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Janome My Excel 18W Sewing Machine + The Ultimate Feet Set

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At Last: a Mechanical machine with fancy functions

For a Great Price with Unbeatable BONUS Extras!


Janome My Excel 18W (MW3018LE) Special Package

Mechanical Sewing Machine
&  The Ultimate Presser Feet Set

You get:
  • Janome My Excel 18W Limited Edition (MW3018LE) Sewing Machine
    (RRP: $599)
  • The Ultimate Presser Feet Set
    (RRP: $299.00)

  • Standard Accessory Pack
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day No Nonsense Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonus Support Not Available From Other Online Sellers

Finally... a Super Affordable Sewing Machine
Yet Still So Simple To Use For Any Skill Level, 
It'll Get You Started with Minimum Spending!

First of all... Congratulations on your decision to buy a brand new sewing machine! It'll give you many hours of sewing pleasure and it's important that you feel comfortable and happy that you've made the right choice.  

I know, because I'm am also passionate about sewing.

As a Fashion / Textile Designer, Quilter & Patchwork Teacher with over 10 Years Experience in the Industry, I understand how important it is to have a great Sewing Machine that provides you with control and flexibility so you get the right results time after time. 

And... I also know how frustrating it can be to battle with a machine that just doesn't do everything you want, or is so complicated you need a degree in engineering just get it set up. 

Of all the machines I've used over the years, Janome Is My Favourite Domestic Sewing Machine Brand By Far and I recommend them to all of my students.

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

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Of all the machines I've used over the years, Janome Is My Favourite Domestic Sewing Brand By Far and I recommend them to all of my students.

Why? Because Janome Machines are Easy to use, and Affordable.

Your new Janome My Excel 18W Limited Edition (MW3018LE for short) will provide a reliable sewinging experience at your finger tips..... so you can concentrate on finishing the next masterpiece or simply get on enjoying other precious things in life! 

Imagine how much easier it'll be to get into your next sewing project or make the time to finish those clothing alterations professionally - when Your new Janome sewing machine is there to help make everything look so professional, yet so easy to achieve. 

I'm so sure you'll just love your new Janome My Excel 18W because of all the wonderful feedback and emails from other customers who are absolutely thrilled with theirs!

"When my old Singer started acting up, I decided it was time to replace it. I did not need or want a fancy computerised machine with a million stitches.

After doing a lot of research and reading of reviews I settled on this Janome My Excel. It has all the basic stitches I need plus a few fancy ones if I'm feeling adventurous.

I make bags, so I sew a lot of thicker materials. I have fallen in love with the Tricot stitch (a zig zag stitch with 3 stitches for each zig and three for each zag), and the Triple Strength stitch (awesome for my bags!) I had also forgotten that sewing machines really do sew straight lines without torturing the fabric to make it happen!

I love how the new 7-pieces feed dog that moves the fabric very smoothly. I also love the fact that the top of the machine has a compartment that holds most of your extra feet, some needles, and your thread.

Apart from heavier fabrics, I have also tried very light, chiffon type fabrics and slippery fabrics, and they both did well. I am extremely happy with this purchase."

- Tania, a Happy Customer

Full of practical, user-friendly functions,

Your New Janome My Excel 18 W Limited Edition will soon become your best friend.

The Janome MW3018LE is a Superb quality Top level model at a fantastic price! What you get is a robust, easy-to-use mechanical machine. With all the fancy features as well!

A Top-Level Mechanical model, your new My Excel 18W is capable of giving you 18 built-in stitches including a One-step buttonhole. 

The easy-to-use dial means selecting pattern, changing stitch width and length are a breeze.

There is also a Stitch Reference Guide handy for stitch pattern settings. So you don't have to remember everything!

It comes with a convenient built-in thread cutter - one hand is all you need, for getting your sewing off the machine at the end of each stitch.

Want to sew armholes and other fiddly bits?
No worries - take off the flat-bed storage box and you have a free arm.

Thinking of taking up machine quilting?
Easy. Drop your feed dog to make way for free-motion quilting.

