Gutermann Thread Album - Who Won?

 Anne Armstrong (from NSW)  Congratulations!!

Only the right Anne would know the missing letters in this email: c**mb**na@b**

If that's you, then Yay! You are the winner of a VERY Special Prize: Gutermann Sew-All Thread Set!




And now, who wants to know what YOU might win NEXT??


How about an iron so smart, that it KNOWS when to pop up?

You know how Murphy’s Law works – whenever you’re in the middle of something (like ironing), the phone rings, or someone’s at the door (or both)! 

How many times have you left the iron on, facing down (or just as bad: had a panic attack thinking you may have done that, and realised it was a false alarm)?!

How’s an iron that will eliminate that worry for you. FOREVER.


See how it’s done here:


Just imagine: no more lifting, tilting, and worrying – and you still get to enjoy perfectly ironed results – every time!!

Wouldn’t this iron be a great addition to your sewing room?

Simply enter now for YOUR chance to win...

Because, you never know, you might be the next winner!


P.S. These irons are out of stock Australia-wide (currently pre-order only). The only way to get one without waiting is to WIN it. Remember to enter BEFORE midnight 30th June...


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