Ashford Kent, England, adjustable dress forms are manufactured using the care and skills of over 40 years experience to offer customers adjustable dressmaking models of the highest quality, in a wide choice of designs, to suit every need.

Remember - You do get what you pay for. Buy Well, Buy Once.


Think about what you can do with your own adjustable child's mannequin....

  • Check the drape of fabric. Is your fabric suitable for the pattern you have selected?
  • Style an outfit by draping co-ordinating fabrics together, to see how they would look for, say, a jacket and shirt.
  • Fit a tissue pattern straight from the pack, or one that you've drafted yourself
  • Check the placement of features, pockets and buttonholes.... do they look right where they are? Be sure... because once they are there, you can't really un-do them!
  • Establish the position of collars and waistlines. This alone will make a difference in whether your garment looks professional or amateurish.... and you know which one you want to be!
  • Position lace, trims, ribbons and appliqu�s on garments. Embellishments should NOT take over.. they need to be just right.
  • Check or plan the placement for machine embroidery designs. Nothing worse than a badly placed motif or logo!
  • Pin sleeves in position, based on your shoulder length. Tack in place, then machine stitch. Easy!
  • Mark hems for alteration. Never put up with wonky hems again!
  • Fit and hang tutus as you sew.... and same goes for formals and dance dresses too.
  • Check the ease and drape. You don't want to spend hours sewing just to find the whole thing too tight or too loose!
  • Have the completed outfit for important occasions  on the dummy the night before, so getting ready to head out the door is totally stress-free (and you will never be late again because you won't have to double-back with forgotten things)...!

So the question is: Can YOU Really Do Without a Kids Dress Form??

Why Not Grab Yours NOW....!

"Couldn't be better.

My mannequin arrived quickly, it was easy to assemble and the adjuster dials are great quality.

It's perfect for my business and I plan on using it a lot more in the future. I will absolutely buy from this seller again."

- Jenny, a Happy Customer


You're looking at a SupaFit Junior

  Here's the size range measurements:

Junior (for children aged 6 to 10 approximately)

Chest: 62 - 82 cm (or 24" - 32" inches)
Waist: 57 - 75 cm (or 22" - 30" inches)
Hips: 66 - 85 cm (or 26" - 34" inches)

Torso / Back Length: 28 - 30 cm (or 11" - 12" inches)

*Please double check your own body measurement, instead of just going by "age". Because sizing differs from child to child and you want to make sure the mannequin you order is right for you!

How much easier would it be to take care of all the kids outfits for special occasions - all different sizes - all at once...?!


Note: Image shown for demonstration, inspiration and suggested usage only.

There you have it.... Now it's your turn to have a go!
Just Add to Cart Now.


"I've been wanting one of for these for a while for my sewing projects. Now I can mak clothes for my kids while they're at school.

Having a body that stands still in wonderful and the child measurements are spot on.

The form itself is very lightweight but the metal base is surprisingly sturdy. Love it. Very good buy!"

- Wendy, a Happy Customer


So, How Do I Make Adjustments on the Mannequin?

Before you begin to adjust the dressmaker's model to specific measurements, expand the body by loosening all the adjusters evenly, in small increments at a time.

We suggest you make the adjustments, working from the hip level upwards.

This will release any tension on the body and will make subsequent adjustments smoother.

It will also help you to familiarise yourself with the operation of the adjusters (i.e. dials or wheels). These are for adjusting the measurements at bust, waist and hips.

Ready to Try it out?
  Just Add to Cart Now.

Get to know your dress form

Your dress form will either have dials or wheels (See Figs 4 and 5).

Fig 4 shows the 'dial' system. Select the dial you wish to set, steady the model with one hand and with the other hand squeeze the adjuster together. To increase the measurement, turn clockwise until the indicator points to the required measurement on the outer ring, and then release to lock in place.

Fig 5 shows the 'wheel' system. Adjustments are made by turning the wheels downwards to increase the size and upwards to reduce.

The neck design for your mannequin will have either a dial or a knob (See Fig 6 and 7).

In Fig 6 the neck is adjusted by pushing in the knob in the centre of the neck at the same time as turning it in a clockwise direction. A useful Pin Cushion is provided in the neck cap.

In Fig 7, slightly unscrew the Pin Cushion and turn the Top Cap in a clockwise direction until the size required registers with the marker at the front of the model. Re-tighten the Pin Cushion. If your dress model is a Junior size, adjust the neck slightly, loosen the top knob and move the sections equally to the size required. Re-tighten the knob firmly.

Would you Like one?
  Add to Cart and Junior is All Yours.

Hot Tip:
As you adjust - always use a tape measure to ensure the measurements are accurate.


What's involved in the Assembly?
Is it Easy to put together?

Yes, definitely - and you DON'T need special tools to do it!

Once you've unpacked and unwrapped all the bits and pieces from the box, you will find one centre pole and 3 rods. One end of the rods have a flared edge, the other end is flush.

Simply insert the rods into the slots (as shown). Then put the three rubber caps on the flush end of the rods.

Now, put the torso on and Junior is ready for action!

What would YOU like to make first?


"I love this. I am not sure how I went so many years without one.

I've looked for a dressmaker's dummy for kidswear for ages. This one was perfectly sized and is of good quality.

