Self-Healing Mat Extra Large + Olfa Blade

Self-Healing Mat Extra Large + Olfa Blade

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Rotary Cutting Safety 101:
Read this BEFORE you cut

To learn the secret of protecting
your wrist, your blades and your table

NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.
Y ou are looking at an Extra Large Size Mat.

~ Larger Than A1 in Paper Size ~

Actual Dimension of this Mat:
914 mm x 609 mm or 36" x 24" inches

Plus, a BONUS 45 mm OLFA Blade!

If you're looking at this Rotary Cutting Mat Set, chances are...
  • You're learning to make patchwork quilts, and you need them for class.
  • You're doing scrapbooking / papercraft, and need to protect your table.
  • You're fed up with sore wrists from repetitive scissors cutting - there's got to be an easier way!

You're Not Alone. There is NOTHING more frustrating than damaged table surfaces and wrist pain - from doing the craft you love!


"I don't quilt but I do papercraft, scrapbooking etc.

Using a proper self-healing cutting board sure beats having to cut on a stack of newspaper and throwing it out afterwards.

I used it in making many Christmas gifts this year and it did all that I hoped it would - my blades are lasting longer and the mat prevented cuts in my table. This mat has held up to all of the abuse I've put it through so far and I'm amazed.

I would buy this mat again and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for a great product!"

- Christine, a Happy Customer

Ask anybody who does patchwork / papercraft..... 

Rotary Cutting is The BEST invention since sliced bread!!

But most people are dangerously unaware: you NEED to know how to rotary cut safely.
Because the blades are made of surgical steel. They are Extremely SHARP.

That means you want to protect THREE things:

1. Your cutting surface (which is normally a table top)

2. Your blades (they can wear out quickly when they hit inappropriate surfaces. In the same way that fabric scissors get damaged when cutting paper).

3. Your hands (because the blade can slip and accidentally cut your fabric-holding hand, or strain your wrist when you repeatedly push down on hard surfaces).

Here's a little bit of insider information...

Having worked for a decade or so behind the scene in the clothing industry, I was formally trained as a Fashion Designer - and later spent 10 years teaching others the joy of patchwork. I like to share insider tricks, and I believe in doing things properly.

So you see, rotary cutting safety is one of the most important issues, and I have been known to make a song and dance out of it - for good reason too....

You wouldn't want to attend a fun-filled sewing classes and then to come home scarred for life, because someone (or goodness forbid - you) seriously hurt themselves in class. Would you?

And that's why I make sure everyone knows about this......

The Secret of keeping yourself safe when cutting is a Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat.

NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.


You are looking at an Extra Large Size Mat.

~ Larger Than A1 in Paper Size ~

Actual Measurements of this Mat: 
914 mm x 609 mm or 36" x 24" inches


Here's a brief introduction on all the different sizes:

Next - Grab yourself a set of  Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mats in  Extra Large...

So you don't need to worry about damaged tables and blades anymore!


"I bought this cutting board to use for quilting. I love it!

I even use the board and rotary cutter for cutting patterns for clothes because this one is BIG.

It's perfect for my needs and has no sign of wear even though I have used it quite a bit.

I store it flat under a pile of things under my bed and still I haven't scratched it or damaged it at all. Amazing!"

- Wendy, a Happy Customer

Let's See What We've Got Here:


This 36" x 24" Genuine Sew Easy (larger than A1)
Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat
is the most popular size available .
  • Measuring 914 mm x 609 mm (or 36" x 24"), this is a great size for your sewing room. It can protect your dining table, or kitchen bench top if you do not have a sewing room.
  • Self-healing professional quality - this rotary mat is especially designed so that your blade lasts longer.  
  • Made of exclusive 5 layer construction for extra strength - this mat is 3mm thick (that's TWICE as thick as Olfa), so you KNOW it is made to last! 
  • Contains Imperial and Metric measurements (inches on one side, cm on the other) with a matt, suede-like surface to reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Double sided for double the life-time - with grid lines in inches clearly marked on one side and centimeters on reverse side - it's like getting TWO mats with the price of ONE.
  • Protect your work surface, your blades AND your hands: there is enough "give" in the mat to minimise hand fatigue. Who says "no pain, no gain" anyway...?
  • Best Value for your money - Top Quality at affordable prices. Why pay more for a better-known brand-name?

"Sew Easy makes very good, long-lasting cutting mats.