It has Built-in Needle Threader - that takes care of the most tedious job in sewing, and you will never have to look for your magnifying glass again!

This is a top bobbin loading machine ("Top Loading" for short) which means your bobbin drops in directly from the needle plate. Easy!

It has Adjustable Foot Pressure - you can adjust the amount of pressure to suit your fabric, whether you're sewing denim or chiffon!

Sew at your own pace - the Speed Control lets you sew anywhere up to 800 stitches per minute for those who want to get more done in less time!

Lightweight yet made of real metal interior - great for classes, and the price is just right for a beginner or the budget-conscious. Perfect!

Like all Janomes, the
My Excel 18W is designed to withstand daily usage - it produces beautiful stitches over and over again - thanks to the precise stitch mechanism Janome is known for, you can now create professional results every single day!

Want More?

How About having ALL the Essential Generic Presser Feet for your Sewing Machine.... so you can tackle all sort of projects right away!

This Ultimate Presser Feet Set is the perfect partner for your My Excel 18W.

As a Special Package Deal, Your Ultimate Feet Pack includes:

  • Evenfeed Walking Foot (RRP $49.99)
  • Adjustable Bias Binding Foot (RRP $39.99)
  • Free-Motion Darning Foot  (RRP $29.99)
  • 1/4" Patchwork Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Adjustable Blind Hem Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Snap-On Roller Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Super Slim Zipper Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Open Toe Applique Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Ultra Glide Teflon Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Button Sewing Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Button Hole Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Gathering Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Narrow Hem Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Clear Zigzag / Applique Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Snap-On Cording Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • Snap-On Pin Tuck Foot (RRP $29.99)
  • BONUS 1: Low Shank Snap-on Foot Adaptor (RRP $19.99)
  • BONUS 2: Sturdy 17-slot Container (RRP $19.99)

With all the tools at the ready, you will soon experience your sewing taken off to the next level - whether you're a novice in patchwork or an experience seamstress (see their individual listings for technical details).

Whether you are making a quilt, a dress, or a handbag, there will be times when you need to have specific tasks that require specialty presser feet. 

When you try to do specific tasks like quilting, applique or inserting zippers WITHOUT the correct foot for the job, you will find:
  1. - A seemingly simple step takes forever to complete....
  2. - You end up unpicking because you're just NOT happy with how it turns out...
  3. - Worse of all, it's very likely that you could run out of fabric, or patience, or BOTH!

So, What's a Budding Seamstress to Do?

Try this Presser Feet Set with you New MW3018LE and Experience the Difference...!

Did You Know.....

My Excel 18W is one of the few affordable machines with Foot Pressure Adjustment

Back in the days, when all sewing machines are mechanical, there was ALWAYS a dial where you could adjust foot pressure to suit your fabric.

The pressure adjustment sets the amount of pressure that the presser foot places on the fabric (try saying this line three times. Fast).

Your machine provides downward pressure on the presser foot, which holds the fabric between the feed dog and sewing machine foot itself.

Naturally, the amount of pressure required differs dramatically between sewing light weight sheer fabric and multiple layers of denim.

That means having manual adjustment is really useful when you use a wide variety of fabric in different weight and texture.

One example is when working with knits or slippery fabrics, as it reduces the "pull" on the top layer of fabric. You'll find that you have more even seams.

Why is this important? Using the incorrect pressure setting can drastically affect the end result; it can create problems such as skipped, uneven or irregular stitches, fabric puckers or the machine not feeding the fabric properly.

Having said that, you can ALWAYS use a walking foot, roller foot, or Teflon foot to solve any of the above - so you can still sew evenly and smoothly with perfect stitches and pucker-free if your machine does NOT have adjustable foot pressure (most modern machines don't).

So, when do you make adjustment to the Amount of Pressure?

- If you find your fabric slips when the presser foot is down, you need to increase the pressure on the presser foot.

- If the fabric is held so tightly that the feed dog is unable to move the fabric, decrease the amount of pressure on the presser foot.

This is just a rule-of-thumb type of guide. When it comes to fabric and how it reacts to sewing there is no exact science or magic fool-proof formula.

So when in doubt, try it out!


