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Gutermann Sew-All Polyester Sewing Thread Album - 42 Reels

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Don't You Just Hate It....
When You've Run Out Of Thread
In The Middle of Your Sewing Project?!

Here's A Simple Solution:
Have a Whole Box of Sew-All Thread in Lots of Colours
BEFORE You even start sewing!

This is your opportunity to save yourself time, cost and frustration.... AND still have the BEST

Grab ALL fourty-two (42) of these Gutermann Sew-All Polyester threads - in all the useful colours - housed in their own "album"..... so you can be fully prepared before you start any sewing project!

"I had so many problems with my sewing machine until I tried the Gutermann Sew-All thread.

I thought it was pricey (for polyester) at first, but after using it found it was worth the cost - no more problems!

It was a relief to know that my sewing machine was not the culprit - the cheap thread was!

Nothing takes the fun out of sewing as fast as thread breakage and fraying, and my new thread solved all of my problems just being itself.

I would recommend this thread to everyone - don't skimp on cost, cheap thread buys you headaches and it is not worth it."

- Deb, a Happy Customer

What would it be like to NEVER run out of matching sewing thread, ever again?

This type of polyester sewing threads are versatile & reliable - whether you use them for everyday general household sewing, or that special project with your precious fabric.

At 100m per reel, and 42 Reels in a Box Set (you do the math).....

This set of premium all-purpose sewing thread are the best value for your money -
Made of 100% long-staple polyester suited for most sewing tasks you have at hand.

What's more - you can use it on your sewing machine AND overlocker too :-)

Hey, with 42 reels here, you can have a variety of thread colours at the ready!

So You Love to Sew.
And having the Right thread is important to you.

Gutermann Sew-All thread is the most versatile thread that suits the widest variety of fabrics.

Care Instructions:

Machine Washable up to 95°C
Bleachable with non-chlorine bleach only
Tumble Dry at normal temperature (warm)
Iron at high temperature (up to 200°C)
Dry-cleanable (PCE only)


Let's have a look at what we've got here:

42 reels of Gutermann's most popular colours Expertly spun in Germany using the best Silky Smooth long staple in 100% polyester...


Beautifully packaged in a limited-edition "album" - Perfect storage to organise and protect your thread.

Imagine how easy it'll be for you to keep all your threads organised and right where you need them...

Say good-bye to fossicking around in baskets or drawers looking for that perfect colour... yay!

Your album is Durable and Re-usable with the colour code printed in each slot for easy replacement.

So when you do eventually need to get a replacement it's easy to know which is the correct one without guess work - just match up the number!

Not all polyester is made equal.

Gutermann thread is suitable for using with most fabrics and, let's face it, the quality is just about the best you will find anywhere!

Speaking of quality, Gutermann Sew-All thread is unique because it combines the excellent sewing properties of silk, with the strength and durability in the seam of polyester.

This means you get to relax and enjoy knot-free and lint-free sewing, knowing that your machine is also happy and healthy too!

Instead of running to the shops and buy one or two reels at a time, having this set on hand means you will have plenty of reliable threads to play around with... and the savings you make - by buying bulk - goes toward more fabrics. Yay!

So you ask....

How Do I know if Gutermann Sew-All threads will suit my sewing project?

 Look at the label on the fabric you are using for your sewing project or check with the fabric store to determine what fibre the fabric is made from.

Gutermann thread is known for its particularly high-quality and uniform sewing.

The manufacturer in Germany guarantees optimal sewing without the problems of fiber lint and seam crimping (commonly associated with cheaper threads).

This means you will experience smooth sewing, and end up with strong and durable seams. Yay!

Of course, certain types of thread are more compatible with specific fabrics than others, so you want to be sure that you choose a good thread that will work well with your chosen fabric....

.... and your all-purpose polyster thread by Gutermann will probably suit most of the fabrics (generally light-weight sythetic or blends) you have in mind.

When in doubt, test it out....!

"I love this [Gutermann] thread... I just recently tried it and was thrilled with how it sewed.

Does not knot up or pill.

The spool it self is great and the box is fantastic.

The way they have made the spool it does not get caught in the slit as with other spools.

It just sews with stitches and no breaking.

Wonderful colors.

It is the only one I will use from now on."

- Laura, a happy customer

Did You Know...?

Polyester threads are generally strong threads that have excellent give for a lot of sewing projects.

The Gutermann Sew-all Thread is a Reliable sewing thread designed for all materials and seams.

Loved by sewists all over the world - it is one of the MOST versatile threads and perfect for stitching with the sewing machine / overlocker and by hand.

Suits BOTH domestic and industrial machines too!


"I know Gutermann products are always great quality, I am very satisfied with the thread because it always does the job it is supposed to do.