This is the fourth I've purchased over the last 20 years . . . not because they wear out (the first one I bought is still just fine) but because I need a mat every place I could possibly want to cut . . . sewing room, of course, kitchen, bedroom, and this new one is for our holiday house.

You can take the girl away from the quilt room, but then the girl just has to take the quilt room with her!

I write quilting patterns and make all my own design samples, so the mat(s) are used often. No problems in the last 20 years . . . never had to retire any of my mats, but have used up a couple other brands."

- Rose, a Happy Customer

And Here's Your Bonus:


This 45mm Genuine Olfa RB45-1 (one spare blade)
Rotary Cutter Blade
is the most popular size and suits most brands of cutters.
  • The circular rotary blades are razor sharp - made from quality tungsten steel to last longer - save money to spend on more fabrics (YAY)!
  • Cuts up to 6 layers of fabric, Olfa blades are known for their unparalleled sharpness - this is why your patchwork pieces will turn out perfect, every time!
  • A spare blade on hand: for those who are serious about their quilt making sessions - hey, when you're on a roll, why let a blunt blade stop you ?!

Together with your own favourite Rotary Cutting Ruler & Rotary Cutter....

You can master the most efficient method in cutting fabric while staying safe

Just like cutting a pizza - quickly, easily and accurately EVERY TIME!



One More Thing: Size Does Matter.

There - I said it :-)

One of the questions we get ask most often is:
How big is this mat? How does it compare to A1?

Here's the Fact -
The Extra Large Cutting Mat is BIGGER than A1.

(other sizes are also larger than the closest "A" paper sizes)

See, when it comes to sizing, most people are familiar with the "A-Series" Paper Sizes, because our printers and photocopiers take A4 size paper. And this sizing is pretty much used everywhere in the world (apart from the US and Canada).

The mat sizing, however, goes slightly beyond that. Based on the understanding that standard sized paper would be cut on these mats, they have been made to "Architectural Sizes" ("Arch" for short) so that the "A-Series" papers are slightly smaller and can be cut on the mats easily.

Let's compare the Extra Large -

A1 Paper measures: 841 mm x 594 mm

Our Extra Large measures:
914 mm x 609 mm
(equivelant to "Arch D" size)

However -  

The maximum Grid marking (i.e. the yellow lines printed on the mat) is 35" x 23" on one side, and 88 cm x 58 cm (880 mm x 580 mm) on the other.


And in case You want a Different Size...

NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.

Care Instruction s:


With a bit of common sense and care, your cutting mat will last for years!
  • Avoid Extreme Temperature      
  • Do Not Leave in Car     
  • Do Not Bend or Roll     
  • Keep Away from Heat & Iron

"This mat is a great addition to my 'sewing area' in my home.

I can cut with my rotary cutter and know that I am not cutting anything but my fabric. Brilliant!

Every quilter should own this cutting mat. This self healing mat will be a part of my sewing essentials for years to come."

- Michelle, a Happy Customer

Warning: Don't Put Up with Your Tired Old Mat.....


If your mat looks like this, then you WILL compromise the end results of your current project.

Think about it - why pay good money for quality fabric and sharp new blades only to have them damaged by a worn-out mat? Is it really worth it?

Order Yours Now. You Deserve a new Cutting Mat!


NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.


"I bought the mat for use with sewing/quilting.

I am a beginner and wasn't sure at the start if I needed something like this (with a rotary cutter) before I knew how much use I would get out of it. I have to say, even if the first quilt is the only one I do, this was well worth it.

It makes all the measuring and cutting so much easier. My husband also uses it for building/mending his model planes and really likes it."

- Kristie, a Happy Customer


Self-Healing: Myth or Fact?

So, how "self-healing" is a Self-Healing cutting mat supposed to be?

First thing to be aware of is this: NOT all cutting mats are created equal.

In fact a lot of the cutting mats out there are NOT self-healing at all (so do look at the fine prints when you shop for a cutting mat. This is especially true for the "bargain priced" mats).

You may have already realised that's why prices seem to vary a lot - and in this case you don't always get what you pay for.....

See, it takes a fair bit of work to create a self-healing mat. You need multiple layers of materials of varying softness and desity, and the secret of success depends on getting the mix just right.

These mats we stock are thicker and heavier than some of the better-known brands, AND they are genuinely double-sided to give you TWICE the lifespan (that's like two mat for the price of one)!

Have a closer look at their construction:

So How Does a Cutting Mat Self-Heal?

Let's - I will do my best to explain this. Think of the soft PVC layer (just underneath the surface) as a really firm layer of jelly.