  • A Robust, Reliable Mechnical model to suit your needs - whether you have a passion for sewing or just want to get things fixed around the house.
  • Easy stitch selection with easy-to-use dials at the touch of your finger tips.
  • Just the functions you need - without the ones you don't. Why pay more for what you don't use?
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7 mm 
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 4 mm
  • Clip-on Feet for quick change. No screw driver required!
  • Reverse Stitch - press the lever and you can secure each and every seam with ease!
  • Twin Needle Capability - the extra spool pins with its own slot means you can thread up TWO spools of thread. Twin needle NOT included.
  • Fast & Simple to Thread-up - Never cringe again when you need to use different colour threads!
  • Drop-In Bobbin System - makes changing bobbin super simple and runs jam-proof with Janome's famous magnetic system.
  • One-Step Buttonholes - creating professional results have never been so easy!
  • Presser Foot Adjustment - for customised foot pressure, so you can get it perfect for handling all types and weights of fabric.
  • 18 Built-In Stitch patterns (including ONE-step buttonhole) - so you will be able to create unlimited combination at your finger tips!
  • Built-in light source (incandecent light bulb) so you can see what you're sewing!
  • Sew like a professional with Even Seam Allowances - various measurements are all engraved on the plate for you, with both inches & millimetres
  • Foot Storage Area - with a handy Stitch Reference Guide hidden inside the lid, you will never fumble around a deep dark drawer for that seldom-used-but-need-it-now foot!
  • Removeable Storage Table - lets you sew "free arm", perfect for fiddly bits like sleeves and armholes.
  • Hard Cover to protect your machine - so you get more years out of it and can easily take it to classes or a friends place.

Sounds like just what you need?  You know you deserve it!

So Put In Your Order Now... Because You Don't Want to Miss Out! 

"The machine is a dream to operate and it is more heavy duty than other computerised models in the same price range. It's such a joy to finally have a sewing machine that plows right ahead.

I intentionally chose a mechanical model - because they have been around for decades with very little changes made (and certainly would last longer than those newer, lighter models).

I was originally going to get the next model down but at the last minute decided that since I'd probably never again buy another sewing machine this expensive, just go for it!

I'm glad I did. You have to be nice to yourself once in a while."

- Kerry, a Happy Customer

Your Janome sewing machine is the
perfect companion for the Project Runway winner-in-the-making (that's YOU), and a must-have if you want to create professional looking garments. 

Plus, you will find the machine easy to use and reliable - that means you can complete projects quickly and effortlessly, so you can show off your creation on the weekend!

The new Janome My Excel 18W Limited Edition gives you a wide range of features in a top-level mechanical machine
...... without breaking the bank.

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) on Janome Australia website is $599.00 - but you don't need to pay that much when you shop with us!

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

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And, Don't Forget - this package include The Ultimate Presser Feet Set (RRP $299.00). How good is that?!

Wondering What Else you get inside the box?

Also included with your machine is your Standard Accessories, which includes:

  • Zig Zag / All Purpose Foot A - if there is ONE foot you need, it'd be this one.
  • Buttonhole Foot B - essential for buttonholes but great for applique too!
  • Over-edge Foot C - this is your solution if you don't have an overlocker to finish raw edges.
  • Narrow Hem Foot D - a nifty foot designed to help you turn the finest narrow hems like a pro!
  • Blind Hem Foot G - never pay for alterations again if your pants or skirts are too long.
  • Zipper Foot E - so you can sew zips with professional results!
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot R - making buttonhole is a breeze and no measurement required!
  • Quilting Guide - use it to keep your quilting lines perfectly paralell.
  • Bobbin x 5 - fill 'em up and have 'em ready to go!
  • Seam Ripper / Buttonhole Opener - handy to have around. 
  • Needle Set (5 needles) so you can change needle often and protect your fabric.
  • Lint Brush - makes cleaning easy.
  • Screwdriver - compact size, perfect for this machine.
  • Additional Spool Pin - in case you need a second spool of thread. A must for twin-needle sewing.
  • Spool Holder (Large) - already on your machine for large spools (not shown in above photo).
  • Spool Pin Felt Pad - makes sewing quieter and smoother.
  • Spool Holder (Small) - perfect for embroidery when your spools are smaller.
  • Instruction Book - so you and your new machine  can get to know each other :-)
  • Foot Control - lets you drive the machine just like driving a car :-)
  • Hard Cover to keep your machine in top-nic and dust-free!