It is a perfect addition to my sewing room."

- Helen, a Happy Customer


"I'm a seamstress and my bridal clients always asks me to make flower girl dresses too. This is exactly what I needed.

Having a multi-sized mannequin is so handy for me, and it is also perfect for displaying my products.

The size range is great. Assembly is easy. Price is right and postage was fast!"

- Irene, a Happy Customer

Order Yours Today and you can enjoy:

  • Making garments with ease by having your child's own body-double wearing it!
  • Adjustable to various sizes, so you can make clothes to fit all your little ones & others!
  • Your very own "bespoke" experience simply by adjust the mannequin to have the correct measurement just like YOUR kids
  • Designed to fit shirts, tops, dresses and jackets - your kids wardrobe is pretty much covered!
  • Adjustable pole for the correct height, so you KNOW how the finished length looks on YOUR Child
  • 12 adjustors at bust, waist and hips for a tailor fit - looking fabulous has never been so easy for kids!
  • Adjustments can be made in precise increments - to accurately reflect the REAL body
  • Foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning and marking - working on your masterpiece is a breeze!
  • Junior's neck is adjustable too, so you can be really creative with getting the collar to fit just right.
  • Pin hem marker for accurate marking - no more wonky hems!


Keen to Give it a go yourself?
Simply Add to Cart Now.

"Was just want I needed to display the tutus I make.

Came earlier than promised, packaged carefully and was easy to put together. Perfect!"

- Cath, a Happy Customer

What else could you do with your Adjustable Mannequin?

  • A handy coat / hat stand in your hall way: convenient for keeping your kids greas in one spot, and never forget that hat or scarf!
  • An unique opportunity to show off your very own creation: Junior makes an excellent super (adjustable) model - especially for dance costumes.
  • Best Way to Sell Pre-Loved Kids Wear online... present the clothes on a body helps you sell faster and for more!

Sounds Perfect?
  Simply Add to Cart Now.

Note: Image shown for demonstration, inspiration and suggested usage only. 
Items in above photo NOT available for sale.

"Ordered this for my wife as a present. She loves it!

Was the perfect size for the dress that she wanted to make for our grand daughter. She's thrilled to have a new addition in her sewing room!

It arrived fast and was packaged very well."

- Dave, a Happy Customer

When you try to sew for kids WITHOUT a dress form to work with, you will find:

  1. A seemingly simple project takes forever to complete.... because you keep on putting it on them (to check the fit), taking it off (to work on it). If only they stand still....
  2. You end up unpicking a finished garment because you're just NOT happy with how it fits on your child... and you have to start from scratch all over again. NOOOOO!!!!!
  3. Worse of all, it's very likely that you could run out of fabric, or patience, or BOTH!

So, What's a Budding Seamstress to Do?

Treat yourself to an Adjustable Dressmaker's Mannequin and Experience the Difference...!

In a few short days your parcel will arrive.... and when you open it up you'll find your new Mannequin for Dressmaking safely tucked inside.

Simply follow the instruction for some basic assembly (you don't need any extra tools. Easy!) and Junior will be standing in front of you. That means you'll instantly have a loyal sewing companion - for whatever creative idea you have in mind!

Sounds Good? Simply Scroll up to Order one NOW &
Get The Perfect Fit For Your Next Outfit!

"I'm doing my final year in fashion design, and this mannequin really helps me with fitting!

Having all differnt aged models, this is the only way I could make sure that each garment fits them perfectly for the parade.

And as a bonus - can use it for display my work when afterwards."

- Brooke, a Happy Customer

Why Wait?.. Simply Scroll Up And Buy Yours Now!

But remember... this Child's Adjustable Dress Form is NOT suitable for someone who:

  • Wants a solid, NON-ADJUSTABLE industrial grade mannequin.
  • Isn't willing to put in the time to prepare your dress form for accurate fit.
  • Doesn't have issue with finding clothes that fit their kids.
  • Simply prefers to go shopping for clothes instead of making your own.


This Dressmaker's Mannequin for Kids is ideal for:

  • Beginners who want to learn how to master dressmaking and alteration for kids,
  • Parents who are planning to make garments for their little ones,
  • Experienced sewing experts wishing to have a handy, multi-sized dress form handy,
  • Teaching facilities,
  • Dressmaking / tailoring professionals,
  • Interior Designers / Stylists,
  • Textiles artists,
  • Boutique owners,
  • Visual merchandisers,
  • Anyone who needs a dressmaker's dummy that caters for children,
  • and other creative individuals.....

If any of these sounds like you.... we're ready to take your order for your very own Adjustable Mannequin for Childrenswear, delivered anywhere in Australia!

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Grab yours now and you can experience:
  • Kids Garments that Fits Perfectly - Done Quickly & Easily.
  • Save Time and Get your child's outfit - properly!
  • Do it Right in the first place - so you can Avoid Wasted Time & Tantrum :-)
  • A sense of achievement, because you've made something from start to finish.
  • No more frustration - just you and your dapperly dressed children!
  • Be proud and tell everyone: "I made this!"

So the Only Question is:
Should you get just ONE for yourself,
or Grab a Second one for a friend?

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AU $249.30
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