Elements by TailorMade - Sewing Machine Cabinet Trio

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Elements by TailorMade - Sewing Machine Cabinet Trio

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Fed Up with Sewing on the Dining table?
No Budget for Fancy A Koala Sewing Studio?

This might be Your Perfect solution....

Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.

Machine Platform Base: 58.5 cm x 29 cm (23" x 11.5")
Platform Cut-Out: 61 cm x 32 cm (24" x 12.5")

Are you sick of taking up the family dining table, because you don't have a dedicated place to sew?

Doesn't it drive you MAD when you need to pack everything up, JUST as you're settling into the most enjoyable part of sewing?

Ok, so you dream about your very own sewing studio... 

Except the reality is more like this... 

If You Can Relate to this, then Read on....

We all LOVE a large, airy, purpose-built sewing room. Even better - the room should come fully furnished with custom-made furniture JUST for your sewing and design needs. And ample storage.

You know how your heart flutters a little when you've been inspired by gorgeous interior ideas you've seen on Pinterest, and vow to re-create something equally spectacular for yourself....

And then you have a closer look at how much something like that might cost. OUCH!

Ok, Maybe Not
. Back to reality. *sob* Sounds familiar?

Well, let me share a little confession...

Many moons ago, when I first got bitten by the quilting bug, I too was dreaming of a little sancturary for "fun" sewing (i.e. nothing industrial or fashion-designer-ish). More like something Martha Stewart might have.

You know, just this quiet little room - in white - at the back of a (perfectly styled) little house. Just for me.

Especially because I (and for a lot of others) could not afford a proper quilting studio suite like what Koala Cabinet makes. And I didn't want my "fun" sewing space to look like my "work" sewing space (which was slowly killing me at the time), if that makes sense.

So I went on to take over the rest of the house. The dining table was my first victim. You know how it goes from there, and it never ends well.

That means I can honestly say I know your pain.

If only I had a better option then. But, hey, I do now :-)

So this is the solution I actually use myself.

And I will share my secret with you.....

The Smartest Way of Setting Up You Sewing Room is with Purpose-Made, Flat-Pack Sewing Furniture (think IKEA) by TailorMade!


Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.


"How did I manage without this?

I've been hunched over my sewing machine on the dining room table for years - I always got sore shoulders and an aching back after a few hours of working on a project.

But NOW...OMG!! I got an entire big project done in about five days, working 8+ hours a day with not a twinge of discomfort. I love it."

- Alison, a Happy Customer

Having your machine and all your sewing bits and pieces in ONE spot means:
  • Your space is always tidy and inviting
  • You know where everything is located
  • You can find what you need easily
  • You can get the job done quickly
  • You can save time and energy for other fun thing - and actually enjoy sewing!

Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.


"This really is a great combination - a sewing table with a matching set of drawers AND a place to keep my overlocker.

Sure, the units are NOT made of real wood, but the finish is nice, it's affordable, it has a place for everything, and most importantly it keeps your mess hidden.

Now I have room to use both my sewing machine and the overlocker at the same time, all my tools, threads and patterns fit nicely inside drawers, and there's even room for my cutting mat (if you didn't put in the divider in the middle of that long skinny slot next to the drawers).

It was fairly easy to assemble for my husband and I (mostly him doing the work). It's a lot more sturdy than I thought it would be as well.

Would definitely recommend this."

- Toni, a Happy Customer


Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.

Let's see what you get...

The Flat-Pack range is called "Elements" - unlike furniture you find at IKEA, these are specifically designed & made FOR sewing. By TailorMade - the Sewing Furniture Specialist.

And, this is your 3-Piece Starter Pack, containing:


Machine Platform Base: 58.5 cm x 29 cm (23" x 11.5")
Platform Cut-Out: 61 cm x 32 cm (24" x 12.5")

Sewing Machine Table (RRP: $249.00)
Sewing Supply Drawers
(RRP: $199.00)
Sewing Storage Chest (RRP: $149.00)

This 3-piece starter pack helps you create your perfect sewing room - starting with the essential combination of:
  • sewing table
  • storage unit 
  • chest of drawers

You can arrange them in any configuration that suits your own ergonomic flows - think about how YOU move from one area of work to another.
In a similar way to the "kitchen triangle", there is an equivalent to sewing.

Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.

If you're a quilter, your three point will generally be:
  • 1. Sewing (for machine piecing & applique)
  • 2. Ironing (for pressing seams in your blocks, ironing on applique)
  • 3. Cutting (for trimming off dog-ears, squaring off blocks)
If you make clothes (assuming you've already done the cutting-out), then your three point would probably be:
  • 1. Sewing (for stitching portions of the garment together)
  • 2. Overlocking (for finishing raw edges)
  • 3. Ironing (for opening out seams, applying iron-on interfacing)

Get creative with your sewing space. Make use of flat-packed furniture that offers flexibility to provide a solution that makes the most of your space.

The "Element" collection are specifically designed so that they can be easily and effortlessly assembled using our simple to follow instructions.

The pieces are even individually labelled so they are really easy to identify. If you have ever assembled Ikea flat pack furniture you will find constructing a TailorMade Sewing Furniture a piece of cake - just follow the instruction because the assembling works best in a certain order.

You will notice the smooth corners and edges similar to your kitchen cabinets - no more snagged fabric and ouchy red marks on your arms from leaning on the edge!


Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.

Check out these Awesome Features....

Less expensive to purchase compare to other well-known brands of sewing cabinets. That means what you save is yours to spend (more fabric. Yay)!

Easier to transport means you don't pay a fortune for special furniture delivery. Practicality has never looked more stylish!

Easy to assemble, AND can be disassembled for house move / storage. Perfect for those changes that life throwns at you along the way - upsize or downsize!

Size Matters (there, I said it): an practical width (only 50 cm), the Element range works just like your modular kitchen units - so convenient and versatile for any space.

Made from quality MDF with a wood grain melamine veneer - superior finishes with NO sharp edges - no more snagged fabric or ouchy red marks on your arms!

Modular and Versatile, the individual untis make a perfect set (AND available separately if you want to order more) - mix and match to create your ultimate sewing studio!

What's more: simple, timeless design means you will never have to worry about changing interior trends. Because fashion comes and goes, but style is here to stay!

Designed for sewing flatbed or free arm: adjustable machine lift platform (58.5cm x 29cm) is large enough to accomodate most domestic sewing machines.

No complicated lift mechanism to put together or get in the way. Enjoy sewing in comfort, with your best posture (NO more twisting to the side like other sewing cabinets)!

Plenty of storage in the right configuration, in the right dimensions for your sewing gear - it's easy to stay neat and organised!

Quality workmanship + durable material + clever design = better value for you. Buy well, buy once (without breaking the bank)!

Note: we also have other matching pieces available.



Easy Options To Fit in Your Space

Depending on space available, having a modular system made of individual units is ideal if you're short on space, or need to adapt to an odd-shape room.

Even if you happen to have a large area (and lucky you) the modular system allows you to create the best setup to suit your particular preferences. Simply add units as your needs grow to create more storage or sewing areas and alter their position to suit your space and your creative journey!


"I didn't want to spend a great amount of money for a new sewing machine table, so when I saw this one it look like it would be just the right table for me.

This is a very stable table even for my rather heavy 30 year old Singer.

It didn't come with an insert so I got my neighbour to make one for me from plywood. It covers the whole open area completely around the machine, with two finger holes in the insert so that it can be easily removed and I painted it white to blend with the table."

- Ann, a Happy Customer

Does this Table have a "Lift" to Raise or Lower Your Sewing Machine?

Yes, it does.

However, it is NOT one of those hydraulic or mechanical lifts. Nor does it rely on electricity.

This sewing table has a simple manual lift, with a hand lever underneath the cut-out platform. All you need to do is move the lever to raise or lower the platform (designed to carry up to 15 kg - which covers most domestic sewing machines) to have your machine at flatbed or free-arm level.


