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EvenFeed Walking Foot with Quilting Guide (Suits Low Shank 7mm machines)

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How To Master The Fine Art of Machine Quilting....
Easily, Quickly And Completely Stress-Free!


Imagine if you could Finish ALL those quilt tops and bags on Your Very Own domestic sewing machine, Done in Your Spare Time, and all in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

"I love my walking foot and use it almost every day! Once you get the knack of putting it on it's just like changing any other foot.

It seems like a lot of money but if you want stress free sewing then it's a MUST have! "

- Katie, a Happy Customer

What would it be like to NEVER have to pay someone big bucks for machine quilting - and NO more UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) piling up in your sewing room, Ever Again?

What if machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine was easier than you think?

Often the hard part is to come up with exactly the right tool, for the right job, at the right price.

Formally trained as a Fashion / Textile Designer - now a Quilter & Patchwork Teacher - I have spent 10 years teaching others and sharing the joy of Patchwork Quilt making. 


Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

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The Substantial Saving of Time and Money that I have witnessed my students achieve - time and time again - by learning Machine Quilting is simply amazing...!

There is no doubt that in order to create beautiful machine quilting stitches, you need to practice.....

But the first step in becoming an accomplished machine quilter is having the right tools.

The Secret Weapon Of Successful Machine Quilting
Is A Walking Foot.

And this one fits your computerised top loading Janome models, such as 19110 or the DC series.

Also referred to as "Even Feed" foot, and sometimes called "Dual Feed", because it provides an extra set of "teeth" that grips your fabric from the top in the same way the teeth of your feed dog grips the bottom.

This Generic Walking Foot is the perfect partner for your Top Loading Low Shank Janome Sewing Machine, such as a Janome 19110 (which we also sell. See our other listings).

Designed to fit all Top Loading Bobbin Janome Models with Low Shank, it has been made to equivalent specification by a reputable manufacturer and it has the same quality workmanship.

Housed in a durable Grade A plastic casing, this Walking Foot has ALL metal internals for durability, and light weight plastic 'teeth' gentle enough to protect your most delicate fabrics!

What does "Low Shank" and "High Shank" mean?

It means "shank height" or "shank size".

Most domestic machines have LOW shanks.


Just to give you an idea, we sell about 10 low shank presser feet to ONE high shank foot. That means if you don't know what sort of shank your machine has, it probably has a low shank.

Because High Shank machines are generally "fancy" embroidery models which are more costly, and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is.


Why Do I Need a Walking Foot, anyway?

A walking foot is design specifically for sewing multiple layers of fabric together... that's what you want when you do Machine Quilting.

Often called a "sandwich", the quilt you're making consist of THREE layers: Quilt Top, Batting and Backing.  And sewing through all those layers can be tricky......

When you try to do machine quilting WITHOUT a walking foot, you will find:
  1. The layers will shift away from each other as you sew along.
  2. You get puckers form on the backside of your quilt
  3. Worse of all, it's very likely that you will "run out of Backing" as a result of  the puckering!
Why? Because your machine's feed dog only feeds the bottom layer of fabric (that's your Backing). 

Which means the other layers (Quilt Top & Batting) are simply sliding along as they pass under the presser foot. 

This causes the layers to shift..... and that's where your problem begins.

So, What's a Quilter to Do?
Get A Walking Foot Now
And Experience The Difference For Yourself...!

What this walking foot does is hold your quilt layers together as you stitch. It grips the top layer of fabric, while your machine grips the bottom layer. 

Together, they move the layers through your machine at an even rate.

You will end up with pucker-free, neat, straight line machine quilting.... Perfect for quilting in-the-ditch!

" I recently purchased this foot to finish a quilt. It was very helpful.... There was NO fabric puckering and really long seams stayed lined up perfectly.

Also, layers of fabric stay put, and don't slide as you sew. I also used it on an applique project I am working on.... This foot is a MUST!"

- M.K. a Happy Quilter

What else is it good for?
  • Try machine sewing when attaching Binding to your quilt...!!! Your Walking Foot will keep all the layers together.
  • Love the look of Mitre Corners on your Border but hate sewing on the bias grain? Try it with the Walking Foot for a super smooth finish.
  • It is also a handy tool to have when you sew together the multi-layers of a "rag" or "slash" quilt and when you work with heavy fabrics such as denim
  • Here's an idea: turn those old jeans into a Throw in a weekend...!
"The walking foot is terrific for quilting. It prevents any bunch up of fabric, and I've finished my first quilt in a weekend!"

- N.J.C. Happy New Quilter


Not a Quilter?
  • Your walking foot is also perfect for sewing silky or slippery fabrics... you gain precise control with NO stress!
  • For sewing checks / plaids when matching pattern on the fabric is essential, you can whip things up knowing the patterns will stay as you've cut & placed them!
  • If you do a bit of "retro" or vintage reproduction work that requires sewing on the bias grain, you will get a much smoother result with the additional stability provided by the walking foot.
  • Even on textured (or 'napped') specialty fabrics such as velveteen, corduroy and fur / leather..... you will get a professional finish!
  • You will find it especially helpful when working on large projects for you home, such as curtains, loose covers and large cushions that require long seams.
  • Love to make your own jeans or streetwear? This foot is also great for topstitching (the decorative stitching normally done in contrast colour over side seams on your jeans) giving consistent stitches every time, no matter how bulky the seams may be.