And Remember, you simply can't have too many feet for your machine.

Check Out the BONUS Extras......

Just imagine the troubles you will save
by having all the essential feet at your finger tips before you start your project........Never have to track them down when you're in the middle of sewing!

And there is a perfect box to keep your tools of the trade tidy and protected....

As a savvy seamstress, you will instantly recognise the value of grabbing this package deal, because if you need to purchase them  individually, they will cost you much more!

So let's take a look in detail again. Here is what you get:

What You Get Normal Price Ultimate Set
Even Feed / Walking Foot  $ 49.99 Photobucket Included
Bias Binding Foot  $ 39.99 Photobucket Included
Darning / Embroidery Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
1/4" Patchwork Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Adjustable Blind Hem Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Snap-On Roller Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Super Slim Zipper Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Open Toe Applique Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Ultra Glide Teflon Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Button Sewing Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Button Hole Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Gathering Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Narrow Hem Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Clear Zig Zag Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Snap-On Cording Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Snap-On Pin Tuck Foot $ 29.99 Photobucket Included
Low Shank Foot Adaptor
$19.99 Photobucket Included
Sturdy 17-Slot Container
$19.99 Photobucket Included

Total Value

Plus Super Bonuses. See Below to find out more.......

Not All Sewing Machines Are Made Equal...

Take a peek: an X-Ray view if you will. The photos here show a Janome JR1012 with a see-through exterior.

You can easily see - inside every Janome there is REAL metal (aluminium die-cast to be exact) that can be found in even the most inexpensive, entry level Janome.

The die-cast aluminium frame in a Janome provides the strength and stability required for the precise action of the sewing machine needle and mechanism.

The exterior is just that - a shell - and not part of the structure of the machine.

Unfortunately there are other brands of sewing machine on the market in Australia right now that have no internal frame (let along metal). It means the components are merely attached to the outer plastic shell of the machine. There is simply not enough rigidity
for high speed movements!

With Janome, there is always inner structrual support  which means your sewing machine performs better, and it lasts longer. Buy Well, Buy Once.

NOTE: JR1012 is shown here but other Janome models also have the same metal inner frame. Image Courtesy of Janome.

Still not sure?

Here's what one (of many) happy customers had to say after purchasing their Janome MW3018LE:

"I love my new Janome My Excel 18W. I'm coming from an old Singer that must have been top of the line for its time. This Janome sews beautifully and so far hasn't kicked up a fuss no matter what thickness of fabric I've thrown at it (mostly without having to adjust tension). I was most impressed when it happily stitched through some heavy duty corduroy with no problem.

Her are some Pros and Cons from me -


- Built-in needle threader. I'm young and don't have problems threading needles, but I have to say that this little tool is nifty. Sure, you can't see the eye of the needle when using the threader, as it threads from front to back. But it doesn't worry me because it's easy to use and always works for me. In general the machine is super-easy and quick to thread.

- Drop-in bobbin, see-through plate. Really useful to be able to see how much thread still left on the bobbin before it runs out.

- Auto-stop bobbin winding - it winds a beautiful even bobbin AND knows when to stop when it's full!

- Adjustable pressure on presser foot - I wasn't sure how important this was, and it wasn't a big priority in my search for a new machine even though people swaer by it. As soon as I started my corduroy project, I realised that it's a god-send. With the pressure on normal, the thick cord wouldn't budge. I had to turn the pressure down to the lightest, and then it sewed like a dream.

- Tension - no worries at all! It went from my test samples of normal cotton directly to cord without any adjustment.

- Storage compartments - so nifty, and great for having a place to store all the bits and bobs without losing them or making a mess.