When you dip the tip of your butter knife into some jelly, as long as you do not cut through it, the marks made by your knife isn't really visible after a few seconds. Even though the cut IS there, the surrounding jelly move back in and close the gap or mark left by the knife. Well, the density of the PVC in the board sort of behaves like that too.

Now, this is true providing you DO NOT repeatedly cut into the same spot. Because the exact position of each individual cut isn't going to be identical every time, the effect of repeated cutting in the same spot would be similar to hacking a log with an axe - a little bit of PVC gets hacked away each time, and a gap will be left behind from the missing bits of PVC.

The idea of self-healing mat is based on the fact that when you cut, the chance of you cutting into exactly the same spot ALL the time is highly unlikely. That means the PVC material will have a chance to push back into each other and close the gap made by the knife. There, self-healing done!

NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.

And that brings me to the NEXT point...

Which Line to Follow? The Ruler or The Mat?

This is another question frequently asked by beginners.

My answer is ALWAYS the same:

Use the Lines on your Ruler, NEVER your Mat.

Why is that?

Because when you lay your fabric to cut, the fabric goes on top of the mat, and the ruler goes on top of the fabric. That means it is ALWAYS easier to see the lines and measurements on your RULER.

And, since your fabric covers the mat, not only is it harder to see the lines on your mat, it also takes much longer (not to mention fiddly) to try and line up your fabric with the lines on your mat!

Most importantly, by using the lines on your mat, you end up cutting repeatedly into the SAME places over and over, this prevents your mat from healing, and shorten the lifespan of your cutting mat dramatically - which means it WILL become costly, because you need to replace your mat frequently (excellent for the people selling mats, not so great for you).

So, it is BEST that you rotate and move as you take the next cut, to make sure that you utilise the whole surface evenly, rather than just cutting in certain areas.

You WILL get the most out of your mat this way.

NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.

Bonus Tip: How to Keep Your Mat in Top Condition

You know how some fabric leave a trial of fibre and fluff behind? They will do that on your cutting mats too.

This is especially true if your blade is getting blunt - it means instead of cutting every filament cleanly, some of the fibre and fluff can get pushed into the cut-marks of your cutting mat,

While this might look unsightly, the real issue is that the  fibre and fluff sit INSIDE the gaps and this will prevent your mat from healing!

While some people suggest using sand paper, I find that sandpaper takes a layer off your mat, so it is not a sustainable method (imagine wearing your mat down over time just by repeated sanding).
I came across a nifty solution which I will share with you here:


"To clean the fabric "whiskers" from my rotary cutting mat, I DRY-scrub it with a "greenie", which is really designed for scrubbing dishes. (It reminds me of A/C filter material.)

There is a TRICK to removing ALL of the fabric particles from the cuts in the mat. I just gently bend the cutting mat over the edge of the table or over a coffee can. This opens the cuts, and the greenie grabs the fuzzies out."

Courtesy of Kathryn Kistner in Texas
Originally published in TriftyFun



NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.

Rotary Cutting vs. Scissors Cutting


Did You Know?

Cutting with scissors often means holding your wrists in an awkward position....

.... especially with small movements and tedious repetitions ( like hand-cutting your pieces for patchwork).

This can cause injury to your wrist over time.


When you use the method above, you will get sore hands.
And when you go to sew the pieces, you will find:
  1. The pieces are not always identical in size, and may not fit together 100%
  2. By the time you've sewn quilt blocks using these pieces, your blocks end up different sizes
  3. Now, you go to assemble the blocks together, and find that you need to ease the bigger ones or stretch the smaller ones. Not fun....
  4. Worst of all: once all the blocks are sewn together, you realised that your quilt top is all wobbly and bubbly, and most of the seams are not straight any more....!


Because of the easing & stretching you've had to do, all cause by very small size variation in the pieces you've cut by hand.

You see, a fraction of extra pencil line here and there on EACH little piece eventually add up to quite a bit, which contribute to all your blocks being different sizes....

Which means you either need to ease & stretch to make the blocks fit together.....

This causes some excess fabrics or tight spots on your finished quilt top, and that's where your problem begins... just try quilting one of these tops!

So, What's a Quilter to Do?

Get some Rotary Cutting gear and Experience the Difference for yourself...!

What this method does is simply eliminating the need to mark and cut individual patches of fabric.
Note: this image shown for demostration purposes. Accessories not included in this listing.

