Finally….. Sew Much Easier has a REAL website!

It’s official. It works. And oh my - it’s pretty too :-)

After trading on eBay for the last couple of years (and having completed almost 5000 happy transactions on eBay alone), and chatting / meeting up with quite a few of you kindred hand-made souls, we’ve put together a little something for you to browse and enjoy!

Maybe it’s that dress you’ve been itching to make (and dying wear). Maybe it’s that special quilt design that’s been whispering in your ears at night. Or, there might just be a certain colour or print that jogs a fond memory somewhere deep inside – and you’ve just had to have that fabric. For a handbag. For a quilt. For you.

Whatever your reason, I know that when you have the urge to make something strikes, you will simply need to do something about it. In pretty much the same way that you swear you can hear chocolate calling your name. Sounds familiar?

That’s where my little store comes in – you’ll find pretty much all the useful bits and pieces that gets you well on your way to turn that idea in your head into something you’d be proud to cuddle, wear, and carry (though we don’t sell chocolates... Sorry).

I mean, can you think of anything more satisfying than telling everyone: “Oh, yes, I made this myself!”

So please take your time and have a play on our site – I hope you find it as easy to use as I do (trust me, I’m probably the most non-tech people you’ll ever meet).

And, please do let me know what you think of it. I’m pretty sure there will be plenty we can still do to make it better!

Over to you now – what do YOU think?

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