- Hard case - it doesn't actually attach to the machine in any way. Maybe this is standard for modern hard cases, but it only just sits over the top and has a hole for reaching the machine's handle. No latch or anything, like my old Singer. I gues they don't make them any more.

- Storage compartment - there is a storage compartment in the bottom front of the machine, which is in the part which detaches to make the free arm. It's handy to get to as you can tilt it towards you to open it easily, but it can rattle and make noises while you sew due to the vibration of the machine. At first I was worried about the performance of the machine, but then I realised it was just this plastic cover. Phew.

- Lighting - not especially great. It's just a plain old light bulb.

Other Points:

- The "light" which indicates the stitch pattern you've selected is not really a light at all. It's a painted red plate or something which slides left and right under the stitches as you turn the stitch-selection dial. This actually makes me happy, as it still seems 100% mechanical, and I don't have any problems seeing it.

- Stitch selection dial is sturdy and heavy, but the stitch width and and length sliders feel flimsier. I wish it was all dials.

- I was debating between this machine and some other Janome machines in the same price range which were computerised and seemed to have more features, such as many more stitches, automatic memory of needle up/down, multiple buttonhole styles, start/stop button, speed control.

I guess in the end I just really wanted to stay with a mechanical machine that works similar to how I'm used to. I wasn't planning to ever give up controlling the speed with a foot pedal or sew with a start/stop button. I don't plan to embroider or use a lot of fancy stitches, as I sew mostly garments and find most of the decorative stitches to be tacky and grandma-ish.

The buttonholer on this machine is automatic one-step, and not four-step, and so I think that's good enough for me. Needle up/down was the one feature I might have wanted on a computerised machine, but ultimately decided to go with the clean mechanical machine instead because I know the features and design will never age.

I look forwards to a lot of happy sewing on this machine, and hope you will too!"

- Fran, a Happy Customer

We have been fortunate enough to source a few of these excellent machines for Our Customers....

BUT.... Make Sure You Act Quickly. We Have Only A Few In Stock.
Be Sure Get Yours Now While Stocks Last!

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

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Your Machine is Well Protected for Safe Travel.....

So when you open the box, your will find the new Janome My Excel 18W nice and snug inside its own foam cut-out.

I always make sure that my customers keep these foam cut-outs along with the box it came in - just in case you need to move house or put your machine into storage.

Also, in the highly unlikely event where you may need to send the machine back to us for a any reason, the machine will need to reach us in all of its original package, because we cannot be responsible for any damage incurred in transit.

The best way to ensure safe travel for your machine is to simply KEEP every bit of the packaging and put them back inside the box, then just store the box out of the way. Easy!

What's the Difference between "Top Loading" and "Front Loading" machines?

Whether a sewing machine is referred to as "top-loading" or "front-loading" it is the bobbin position that tells them apart.

A "Top Loading" machine has a "drop-in" bobbin, where the bobbin goes in from the top, directly underneath your needle and presser foot. The lid is usually clear so you can see the bobbin.

This type of mechanism is called "Horizontal Full Rotary Hook", where the bobbin is driven by the machine to go round and round in full circle movements. Horizontal refers to the bobbin position - it sits horizontally in your machine and faces up.

A "Front Loading" machine has a different spot for your bobbin. It is hidden behind the storage box, inside a trap door. You cannot see the bobbin at all until you open the trap door - and then you will see a metal bobbin case, which is removable. You filled bobbin goes inside this metal case.

This type of mechanism is called "Vertical Oscillating Hook", where the bobbin goes side to side instead of completing a circle. The bobbin stays vertical inside the bobbin case.

What does "Low Shank" and "High Shank" mean?

It means "shank height" or "shank size".

Most domestic machines have LOW shanks. Just to give you an idea, we sell about 10 low shank presser feet to ONE high shank foot.

That means if you don't know what sort of shank your machine has, it's probably a low shank. Because High Shank machines are generally "fancy" embroidery models which are more costly, and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is.

Which one is My Excel 18W?

My Excel 18W is a "Top-Loading" machine, and uses "Horizontal Full Rotary Hook" mechanism. It has LOW shank.

Can I buy other presser feet?

Sure! Please see individual listing in our store for details.

