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Sew Easy 100% Cotton Batting (254cm Width) - Whole Roll 15m

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Finally, a perfect batting for our Ever-Changing climate...
Cosy in winter
& cool in summer
So your handmade quilt gets loved all year round

Note: Teddy Bear is NOT included. We sell batting only.

~ Order by the WHOLE Roll .... and Save ~

This 100% Cotton Batting is $ 30 /m
..... the width is 254cm (100 inchs)
..... this is a 15 metre roll, so....
..... it'd normally cost you $450. Unless...
..... you order it by the roll, and SAVE $$$

*NOTE: Please Allow upto 10 working days to receive your roll of batting- because we need to order it in just for you.

Imagine if you made the softest quilt for your loved one from scratch....

Knowing that your family and loved ones stay Cool in summer AND Cosy in winter - so they can enjoying YOUR quilt all year round!

"Sew Easy Cozy Cotton is very easy to work with, especially for beginners. It was recommended to me in class and I love how it has helped me advance along nicely.

It's a great batting for summer time because its light weight & not too thick. However, in colder climate areas you might like to layer your quilt with a doona as well to keep you warm in winter.

I can't remember how many quilts I've made to date, I've lost count, but they all have turn out really looking good with this batting. "

- Dot, a Happy Customer

By Now, You've made a few quilts. And you realise......

Quality Quilt Batting doesn't come cheap.
Buying by the Meter Adds Up. FAST.

But you still have So. Many. Quilts to make...

I know. I feel the same.

Having worked for a decade or so behind the scene in the clothing industry, I was formally trained as a Fashion Designer - and later spent 10 years teaching others the joy of sewing & patchwork quilting. I'm constantly inspired by new fabric - that means I have more than one project on the go, ALL the time.

So I know that buying batting by the meter end up costing a fortune.

There has to be a better way... right?

Want to Know Who We Are
Before Buying?

Click Here to Learn More About Us...

There is no doubt you should Never Skim on Quality, because YOUR handmade quilts have taken you hours, day, months - even YEARS - to complete. That's Why...

Compromising Quality for the sake of Saving... Just Doesn't Make Sense.

What's the solution, then?

The Seasoned Quilter's Secret of SAVING is simple - Buy Batting by the Whole Roll.

that's why they go with 100% Cotton (220 gsm) by Sew Easy.

You are looking at a Whole Roll of Batting in
100% Cotton

Approximate Measurement: 
15 mts x 254cm or 49' feet x 100" inches


How thick is this cotton batting? 

Roughly 2-3 mm... by my ruler :-)

The thickness of the cotton batting is comparable to the pure bamboo batting (have a look at the close-up photo below) - it is NOT as thick and fluffy as the artificial polyester batting - that means it is easier to quilt!

Made from top quality, long staple cotton fibre - this Cosy Cotton is cool in summer and warm in winter - versatile throughout the year and perfect for Australia'svast climate range.

What's so good about using 100% cotton batting?

Sew Easy Cotton Batting (sometimes known as Wadding) was created based on demand from Australia's quilters.

  • Traditional choice for quilting - in the same fibre as your cotton fabric
  • Made from the highest quality long staple fibres - for your peace of mind
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter - comfortable for everyday use
  • Best Quality, No bearding - so your quilt stays top conditions for years to come
  • Natural Shrinkage to accentuate stitch definition - shows off your quilting!

It has a warm and soft feel, with a similar loft to 100% bamboo yet slightly warmer, and breathability of wool. If you love the softness of bamboo, you'd love this cotton batting - because it gives you the best of both worlds!

Does cotton batting shrink?

Yes. About 4% to 8%.

And that's a good thing - because the shrinkage gives your finished quilts that beautiful vintage look and feel that says "I'm well-loved".

In general - when it comes to shrinkage, ALL needle-punched waddings / battings (which covers just about every brand you can buy) have it, no matter what type of natural fibre (i.e. cotton, bamboo, wool, or any mixture from these).

How is this cotton batting made?

The proper term is "needle-punched".

It means loose cotton fibres have been put through a machine that has millions of needles (but no thread), and the loose fibres are being "punched" into whole pieces before being rolled into huge rolls.

Think of it like how they make felt - there is no weaving involved and that's why the fibres can still move (and go to pieces in the wash).....

This movement is what causes the shrinkage.... and just like pure cotton battings, most quilters are very happy with the effect this shrinkage produces - not only does it softens the quilts, but it "ages" the quilt instantly and gives them a lovely vintage look and feel that says "I'm well-loved".

This batting contains scrim. What is "scrim"?

Scrim is a thin, non-woven base layer that provides structure for loose fibre to cling on to, when the batting in being made - minimal but essential. ALL needle-punched waddings / battings contains scrim, though in varying weight and drape.

