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Afterpay vs. ZipPayWhat's the Difference?

Afterpay allows your total order amount to be split into 4 equal portions, and automatically charge fortnightly from your existing credit or debit card. It's by far the simplest partial payment method - just like lay-by but better - because you receive your goodies right away and the repayment is easy to manage!

zipPay is a fast and easy credit solution, with instant approval for $1000 shopping credit. Use it for any online purchase and you can decide how much and how often to pay back. It's by far the most flexible solution because you can shop and receive your goodies without a deposit.

Afterpay caters for order total (price + shipping) up to $1000. The first quarter payment is payable up front - at the time of your order. You won't incur any interest, and no additional fees if you pay on time.

zipPay gives you an instant shopping credit, and requires no deposit to complete your order within the $1000 limit.

With zipPay, for any order total greater then $1000, simply pay the difference up front - known as "co-payment - upon completing your order with zipPay. You can do this with your existing debit card (alternatively, ZipMoney could be an option).


Here's how - for orders within $1000:

Choose Afterpay or zipPay
as your payment method
when you order.

Checkout in seconds.
No long forms.
Instant approval online.

Enjoy your purchase
straight away.
Pay in easy installments.


Which one to use - Afterpay or zipPay?


Use Afterpay.

Because the process is simpler and you get to pay off faster.



You Have No Deposit. If you don't have enough funds available on your card to cover the first quarter instalment - then chose zipPay when you check out.



Your Order Total Exceeds $1000.If your order total (price + shipping) is over $1000, AND you have enough funds on your debit card to cover the difference up front, while using zipPay to cover $1000 (NOTE: for purchases over $1000 or more, ZipMoney could be an option).


Be Mindful.

For both After & zipPay, you need:

  1. To be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  2. To be 18 years or older

For Afterpay, all you need is a valid credit card or debit card, and some fund available to cover a quarter of your first purchase.

For zipPay, you need a valid debit card because they don't take credit cards. You also need to be employed, earning at least $300 per week.


Fees & Charges

Both Afterpay & zipPay charges 0% interest. And they both cost nothing to set up.

Afterpay charges a late fee if you miss a payment - and they do send reminder emails so that you can make sure there's enough available funds on your card ahead of time.

ZipPay charges a monthly fee for having any outstanding amount owing - no matter how small - after the first month.

So please remember to pay on time for Afterpay, or pay it off for zipPay - and you'll never be charge any fees!


What if my order is over $1000 and don't have enough to cover the difference?

We also have our good old-fashion lay-by.

It's Simple & Stress-free if you're not in a hurry - Because your order is sent when your payments are all up to date. Read more here.

If you need help, just send us a quick email - and we will give you more details. Easy!

Alternatively, ZipMoney could be an option - subject to approval from ZipMoney themselves.


Ready to Sew Now and Pay Later?

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For more information, please contact Afterpay & ZipPay / Zip Money directly.

Afterpay Customer Service: 1300 100 729
Zip Help Centre: 02 8294 2345 (Option 3)