This machine only comes with five, so chances are you might want to get a few specialty feet such as walking foot or darning foot for quilting.

Janome Australia did not include all of the specialty feet in the package (because there are simply too many options) instead, you have a BONUS extra you also receive The Ultimate Presser Feet Set. This is a special package from us (and NOT Janome branded).

That means while Janome Australia did not include many specialty foot in the box, you're pretty well covered, because of the bonus feet set package!

Can I do free-arm sewing for sleeves and armholes?

Yes. All you have to do is removing the extension flat-bed really carefully. See below.

Where Do I Go For Regular Service Or To Purchase Parts and Accessories?

Janome Japan has been manufacturing some of the BEST machines since 1921. Because of their popularity and reliability any issues with service or parts are easy and cheap to solve.

We also supply other feet and attachments to suit - please check their individual listings in our store for details.

All spare parts and additional accessories are available from any mechanic who looks after Janome.

Just let them know it is a "Top Loading" Janome Machine with "Low Shank". They will also be able to service your machine regularly, so you can easily keep your machine working at optimal condition.
From my experience, my Janome has been like a Toyota car - always reliable, simple to operate, easy to buy parts and cheap to service. What else could you ask for in a sewing machine?

Wondering about Warranty? 

In the unlikely event something does go wrong, we've got you covered.

Keep read on below for more details...

Why should I shop with you over a dealer with a brick-and-mortar shop?

Yes, it is true that we ARE an online store. We do not have a physical shop front.

That means we take online shopping seriously - because this is ALL we do. This is our life's work and we are 100% commited to look after YOU.

Not having a physical shop front means YOU have our undivided attention.

When you shop with us, there will be no distractions, no other customers to fight over, no waiting in line just to ask a question. It's just you, the products you want, and really detailed description plus heaps of photos (that we take ourselves) to make sure that you know exactly what you are ordering. That's our way of making shopping (and sewing) easier for you!

Instead of worrying about rents, keeping up appearances, and going into price-war with other dealers, our sole focus in on how we can make your shopping experience with us as enjoyable as possible. Because life to too short for poor services and you deserve the BEST - afterall, shopping and sewing should be fun. Right?

I would like to buy more than one. Can you do a better deal?

Absolutely. Group purchases and wholesale enquiries welcome. 

Our clients include small business owners in dressmaking / tailoring or alteration, group and schools, as well as craft enthusiast / artisans who sell their creations for additional income.

Email us if you want to purchase more than one, or simply make us an offer..... you might be pleasantly surprised!

Is there a phone number so I could speak to someone?

Sure. We will provide you with a direct contact number as soon as you send us an email.

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

Click Here to Learn More About Us...

Shelley and the Sew Much Easier team are always happy to answer any question, technical information, pricing or anything else you wish to know!

Super Bonuses

As a Savvy Shopper.....
.... You can spot a good deal when you see one

The support and bonuses I'm providing you as my customer are totally unique & CANNOT be found anywhere else.

Check our feedback levels to know you're dealing with the original and the best.

With us you'll get a fantastic machine, real advice & great value for money. Guaranteed!

Super Bonus Number 1Be Kept in the Loop for Any Specials and Limited Offers

From time to time we come across great products and share specials deals exclusively with our valued customers. By purchasing from us you are automatically a valued part of our community. Enjoy!

Super Bonus Number 2Valued at $275, Yours FREE!

5 Personal emails to me (Shelley) - Gain expert advice from your online fashion design, quilting and sewing craft expert. Ask me your most burning questions for anything to do with how to use your new machine, sewing, patchwork and colour selection. What better opportunity than being able to communicate one on one with someone qualified to give you the right advice? This alone makes this an outstanding offer unique anywhere!

Super Bonus Number 3 - Geniune Full 2-Year Warranty, Priceless For Your Peace Of Mind FREE!

I know a new sewing machine is a major purchase and it's important for you to be covered in the unlikely event that there are any faults with your machine.

Super Bonus Number 4A Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, Eliminates Any Risk To You!