By placing your fabric (pressed first for best results) on the cutting mat, and the ruler gets placed on the fabric where you would like to make the cut, then using the edge of the ruler as a guide, run the rotary cutter along it with firm, even pressure.

This method speeds up the cutting process considerably.

By allowing multiple layers of fabric to be cut at once (up to 6 layers, but I mostly do 4).... you can really save time! Once you've got the knack of squaring up, you can be certain that all your pieces will be identical.... that means your quilt will turn out looking professional, and you will really enjoy sewing the blocks together!

You will end up getting more quilts done, completely stress-free ..... everyone will ask you to make them a quilt... and guess what?! Now you CAN...!!


NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.



What else is it good for....?

  • Trimming photos for scrapbooking - getting your wedding album done has never been easier!
  • Speedy Christmas wrapping - simply cut what you need from a roll.... another fiddly chore made simple for you so you have more time to enjoy the holidays.
  • Great system for preparing artwork for picture framing. Perfect square corners every time!
  • The mat makes a useful permanent fixture on your desk. The "give" provides a perfect surface for drawing, writing and tracing. Save some hand strain, prevent scratched table top and get better results all in one go.

"I received this product about 6 months ago and absolutely LOVE it!

I made a king size rag quilt, using this mat to do all of my cutting, and there are no obvious cut marks on the mat! It still looks like new!

I also like having two sides to cut with! I rotate and flip my mat so that it wears evenly and I hope it lasts through many more projects!

The mat is very heavy duty, I have no doubt that I will enjoy using mine for years!"

- Margaret, a Happy Customer


"I use this mat a lot with my quilting, it is a great size, and so far has held up wonderfully!

I just ordered a 2nd mat, not because the 1st one is worn out, but because the price is too good to pass up.

I still have nothing but great things to say about this mat because I use it probably every couple of days, and when I use it, I USE it.

I also compared this mat with Fiskars and Olfa brand mats, and this mat is much thicker, more pliable, and has stayed beautifully flat.

So, summing up, I still highly recommend this mat. I also say it is a bargain if you compare the cost of an Olfa mat to it.

Highly recommend this mat!"

- Kath, a Happy Customer



"My old mat had way too many scratches and was no longer flat due to being rolled up and sitting on something that put a dent in one side.

Enter this monster mat. More than just a cutting board, it's a mouse pad, a desk pad, an anything pad.

The green colour is perfect against the medium oak desktop. It is so nice I keep it out all the time.

If you need a cutting mat that's large for modeling, sewing, or other craft work, this is the one. It cleans easily with soap & water, Windex, or other spays.

A perfect cutting pad with multiple uses. I recommend it."

- Ben, a Happy Customer


Not a Quilter?

See What Two Of Our (Very Innovative) Customers Get Up To With Their Rotary Cutting Mat:


"This mat is awesome!

I use it to measure all of my products before I send them. This gives me a fast and accurate way of doing this task.

Now I don't have to use a ruler for each item, I just lay them flat on this mat and follow the lines. I am very satisfied.

This mat is very sturdy and well made. I use it in my own warehouse setting yet I have not seen any type of wear so far. The key is to store it flat, and away from heaters.

I would highly recommend this to any one who needs t measure fast and accurate."

- Elizabeth, a Happy Customer



"I got tired of the cut marks on our table, so I bought this for my wife.
It has been working great for her.

The product quality is fantastic and it's nice to have it double-sided.

When she isn't using it I find myself wanting to use it as a giant mouse pad. I am a computer junkie and often set up computers on her sewing table, which is big enough that they tend to sit there for a few days.

I really like the resistance this cutting mate offers as a mouse pad. I am thinking of purchasing a smaller one for my desk area that my computer and peripherals can sit on. So i don't have to worry about a mouse pad, because this thing is very durable."

- Rob, a Happy Customer

NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.

The response for using self-healing cutting mat has been phenomenal.

Here is what other people are saying about it:


"We bought this mat to cut large pieces of fabric that were incredibly inconvenient to cut on our 12" x 16" cutting mat.

You absolutely can't beat the value for a mat this large, and it's been wonderful to make a single long cut, instead of many small cuts, where you have to readjust both the pattern and the fabric (which is usually bulky and slippery, in our case.)

Both sides of the mat can be used to cut on, and both have rulers and grid lines, which means we'll get twice as much use out of this mat as any of our previous mats. We've also had a few quote-unquote self-healing mats that ended up with pretty deep, carved cuts. The mats were still useable, but the fuzz from the thicker pile fabrics we use would stick to those cuts, which was a nuisance.