Note: Sewing Machine NOT included in this listing.

This sort of manual lift is common for some of the most affordable sewing tables, and Arrow cabinet is one of the most well-known example.

Typically, the sewing cabinets that uses the hydraulic lift are quite restrictive in leg room - the traditional Horn cabinets, for example, are well-known for this sort of issue - that means the machine user sits with a twisted posture because commonly there is not enough room on the left hand side of the needle.

With TailorMade sewing desk, there is nothing in your way so you can sew in comfort, with perfect posture and heaps of leg room!


"I looked years for a sewing table and went to several quilting shows only to find the nice sewing tables there went for $1000 of dollars with electric or machanic lifts for lowering the sewing machines. And many of these tables has almost no leg room for me to sew comfortably.

I finally bought this flat-packed sewing cabinet because it has a cut out with a simple drop-down board for the machine, and the height is just right for a middle size woman like me to sit and sew without hurting my back. And not having a lift means plenty of leg room too!

The lowering chain needed to be adjusted so that your machine is that the correct level, which is something you only need to do once, and it was easily done with the screw that has a wingnut on it.

For my budget, I think I've finally found the right sewing table."

- Philomena, a Happy Customer

Is the Sewing Machine Platform Height Adjustable?

Yes, definitely!

The manual lift provides TWO positions: Flat-bed or Free-Arm.

Flat-bed sewing means your machine is "sunken" below the table surface, so that the needle is at the same height as the rest of your work surface (in simulation to an industrial sewing machine). This is most useful when you want take on larger projects like wedding dress, curtains, or machine quilting.

Free-Arm sewing is when your sewing machine sits at normal table height, with the platform at the same level as the rest of the table, and any storage unit has been removed from your machine to reveal a small area that's perfect for sewing sleeves and children's clothing.

Chances are, you will need to make minor adjustment to determine how far to "sink" your platform. This is something you'd only neeed to do once (unless, of course, you plan to use more than one sewing machines).

To make such adjustmment, simply use the wing nut at the end of the chain to lengthen or shorten the chain. The length of the chain determines the depth of your platform.

Of course, please make sure that your sewing machine isn't sitting on the platform while you're making adjustments - you don't want the platform to fall out mid-adjustment with the machine on it!

Note: Sewing Machine NOT included in this listing.

Does this Desk com with an Insert for my Sewing Machine?

No - it deosn't.

This is because there are simply too many makes and models of sewing machines out there, and there is NO such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to inserts (or some may call them "cut-outs").

This is because the manufacturer could not possibly include an insert without knowing what sort of machine it needs to fit. And since most of us have different machines, one-size-fits-all certainly isn't going to work for us.... well, you know the rest.

Most customers are happy enough to get a piece of perspex or MDF cut to size to fit their own machine. This is by far the most economical option.

And this is easily done because there are metal stoppers around the inside edge of the platform cut-out (see picture on the left).

That means the insert you've made simply sits on top, even flush with the table surface if the MDF / perspex you choose is the right thickness.


Note: Sewing Machine NOT included in this listing.


"I recently got back into sewing and had been using my dining table as my sewing table but I got sick and tired of having to pack up to serve dinner every night, so I started looking at getting myself a proper sewing table as soon as our daughter moved out which freed up a whole room for my sewing.

I was surprised to find quite a selection of sewing tables and cabinets out there. Sure, some of them ARE very nice but I couldn't justify spending more on a table for my machine than I paid for the machine itself.

All I wanted was something very simple and still allows me to drop my machine bed even with the surface but all the ones with mechanical lifts were either too expensive or no leg room, so I went for this one.

I was very plesantly surprised to find this a very solid table and, even at high speeds, doesn't move much at all.

Putting it together was a breeze with my husband's help, and the lift / drop mechanism was surprisingly simple - a lever, some chain, and a wingnut to adjust how far it drops. Sure, it doesn't come with a 'cut-out' or machine insert but we just got a piece of MDF cut to size to fit my machine, and that works perfectly for me.