If there's any reason you're not thrilled with your new Janome when it arrives then simply let me know and I'll make arrangements for it to be returned and organise a prompt refund. Read on below for more details about this fantastic guarantee. 

Keep reading below to find out more about the warranty I am providing you as my customer.......

!!! WARNING !!! 
Be Cautious Of Others Who Copy My Listings Or
Claim To Offer The Same Guarantee Or Warranty...

Simply ask yourself:
  • Are they a sewing specialist with genuine expertise in what they are selling?
  • Do they have a consistent track record of happy customers who have bought the same machine?
  • Will they still be around to honour their promises and provide support if you need it?

I wouldn't want your shopping experience to be a disappointment.

Wouldn't you rather shop with someone who also has a passion for sewing andhappy to provide on-going support and follow up service you might need?

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

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Your No-Nonsense
~ 60 Day ~
100% Money Back Guarantee...

This machine comes with our No-Nonsense, 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

In the unlikely event when the machine doesn't meet your expectation, be sure to contact us within sixty (60) days.

We want you to have plenty of time to feel absolutely certainthat you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the machine in original condition and packaging.

We will send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

 That means No Risk to You whatsoever!


You get a Two Year Warranty with us!

That's Right.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Because you are dealing with a Trusted Seller who is not only a Passionate Fellow Sewist, but also Fully Supported by Sewing Industry Stalwarts with 48 years of experience combined.

We give you a Two-Year, Back-to-Base Warranty, no less than any brick-and-mortar shop.

Many of our customers keep coming back because they know that we take care of our customers in time of need.

Because to us, you're not just a transaction.

You Are Part of the Sew Much Easier Family and we mean it.

That means we are providing You with our own Full 2 Year Back to Base Warranty covering all Manufacturing Faults, so you have nothing to worry about when you shop with us!

Here is the deal:

You get a Two-Year, Back-To-Base Warranty with us!

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Not 12 months. You get a FULL 2 Years, 24 months in total - from the date of purchase.

We believe in the product so much, we are Giving You More than just the bare minimum!

Why? Because your peace of mind is important to us.

When You purchase from us, You are automatically under OUR warranty.

No need to send warranty cards back to us - We will simply keep your details on file and contact you from time to time just to make sure you're happy. 

The warranty is a return to base warranty, so in the unlikely event your machine needs repair from manufacturing faults, simply return it to us with shipping charges prepaid from your end.

You may want to hold on to the original box with ALL internal packaging, so that your machine is well-protected if and when you ever need to send it anywhere.

We cannot accept COD or unpaid deliveries. 

We take care of the repair AND courier it back to you for FREE.

If your machine is unrepairable then we reserve the right to either replace your machine or give you a full refund of your purchase price excluding delivery costs. Please see our terms for full details.

We count on you to help us look after you.

As with all warranties, a few reasonable conditions do apply.

Please read on: 
Damage caused by neglect or misuse of the product is not covered. This includes using the item outside it's recommended limits, or not adhering to the recommended usage guidelines contained within the product user guidelines contained withing the product user guide.  

Wear-and-Tear or Expendable parts are not covered. Including but not limited to things like needles, belts, springs, light bulbs, bobbins, bobbin cases, thread cutters and needle plates that will need replacement from time to time.

Approval to return your machine to us under warranty must be granted before you send it because we need to know what the issue is in order to work out the best solution for you.

Refer to our full terms and conditions for more details on this warranty.

When you buy from us you are accepting these terms and conditions.

At any stage if you have a question, all you need to do is contact us via email and we will respond to you promptly and courteously.

We are here for you......

...... and always do our best to resolve any concerns with a positive outcome.

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Check Out What Other Happy Janome My Excel 18W Owners Say About Their Machine...

"I've had this Janome for a while now. I had previously only used Singer machines, but was disappointed with the quality in their recent models.

I had heard great things about Janome machines, so decided on this one mainly because it was the best mechanical machine I could find.

After using it consistently, I'm confident to say this is a great machine. I have NEVER had a problem with tension, which was the biggest problem with my previous Singers. The stitches are beautiful. It's very quiet and smooth. It's worked great on all types of fabric.