I can only recommend Gutermann products.."

- Jacqui, a happy customer

What's so special about Gutermann Sew-All (100% polyester) Threads?

  • Made in Germany - where quality is ALWAYS ensured.
  • Fade-resistant & colour-fast. No worries about thread colour running.
  • Suitable for all fabrics so you don't have to think about changing threads!
  • No fiber lint with sewing to keep your machine in top condition in between services.
  • Perfectly spun with no thick and thin areas for optimum seam security - so there won't be any "whoops" moments....
  • Designed to be used for machine sewing and hand sewing - one thread is all you need!
  • Great for piecing & quilting - just as good as 100% cotton, with better range of colours to match your fabric perfectly.
  • Use it for overlock and safety seams - why not match colour on your edges too?!
  • Strong enough for button holes and for sewing on buttons - perfect for kids' clothes!
  • Fine finish with a silke-like sheen - just right for embroidery & decorative stitches!
  • Suits most machine needles - best for universal needle size range between 60/8 to 90/14
  • 42 reels x 100 metres - all 42 colours presented in an "album" - great gift for yourself, or the seamstress who has everything!

Bonus Tip:

Gutermann has a unique way to help you Thread Your Machine Correctly EVERY time. Here's how:

When using any Gutermann thread, you should draw thread off the reel over the Gutermann name printed on the top end of the spool.

This rule applies to BOTH hand and machine sewing.

When the thread lies horizontally on your sewing machine, the Gutermann name should be on the right side.

~ Why?

Because your sewing thread has been spun in a certain way, the fibre has a direction known as a "nap" - which makes it easier to go through the needle one way and slightly less smooth on the other (think of it like petting a cat).

Being aware of the nap means your thread will natually resist twisting and knotting on itself, and you will be able to sew much easier!

The Gutermann Story

Founded in 1864 - and still runs by the same family today - Gutermann is now a household name worldwise when it comes to sewing threads.

The story began when a 36-year-old Max Gutermann found himself in Vienna - a centre where raw silk from the orient was traded in Europe.

Max realised at the time that it was possible to produce a strong but fine sewing thread from silk waste - with this in mind, Gutermann started his own business by purchasing already-spun and twisted yarn - spun from beautiful but inexpensive silk waste.

The result spoke for itself. Max's product turned out to be more even and with less knots than sewing threads made from the far more expensive net silk. He then had it dyed into various shades, wound onto cards & bobbins, and sold these silk threads to people who sew - his business took off from there, and Max called his company Gutermann & Co. 

Three years later, Gutermann moved the company headquarters into the Elztal area - one of the main reasons was the quality of the water, which is particularly low in lime and therefore perfectly suitable for dyeing silk.

Gutermann's new factory created jobs for the local community. His team - mainly women - prefer the regular working hours and a fixed wage to the uncertain wages as day labourers on farms.

Almost 150 years on - still at Elztal - the Gutermann legacy continues: simply by doing what they do best and supplying top quality sewing threads to the creative artisans in over 80 conutries, while providing jobs for over 1500 people in their local communities globally.

When you sew with Gutermann thread, you know you are in good hands.....

Because you are enjoying the care and dedication that went into creating your humble sewing thread....
So you can expect a reliable and satisfying sewing experience!

"I love love love having the perfect colour available in my resources.

Now I don't have to worry about matching colours - ever!

This is one of THE BEST purchases I've ever made."

- Jenny, a happy customer

Why choose a polyester thread if you always use 100% Cotton?

Here's what an expert says on eHow:

"Sew-All thread is made out of 100% polyester and that's just fine.....  [because] it has good strength. "

Choosing a sewing thread requires considering the strength of the thread and the purpose it will serve, and all-purpose polyester thread works best for most projects using a sewing machine.

Even if you like natural fibers and sewing lots of cotton, polyester thread is going to work quite well for you.

Personally I haven't noticed a huge difference in quality and performance....  If you're a good sewer and you use good sewing techniques, that's going to be where the strength of your garment is and NOT in your thread. 

- Rebecca Farrington, eHow Presenter

Here are some other questions you might want to ask:

What is the best way to thread the needle?

With Gutermann threads, you cut the thread at an angle to thread your needles - preferably with sharp scissors – there is no need to moisten the end of the thread because it naturally won't fray if you cut it correctly.

How do I know I have the correct thread tension?

When looking at a finished line of stitching, you should not be able to see the loop between the upper and lower threads anywhere in your fabric. It should blend into the grain of the fabric naturally.

Do I have to pull the thread off of the spool in a particular direction?