So far, with this mat, no cuts have been that deep (though time will tell.)

Bottom line: we should have bought this mat ages ago.

- Denise, a Happy Quilter

"The quality of this mat is top notch. I use it with my rotary cutter and have not had any marks on the mat yet.

The mat is fairly heavy so it doesn't move around on the table, which is a good thing. There are a lot of measurement marks for quilting and lining up straight cuts. I find it to be the perfect size, not too big and not too small. It takes up about half of my dining room table.

I found the price to be good, too, in comparison to buying a mat from a brick and mortar store. I would buy one of these again if I needed to, and I recommend it to others."

- Sue, a Happy Customer

Grab yours now and you can experience:
  • Precision cutting like a pro - Done Quickly & Easily.
  • Save Time and Get your project done - already!
  • Do it Right in the first place - so you can Avoid pains :-)
  • A sense of achievement , because you've solved your own problem.
  • No more frustration - just your finished project and satisfaction!
  • Be proud and tell everyone: "I made this!"

So the Only Question is:
Should you get just ONE for yourself,
or Grab a Second set for a friend?


Simply  Click The Add To Cart Button To Get Yours Now!


NOTE: Olfa Rotary Cutters NOT included. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY.

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Hi, I'm Shelley.

I confess that I'm a fabric addict. And I love nothing more than geeking out over the ins-and-outs of sewing machines - and all the bits that come with it. Presser feet are my specialty :-)

I've been sharing my passion of sewing all my life - with a career in fashion design and patchwork teaching - and now I serve fellow sewist everywhere by delivering sewing goodies to your door. And that's only the beginning.

Long after your first purchase - whether it's a sewing machine, dressmakers dummy, or some bobbins - we'll be there to celebrate your joy in the simple act of making something by hand.

Simply drop us a line and...

we'll be there whenever you need help. Any time.


P.S.  I know you're a savvy shooper. And you understand the value of Buy Well, Buy Once.

Because you want to be 100% confident in the quality of your purchase, so that you can be 100% confident in your sewing!

That's Why...

I'd like to make sure You are 100% Happy - so take your time, take a couple of months - get to know your sewing goodies from us.

And in case you change your mind - No Worries. Because shopping online should be stress-free!

Give it a Go Today. You'll be glad you did. So, Go Ahead!

P.P.S.  Join Thousands of Happy Sewists Australia-wide, and be part of our caring creative community. Contact me (Shelley) any time for technical advice or anything sewing related.

Stay in touch - I'm here for you :-)

Last but Not Least...
When you've made something with goodies from us...
Remember to send me a photo.

Because I'd LOVE to see Your Work!


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While Melbourne is our home, most of our goodies are kept in a commercial warehouse in Sydney. They aren't open to the public and there's NO shop front.

That means for most items...
We are Not Able to Offer Pick Up. 

Instead we provide fast & low cost delivery to your door :-)

The Only Exception is for Furniture - pick up can be arranged from the supplier directly.

Would you like more information on this item?

Can we clarify anything else for you at all?

Please feel free to Call 1300 88 11 59

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Your message will be responded to ASAP, usually within 24 hours and during business hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

In case the phone line is busy - please leave a clear message with your contact number (including area code) and we'll call you back. Cheers!

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Got a question? We're happy to help! Drop us a line below or call within Australia on 1300 88 11 59



Very Happy
By: on 18 January 2023

Hi Shelley Thanks for my order, very happy with the product, very well wrapped and protected. Will be happy to order from you again in the future, highly recommend you to my friends. Customer service was great also. Cheers Sue Wray

Very Happy
By: on 18 July 2022

Hi Shelley, The extra large mat is certainly getting a good work out! Very happy with product and your service Kind Regards Caryn

Great Piece of Sewing Equipment
By: on 27 January 2022

Having the large mat allows me to cut out all different size patterns large and small. And I can leave it permantly on my sewing table. Definately a must if you have the room for it.

Thank You
By: on 3 January 2022

Thank you for my order. I give five star. Will be ordering from you again. Many thanks

Cutting Mat
By: on 24 October 2021

Great Product. Packaging could have been better as it bowed in the middle due to it being a flat-packed box but the item, although it did fold slightly was put right by flattening on the table.

Great mat
By: on 14 July 2020

This mat is the best, awesome size fits my whole table. So easy to cut on with great cushioning.


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