The top case compartment is so convenient to keep my feet and machine settings easily accessible, and I love the cheat-sheet diagram in the compartment - it saves me having to remember the length/width or which foot to use. It beats having to dig out my manual every time I change the settings.

All in all, I am very happy with the machine. This was a wonderful investment!! Be sure you clean out the lint regularly to keep your machine is top condition."

- Kath, a Happy Customer


"Well, you know how they say 'happy wife, happy life'. My wife was certainly happy with her new Janome.

She had been using a VERY old Singer. I hadn't heard of Janome machines before and was inclined to purchase a new Singer for her but after doing some research, decided to purchase this machine instead.

Boy am I glad I did - she was thrilled when she opened it and saw the brand and really thrilled after using it.

I do not sew and do not pretend to understand all of the features or capabilities this machine has but suffice it to say my wife does (she has sewn for many many years and sews quite well) and some of her comments were "smooth", "very easy to operate" and "this thing goes thru many layers of fabric with no problem". So in the end, I made a very good choice."

- Christopher, a Happy Customer


"This is a little work horse! It's fantastic!

I am using this machine everyday for more than 5 hours each time, very good! I sew many layers of fabric, with webbing as well.

I find the pressure adjustment really useful, even if I need to help it along by moving the wheel sometimes. I can't imagine some fancy lightweight machine would cope any better anyway.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Janome My Excel 18W to anyone who wants a portable, durable, heavy duty mechanical sewing machine -it is worth every penny."

- Silvana, a Happy Customer

"I recently started repairing uniforms for my husbands company, they are made of a heavy weight twill fire resistant material. I went through THREE Singer machines before throwing my hands up and researching other machines. I found this one on accident, thinking that the name Janome would come with a heavy duty price as well. I was excited that it was within my price range!!

I am THRILLED with this machine, it sews through layer upon layer of fabric like it is butter, its quiet, smooth, quilts like a dream (I am a quilter by nature), easy to load, and after a few tries the auto threader works well, just took some effort on my part to figure it out!

I love the mechanical machine that does just my basics without a lot of fuss. I highly recomend this machine!"

- Margaret, a Happy Customer

"I've only had my Janome My Excel for a few days, and I love the way it sews so far. It feels a bit stiff compared to my computerised Singer machine, but it is certainly quieter, more sturdy, and runs super smooth.

I did quite a bit of research before deciding on this model and have never used Janome before. My last computerised Singer machine is only about 2 years old and already starting to give me problems and will not last for the amount of sewing I want to do. The quality for Singer has unfortunately really deteriorated over the years, which is why I started looking at other brands.

This Janome My Excel 18W machine is easier to thread than any of my other sewing machines, and it came with a nice hard case. I love the storage area in the top of the machine, along with a quick lookup of various stitches and items to use for various sewing needs. There is a nice extra (removable) storage compartment located just near the bobbin case as well.

So far, this is a great machine and appears to be the work horse I need for the heavier duty sewing I plan to do."

- Di, a Happy Customer

"I was so excited to get this machine! I have already started to use it.

I was looking for a heavy duty machine that would be able to handle sewing bags and quilting as well as regular clothing sewing. This machine does all that.

I love the top that hides the thread and bobbin winder. It was so easy to use I started sewing as soon as I got it out of the box!

All in all I am thrilled with this machine."

- Alison, a Happy Customer

This machine is ideal for:
  • beginners who want to learn how to sew,
  • aspiring young designers and stylists,
  • parents who want to make a few things for their kids,
  • experienced sewing experts upgrading to a new machine,
  • teaching facilities,
  • dressmaking / tailoring professionals,
  • quilters / patchworkers needing to finish raw edges for pre-washing,
  • textiles artists,
  • and other creative individuals.....

If any of these sounds like you....

..... then the team here at SewMuchEasier are ready and waiting to get your Janome S521 sewing machine on its way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!

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The benefits under this Guarantee are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the product you have purchased.

We want you to have a plenty of time to feel absolutely certain that you have what you've paid for!

If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

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So you can be sure you'll be happy with your purchases!

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