The response for discovering the walking foot has been phenomenal.

Here is what other people are saying about it:

"Thanks to the walking foot, I made all the curtains and cushion for our new house and saved a fortune. So I treated myself and went shopping......"

- J.P. a Mother of two

"It's amazing how much you can do with just your walking foot!"

- C. Bryne, a Happy Customer

Want to Know Who We Are
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I am so sure that you are going to love this Walking Foot, that I am willing to completely guarantee it!

I will tell you more about the guarantee in a moment.

But first, as a special thank you for buying from us, you will receive the following super bonuses:

Super Bonus Number 1 - Be Kept in the Loop for any Specials and Limited Offers

From time to time we come across great products and share specials deals exclusively with our valued customers. By purchasing from us you are automatically a valued part of our community. Enjoy!

Super Bonus Number 2 - Valued at $275, Yours FREE!

5 Personal emails to me (Shelley) - Gain expert advice from your online fashion design, quilting and sewing craft expert. Ask me your most burning questions for anything to do with how to use your walking foot, sewing, patchwork and colour selection. What better opportunity than being able to communicate one on one with someone qualified to give you the right advice? This alone makes this an outstanding offer unique anywhere!

Super Bonus Number 3 - Quilting Guide Arm (RRP $5.99)

Designed to help you sew perfectly parallel lines, this great little gadget is VERY handy when you want to do traditional "diamond" or "cross hatch" type quilting. ... not just for quilts, also perfect for bags and warm clothes!

Plus, with our money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose...

Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee...

This item comes with our No-Nonsense, 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days. 

We want you to have plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We will send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

That means No Risk to You whatsoever!

Grab yours now and you can experience:
  • Smooth, pucker-free sewing...... Absolutely Stress-Free!
  • Get your quilt Done On Time for that special occasion (instead of staying on some machine quilter's waiting list): whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or wedding!
  • Save bucket loads of Money - so you can go fabric shopping (YAY)!
  • A sense of achievement, because you've made something from start to finish.
  • No more piles of unfinished projects - instead, you will churn out lots of quilts and other goodies for your family to enjoy this winter!
  • Professional finish to everything you've made - your friends will be dying to know your secrets.....
Why Wait?.. Simply Scroll Up And Buy Yours Now!

This Walking Foot is NOT for you if:
  • Your machine does NOT have Top Loading Bobbin with Low Shank.
  • You are not prepared to put in the time to practice using this foot to sew on multiple layers of fabric.
  • You prefer to pay more for a branded walking foot.

This Foot is ideal for:
  • Beginners who want to learn how to machine quilt,
  • Parents who want to make a few things for their kids,
  • Experienced sewing experts wishing to take their sewing to the next level,
  • Teaching facilities,
  • Dressmaking / tailoring professionals,
  • Patchwork / quilters,
  • Textiles artists,
  • and other creative individuals.....

If any of these sounds like you we're ready to get your Walking Foot on its way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!


What happens when you want to purchase it from a sewing store...?

More often than not, you will have to phone around to locate the actual part number, then call all of the Sewing Machine Shops to compare prices, and see if there is one in stock, and if they can order one in for you......

And then you have to wait anywhere from one to six weeks for the foot to arrive at the shop.... and then wait to receive it from the shop if you cannot go and pick it up (I know this, because I went through this exact same thing when I had to buy my very first walking foot for my old machine....).

In this same amount of time, You could have finished the quilt already!

And what's more.... the money you invest in this amazing and essential tool is nothing to what you could receive back...

This is a fantasticopportunity to get your unfinished projects completed and turn them into family heirlooms to be loved and admired by all!

BUT.... Make Sure You Act Quickly. We Have Only A Few In Stock.
Be Sure To Get Yours Now While Stocks Last!

Simply Scroll Up And Click The Button To Get Yours Now!

P.S. FREE BONUS: Don't forget your Quilting Guide Arm that helps you sew rows of parallel straight lines.... easily and perfectly EVERY time!

P. P.S.  Remember when you shop with us, all your purchases come with our 60 Day No Nonsense Money Back Guarantee... No Questions Asked! Not 7 days, not 14 days, or even 30 days... You have TWO WHOLE MONTHS to be 100% sure you are happy with your purchase!

So you've got nothing to lose from buying right away.

P.P.S.  Act now to take advantage of our FREE BONUS of five personal emails to me (Shelley) for technical advice or anything sewing related. Hurry! Don't miss out...

We know sewing. But you know best.

Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Not to worry - we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to support you.

Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee*

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days.

The benefits under this Guarantee are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the product you have purchased.

We want you to have a plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We'll send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

So you can be sure you'll be happy with your purchases!

*Looking for the fine print? Check our terms and conditions for details.

Very good value

By: on 12 August 2014

I teach quilting and strongly recommend a walking foot as an essential item, some say they wont need one as they are a rather expensive item. But after battling to get every layer to stay in place, and then borrowing one, they decide that these are an essential item, and with the reasonable price charged by Sew much easier, it is not so hard to get one. So this one that arrived today is for one of my students (this one has no internet) the 3rd one purchased from you the other ladies are very happy with theirs.


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In Stock
AU $59.99
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AU $49.99
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