It would be best if you do - because of the way the thread is spun onto the spool, Gutermann recommends if the spool is upright, the Gutermann name should be at the top. If it is laying horizontal, the Gutermann name should be to the right. This is a simple and brilliant system, don't you think?

How can I prevent tangles? 

If you follow the steps above, you won't get tangles when sewing on the machine. If you are hand sewing, then also follow the steps above, and only cut a segment of thread off the spool in the length from your finger tips to your elbow - trying to sew with a piece of thread that is too long causes twists and tangles. For best results, use Gutermann’s Hand Quilting thread. The waxed finish is designed to prevent tangles.

Is there anything I need to do differently when washing?

No. Gutermann threads are colour-fast so you don't need to worry about colour running into your garment. Simply wash normally following the same instruction you would for everyday clothing.

The thread itself is robust. You can wash in hot water (not over 95º C) and you can iron on high – as long as your fabric can cope. May be dry-cleaned using any solvent except Trichloroethylene.

When in doubt, go with the washing instruction in your garment or fabric.
Chances are, your Gutermann thread is tougher!

Sounds Good? Simply Scroll up to Order Yours NOW
& Get Busy Sewing!

"This "Sew All" album is fatastic value!

Apart from that - the box they come in is what sealed the deal for me.

Each thread slot is labeled with the thread number and holds the spool snugly, so you could easily keep your colours topped up and have a full palette of colours ready to go.

So if you use a lot of Gutermann thread this is a great buy from a thread storage perspective too.  I like to keep mine neat.

The thread set is made in Germany (naturally!) and that is a plus in my book.

I am thrilled to have found this item, this way I'll always have the right colour that is "close enough' without having to worry if the store is open, stand in line to pay etc.

I love this!"

- Belinda, a happy customer

Yes, these threads here may seem expensive for humble polyester.... but think again.

They are made by Gutermann - in Germany - with stringent quality control & good old-fashion care. These are NOT your bargain basement thread, and won't give you headaches and nasty surprises.

Consider this: how many of us have the spare time and energy to solve problems that come from sewing with cheap threads, just to save a few bucks? I know I don't.....

Instead, here's your chance to experience sewing on a whole new level - and enjoy a discount too!

Sure, you can pay up to $6.00 RRP per Reel if you buy them individually..... this box set gives you 42 great colours - in 100 metre reels - you can save heaps this way!

With the discount (and the potential saving of time and headaches)...... you will be able to create more have spare cash to spend on fabrics (YAY)!

 This box of Gutermann Sew-All thread is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for bargain threads, instead of top-quality
  • You are planning to do machine embroidery with it
  • You are making a really special project and wanted pure silk

This Thread is ideal for:
  • Beginners who want to learn sewing
  • Parents making a variety of sewing projects with colourful fabrics
  • Experienced seamstress who want to have a comprehensive range on hand
  • Quilters who are open to use a quality thread other than cotton
  • Fashion design students who has no time to run and match thread each time
  • Costume makers needing the thread to blend in perfectly
  • Occasional sewist sick of never having any thread around when you need it in a hurry!
  • Someone close to you, who has everything and loves to sew........

If any of these sounds like you, we're ready to get your special Gutermann set on its way to you,
Delivered anywhere in Australia!

I am so sure that you are going to love this box of threads, that I am willing to completely guarantee them!

I will tell you more about the guarantee in a moment.

But first, as a special thank you for buying from us, you will receive the following super bonuses:

Super Bonus Number 1 - Be Kept in the Loop for Any Specials and Limited Offers

From time to time we come across great products and share specials deals exclusively with our valued customers. By purchasing from us you are automatically a valued part of our community. Enjoy!

Super Bonus Number 2 - Valued at $275, Yours FREE!

5 Personal emails to me (Shelley) - Gain expert advice from your online fashion design, quilting and sewing craft expert. Ask me your most burning questions for anything to do with how to use your walking foot, sewing, patchwork and colour selection. What better opportunity than being able to communicate one on one with someone qualified to give you the right advice? This alone makes this an outstanding offer unique anywhere!

Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee...

This item comes with our No-Nonsense, 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days. 

We want you to have plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We will send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

That means No Risk to You whatsoever!

Why Wait?.. Simply Click The Add To Cart Button And Get Yours Now!

We know sewing. But you know best.

Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Not to worry - we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to support you.

Your No-Nonsense 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee*

In the unlikely event when the item doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days.

The benefits under this Guarantee are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the product you have purchased.

We want you to have a plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We'll send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

So you can be sure you'll be happy with your purchases!

*Looking for the fine print? Check our terms and conditions for details.

Dressmakers delight

By: on 6 October 2016

To have the best quality threads at my fingertips is a dressmakers dream, always use this thread, always happy with the outcome


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