Unlike some other battings in the market - which can feel like there's some interfacing embedded within the batting - Sew Easy batting uses a super-fine scrim that is barely detactable, and you can enjoy the natural drape and softness from the natural fibre - which also means it's easy to quilt!

Can I pre-wash the cotton batting?

Generally - NO.

It's best to only wash your quilt when it is ALL finished, so the fibres in the batting are encased inside your fabric and not exposed - to avoid damaging the batting.

If you really must pre-wash to avoid shrinkage, here's how:

  1. Use cool water and mild detergent, soak for 15 mins
  2. Squeeze out excess moisture by rolling in a dry towel
  3. Then air-dry by lying flat. Expect about 4% to 8% shrinkage

Without pre-washing and pre-shrinking, you will achive a vintage, softly wrinkled look and feel in your finished quilt. This is a desired effect that makes cotton batting popular among quilters!

"This 100% cotton batting is
easy to work with, and my go to batting for quilts. I don't pre-wash because I like the vintage effect after I've quilted it.

I'm glad I found this by the roll because it works out cheaper than even the sale price at Spotlight, where I normally buy my batting by the metre."

- Michelle, a Happy Customer

I know that you're a savvy quilter
who cares about more than just sewing.

Sew Easy 100% Cotton batting satisfies both of what you have in mind: it is environmentally friendly in its production, and it is probably the softest cotton batting / wadding I have come across.

Although cotton has had a poor reputation in the past for its effect on the environment, all cotton fibre used in the manufacture of Sew Easy batting is sourced from reputable source in USA.

These farms have developed new low-water usage techniques and are actively improving the standards set by organic farmers in the use of insecticides so that we can all enjoy a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

It feels so soft and so warm.... without the price tag of silk batting or fancy imported brands!

Now, Let's have a closer look that the fibres.....


The benefits of cotton are numerous....

Cotton is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, which means it is a great choice of material for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation.

As a fibre, cotton allow for better air circulation, which helps remove and absorb body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body cool and dry. Also, because cotton breathes better than most other fibres, it's the right choice to keep you cool in hot, humid weather.

For people concerned with environmental issues, cotton is biodegradable and a renewable resource.

There are several reasons why cotton is popular. First of all, yields are high - you get a lot of fabrics per acre. Secondly, it can grow across much of the world - all that is required is a frost-free growing season, plenty of sun, and around 20-50 inches of rain.

There are huge areas across the globe that are warm enough and sunny enough, and water is usually provided at least in part by irrigation, that's why the world uses cotton more than any other natural fibre.

It's also worth remembering that cotton plant is versatile. During processing, less than 10% of it is lost or deemed non-usable. While it is primarily grown and used to make textiles, other parts of the cotton plant are put to good use so there is very little wastage!

Sew Easy 100% Cosy Cotton batting is your choice because:

Everyone knows that Sew Easy is a trusted name in the quilt world, because they only use quality materials to produce the best value quilt batting with is:

  • It is ever so soft.... make a super soft security blanket for your little one this weekend!
  • Low loft with a beautiful drape like silk, even a beginner can create a masterpiece easily.
  • Luxurious without the price tag - your saving goes toward more fabric (YAY)!
  • Needle punched to limit distortion so your quilt will always hang straight and drape nicely - like a show piece!
  • Ideal for machine quilting because it is so soft and light weight - get your quilt done before you know it...
  • Non allergenic - perfect for those with allergies and other special needs.
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-fugal  -  so your quilt stays fresh all the time even in humid conditions.
  • Machine Washable when quilted - caring for your handmade treasure has never been easier!
  • Fine scrim to lock in fibres and prevent fibre movements - you can concentrate on simply quilting your best!  
  • No bearding or shedding like some other battings - so your quilt stays neat and free from loose fibres.
  • No resins, spray, glues or bonding - nothing but the pure natural fibre and the fine scrim that binds it.
  • No chemicals or bleaching - you wouldn't like your kids to wear these, so why would you want them to sleep under it?
  • Quilt up to 8" (or 20cm) apart to accommodate even the simplest quilting - you can get lots of quilts done by Christmas... surprise your friends and family with stunning AND practical quilts!
  • Made especially for Quilters under stringent standards - you know that you're getting the real deal.

"I've made a few quilts with Sew Easy Cotton batting and it's performed beautifully.

Warm and breathable, light yet substantial, it's just what I wanted. Not to mention it's really affordable by the roll.

Would absolutely buy it again and recommend it to anyone. Have machine washed all of my quilts several times, very happy so far."

- Cath, a Happy Customer

Why buy cotton?

Because you want to be responsible for the carbon footprint of your hobby.