I think this is a bargain for the price and would definitely recommend this table to anyone looking for a good solid, no frills table for their machine!"

- Matilda, a Happy Customer

Does my Sewing Furniture come Fully Assembled?

No. The Element range comes flat-packed, just like IKEA furniture.

This is because they are budget-friendly, so you get to SAVE on delivery cost as well.

Please note, your flat-packed furniture will be delivered to front door of your address just like any other items and the delivery does not include assembly, positioning, unpacking or rubbish removal.

By giving us a hand in doing the final assembly yourself, we are able to pass on the savings.

So you can enjoy the fairest price possible with a beautifully customised sewing room - designed by YOU!


Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.

"I am delighted with my new sewing cabinet, especially when I was able to assemble it myself.

It took me longer than it probably would other people because I am far from mechanical. The instructions were pretty good and every single nut and bolt was included as it was supposed to be.

The instructions even had all the different bits and screws illustrated to clarify which ones to use where. It is a very attractive piece of furniture. I really love it!"

- Amanda, a Happy Customer

What is Flat-Pack furniture, anyway?

Flat pack furniture is furniture that is fabricated in flat parts and designed to be quickly and easily assembled. Sometimes called ready-to-assemble furniture ("RTA" for short), it is also known as knock-down ("KD" for short) furniture. This means some assembly are required when you receive your flat-packed furniture.

The primary advantage to this is that, because it is packed flat, it is extremely space efficient, that means they cost less to store and to ship, so the amount amounts of money saved by the manufacturer can be passed down and help YOU save too!

Flat pack furniture is generally simple to assemble and requires only the use of simple tools. As such, assembling it may be fun and provide people with a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, by lending a hand in assemly, you have already help reduce the environmental footprint of your furniture.

The best thing is you can save on delivery cost. Think about the fuel and the space saved during the transport, not to mention the shipping cost you DIDN'T have to fork out for having them delivered fully assembled (like a huge sofa suite)!

I know that you're a savvy quilter / seamstress
who cares about more than just sewing...

You underststand that your hobby doesn't have to cost the earth.

By choosing flat-packed sewing furniture (over traditional pre-assembled sewing cabinets), you are supporting a more responsible, environmentally friendly way of how furnitures are designed & made so that they are more efficient in transit, and keeping the carbon footprint smaller.

This means you can enjoy the most stylish sewing space.... without the guilt & price tag of purchasing known-brandpre-assembled sewing cabinets!

The Best Things about the Element range are:
  • Easy to assemble and use - pop it together and you're ready for action!
  • Comes with a handy lift / drop mechanism - get your machine at the best level for you!
  • No sharp corners or edges - so your fabrics are safe from snags and catches.
  • Sturdy ergonomic design with plenty of leg room so you can sew in comfort.
  • Quality workmanship and strong frame to last for years of sewing enjoyment.
  • Designed with your interior in mind to blend in seamlessly.
  • Flat pack to reduce carbon footprint AND cost - save money and feel good!

"Thanks for the sewing desk. My son assembled this for me within an hour, and I absolutely love it. The quality is good, its very sturdy, and it is a really pretty piece of furniture.

Most importantly, my sewing machine fits perfectly into the lift mechanism (which is easily adjustable with a wing nut) and still give me plenty of leg room. I can see many years of happy sewing."

- Helen, a Happy Customer

Why Flat-Packed? Can't I buy sewing furinture already put together?

Yes, of course. Other brands like Koala or Horn are delivered pre-assembled. Though you WILL pay more for the purchase AND delivery.

Because flat-packed furniturne costs the manufacturer less to produce and easier (and cheaper) to transport, we are able to save on cost, and pass the savings directly on to you! That means YOU will have more spare cash to spend on what you wish (more fabric, perhaps?)


Think of it like IKEA (and we all love IKEA, don't we?). You get to enjoy savings on the price AND postage. Then all you need to do is put the furniture together (and this is even easier with another person's help). The instructions are clear (but you DO need to follow them), and the pieces are individually numbered too!


