Run Out of Chalk? Emergency Hem Marker Refill

Sewing Hack: Baby Powder as Chalk Refill

(this was new to me too and it really works)

Whenever you run out of chalk from the Hem Marker in the middle of a project (AND possibly in the middle of the night), what do you do?

Email me to order some refills of course. Or not.


That's right - good ol' baby powder.

Regardless how you feel about using it on babies, it's perfectly fine on garments. It shows up in most fabric and simply dusts off afterwards. Most importantly - it's cheaper than chalk refills!

You can use the powder in just about anything that takes chalk refill.....


What if you don't have any baby powder then?

Well - head to your pantry and grab some cornstarch or arrowroot powder. These are fine enough and often used as natural baby powder ingredients. But they tend to settle more than baby powder, and needs stirring / shaking when that happens :-)


And if you don't have a hem marker , a piece of string stretched over a door frame in the right height will work just as well.

Simply dust some powder onto the string and put on your garment with the right shoes. Making sure your hem brushes lightly against the powdered string and turn slowly. Assuming your string is perfectly parallel to the floor, your dust line will be too. This works well for skirts, dresses, and coats. Voila!

Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!