Cotton is a renewable resources - the harvesting of cotton do no harm to the cotton plants. And they can regrow for more harvests.

Being natural fibres, cotton are biodegradable.

That means when they have eventually served their use in your quilt (which will take many years, even generations), they will break down naturally - instead of clogging up landfill like man-made or petrolieum-based materials such as polyester.

Cotton is a versatile materials. Turning them into fibres and textile products produce very little waste, and a lot of by-products are created during the process so they are ecomonical too!

And by getting the roll - you've just SAVED a lot of excess packaging, as well as money for more fabric. Yay! !

Note: Teddy Bear is NOT included. We sell batting only.

Did You Know...?

Cotton has a soft texture made from natural fibers that also has great stability that's easily quilted.

This is by far the most popular batting for quilters because it is soft, low loft, beathable, washable, easy to work with and shows off your fine quilting stitches.

  • Needle punched for superior fibre bonding and stability
  • No chemicals or bleaching used in manufacturing
  • Luxurious drape when quilted
  • Cool in Summer - Warm in Winter

If you have been looking for a comfortable bedding material for the elusive good night's sleep, give this a try and feel totally refreshed in the morning....


Care Instructions

To pre-wash to avoid shrinkage, here's how:
  1. Use cool water and mild detergent, soak for 15 mins
  2. Squeeze out excess moisture by rolling in a dry towel
  3. Then air-dry by lying flat. Expect about 4% to 8% shrinkage
Without pre-washing and pre-shrinking, you will achive a vintage, softly wrinkled look and feel in your finished quilt. This is a desired effect that makes cotton batting popular among quilters!

Post Quilting:
  1. Machine wash with mild detergent or specialty quilt wash on a gentle cycle in cold to cool temperature.
    Caution: Do Not Use any eucalyptus based washing products (such as wool wash) because these may cause seed colour to bleed into lighter fabrics.
  2. It is recommended only to rinse (do not vigorously agitate) and squeeze water out by hand, then rolling in a dry towel or machine spin to remove excessive water.
  3. Allow to dry flat in the shade.
  4. For a vintage look to your quilt, tumble dry on a warm cycle to cause batting to shrink.

"I only use Sew Easy cotton batting in my quilts. It is a very high quality batting at a great price, especially by the roll.

This batting works especially well for Quilt As You Go (QAYG) quilting. The fabric sticks very well to the batting without pins or basting spray.

I recommend Warm Company Batting to all of my quilting friends."

- Anne, a Happy Customer

Try this luxurious batting and you can.....

..... feel the exceptional breathability of your quilt 
..... that keeps you toasty in colder climates
..... and comfortably
cool in warm climates.

Wanna Do Even More For Our Environment and
also Save Money at the Same Time??

We know you do.
This is why it makes sense to reduce excess packaging by ordering whole rolls in recycled cardboard boxes instead. See picture above.

You will receive your 100% Cotton Batting neatly rolled up inside the box ready to go. This is how we are also able to keep our prices low and pass on the savings to you...!!

"LOVE this product!!! I only buy good quality fabric so I want to be sure I'm using the same for my batting. It's breathable and soft.

This batting makes the quilt nice and warm during the winter and cool to use during the summer when you need something light to cover with. This has always been my go to batting from day one.

- Mary, a Happy Customer

Note: Quilt is NOT included. We sell batting only.

Grab yours now and you can experience:

  • Save bucket loads of Money - so you can go fabric shopping (YAY)!
  • A sense of achievement, because you've made something from start to finish.
  • No more piles of unfinished projects - instead, you will churn out lots of quilts and other goodies for your family to enjoy this winter!

Simply Scroll Up And Click The Button To Get Yours Now!

This Sew Easy Batting is ideal for:
  • Prolific Quilters who sees value in getting a whole roll
  • Caring individuals who want to minimise their carbon footprint
  • Sewing Guilds and Clubs,
  • Teaching facilities,
  • Lovers of handmade bags and soft furnishings
  • Textiles artists,
  • and other creative individuals.....

If any of these sounds like you we're ready to get your Sew Easy Batting on its way to you, delivered anywhere in Australia!

And what's more.... the money you invest in this amazing and essential material is nothing to what you could receive back...

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your unfinished projects completed and turn them into family favourites to be loved and admired by all!

BUT.... Make Sure You Act Quickly. We Have Only A Few In Stock.
Be Sure Get Yours Now While Stocks Last!

Note: Teddy Bear is NOT included. We sell batting only.

We know sewing. But you know best.

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If you're not 100% happy simply let us know and return the item in original condition and packaging.

We'll send you a full refund (excluding postage) promptly and courteously - No Questions Asked.

So you can be sure you'll be happy with your purchases!

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