"My wife loves this and it went together easily and has held up great!

All the parts were clearly labeled or easily identified from drawings in the instruction maual. Instuctions were easy to understand. I was happy to discover that all pre-drilled holes were absolutely accurate.

The new style camlock fasteners made for a very secure assembly of the panels. When fully assembled the desk was solid without the wobble typically associated with camlock assembled particle boad furniture.

- Dave, a Happy Husband

The Tailormade Philosophy

Tailormade can help make your dream creative space a reality.

Because they know that having the right work station and configuration is important to you, which is why the cabinets are designed with you in mind.

All cabinets are crafted to the highest standard of functionality and comfort (while keeping them affordable), providing you with a quality product AND exceptional value doesn't need to break the bank!

Why Choose Tailormade?

Because TailorMade specialise in sewing furniture.

Built with your specific needs in mind, TailorMade furniture has ample storage solutions through the use of specialised trays ideal for threads, bobbins, notions and even a place to hide your overlocker or extra machine.

Modular units can create the perfect setup for you. Everyone works differently, your needs will probably grow and evolve, and no two rooms are the same.

Made from quality MDF with a wood grain melamine veneer, these cabinets offer exceptional value for a sturdy build, with smooth surfaces and NO sharp edges and corners!

Perfect for those limited by space or wanting a multi-purpose room, our modular Elements units can be configured to create multiple setups and can be built upon to create your dream hobby room.


Simply Click The Add To Cart Button To Order Yours Now!


Let "Element" help you stay organised!

When it comes to sewing, it pays to be organised, especially when you're running short on time and space (aren't we all?) it is good organisation that will come to the rescue.

Because you WILL save both time and frustration if you don't have to search the whole house twice for something (that might have been under your nose all along).

After all... sewing is supposed to be FUN, remember?



"I did lots of research before I decided on my sewing room furniture, and I'm really happy with my purchase.

Although I would have prefer one of those fancy Koala cabinets that has a mechanical lift, hidden drawers and panels that folded up to give me more sewing area, the cost is prohibitive.

This table fits my machine perfectly, and the storage units that come with it are great. Most importantly it was within my price range.

There is NO machanical lift but there IS a panel that drops down so the needle is perfectly level with the table. You can actually adjust the drop by varying the chain length (with the wingnut at the end of the chain) so you can get your machine at the correct level.

It is stable, and the drop shelf has a finished edge, as well as the inside of the cut edge so there is no rough edges anywhere to catch your fabric or thread.

The only thing I wish it has was an insert (to fill the gap between your machine and the edge of the drop shelf), though I understand not everyone has the same machine, so it isn't possble to include a one-size-fits-all insert that works for everyone.

Overall I'm very happy with my new sewing furniture, and I think you get better value by ordering the 3-piece set."

- Elizabeth, a Happy Customer

And the most important thing is -

Setting up YOUR OWN sewing space Shouldn't Cost the Earth, Right?


   Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.


"I rarely do reviews unless a product is really great!

I having been sewing literally all my life and have had many different machines and cabinets. I usually put my machine on a table or desk but in searching for a way to do freehand quilting with as little RSI as possible, I looked at many specialty tables.

I did not want to spend $3000 on the fabulous Koala set up and I wanted something easy to set up. The Element cabinet looked like a good choice, and as it turns out, I could not be more pleased.

It was easily assembled right out of the box (with my son's help) and even the height of the recessed platform was easy to adjust. I set it up and was sewing in less than 5 minutes.

I have never had as comfortable reach, view and height of any other table or cabinet previously. The table is on a tile floor, no rug and I ran the machine as fast as possible with little vibration.

I should also mention that it DOES NOT come with an insert to go around my machine, so I use a large sheet of clear perspex that covers the whole table with just a small cut-out for the feed dogs area and it works really well for me.

Overall, this really inexpensive table is a perfect fit for my needs and I am sure this table will outlast me!"

- Suzie, a Happy Customer


Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.

I am so sure that you are going to love your new sewing furniture, that I am willing to completely guarantee them!

I'll tell you more about the guarantee in a moment.. but first lets check wether this is not right for you...

This Flat-Packed Sewing Furniture is NOT for you if:
  • You need to have a mechanical lift for your machine
  • You prefer a more traditional design
  • You do not wish to assemble the desk yourself and save postage

The Element Sewing Furniture is ideal for:
  • An interior purist who loves to have everything in the house co-ordinated
  • A busy mum who wants to have little things organised (and away from little fingers)
  • A budding fashion designer with limited work area
  • A novice sewist wishing to start out on the right track 
  • A seasoned seamstress whose tools of the trade need to be within reach
  • And... YOU. Just because you deserve your very own creative space :-)

If any of these sounds like you....

We're ready to get your Element Sewing Furniture on its way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!

Simply Click The Add To Cart Button To Order Yours Now!


Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.


"I can't believe I waited so long to get a sewing table. This table is so cool, it was easy to set-up, excellent quality, very sturdy - and the price made it possible for me to own.

This table is perfect for free motion quilting. My husband cut a piece of plastic to custom fit my machine so there is no gap between my machine and the table when I put it in drop-down position.

Having a truly flat surface has made a huge difference in the consistency of my stitches. I found it easy to set up and adjust the height of the machine the first time, and bringing the machine up to use the freearm for garment sewing is easy!

I haven't experienced any shaking at all, even at higher speeds. This table is perfect for my needs. For you sewers out there I would get this table. My aunt who has sewn all her life also ordered one as she liked mine so much."

- Lynn, a Happy Customer

Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.

Keen To Try It Out For Yourself?

I'm so sure that you are going to love your new furniture, that I am willing to completely guarantee it... so you'll be able to try it out for yourself and see first hand how much of a difference it makes absolutely risk free!

I will tell you more about the guarantee in a moment..

But first, as a special thank you for buying from us, you will receive the following super bonuses:

Super Bonus Number 1 - Be Kept in the Loop for any Specials and Limited Offers

From time to time we come across great products and share specials deals exclusively with our valued customers. By purchasing from us you are automatically a valued part of our community. Enjoy!

Super Bonus Number 2 - Valued at $275, Yours FREE!

5 Personal emails to me (Shelley) - Gain expert advice from your online fashion design, quilting and sewing craft expert. Ask me your most burning questions for anything to do with how to use your walking foot, sewing, patchwork and colour selection. What better opportunity than being able to communicate one on one with someone qualified to give you the right advice? This alone makes this an outstanding offer unique anywhere!

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

Click Here to Learn More About Us...


Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.

Grab yours now and you can experience:
  • Your very own creative space...... Absolutely Stress-Free!
  • Get your project done with pleasure for that special occasion or deadline!
  • Save bucket loads of Money by doing the assembly - so you can go shopping (YAY)!
  • A sense of achievement, because you've turned your dream sewing room into a reality.
  • No more piles of unfinished projects - instead, you will be able to impress yourself and others!
  • A professional finish to everything you've created - everyone will be dying to know your secrets.....
Why Wait?.. Simply Scroll Up And Buy Yours Now!

Note: Sewing Machine & Overlocker NOT included in this listing.

What's more.... the money you invest in this essential tool is nothing to how much more you'll enjoy your creativity with your new found dedicated creative space...

Plus, you can now experience the difference for yourself absolutely risk free.

I know you'll be glad you did. Here's how...


Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee...

This item comes with our No-Nonsense, 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days. 

We want you to have plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We will send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

That means No Risk to You whatsoever!


Simply Click The Add To Cart Button To Get Yours Now!


Note: Sewing Machine & Accessories NOT included in this listing.

We know sewing. But you know best.

Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Not to worry - we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to support you.

Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee*

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days.

The benefits under this Guarantee are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the product you have purchased.

We want you to have a plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We'll send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

So you can be sure you'll be happy with your purchases!

*Looking for the fine print? Check our terms and conditions for details.

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