Inspired by Frida


While I seem to dress in true Melbournian style of everything black - Spring always inspires me to get colourful.

There's no one more vivid & colourful than this lady...

"an unusual energy of expression, precise delineation of character, and true severity ...honesty, and an artistic personality of their own ... It was obvious that this girl was an authentic artist"  - Diego Rivera

Frida devoted her entire lifetime to make this world a better place despite her physical challenges.

She chose to create.

Frida quilt.

Because Frida insisted to celebrate life honestly - in the shadow of death...

The world turned out to be more colourful & vibrant.

That's why she had inspired countless others to do the same.

Let's meet Margaret...

With a passion for colour and design, quilt artist Margaret Linderman finds inspiration in the works Frida Kahlo.

From quilts, to wearable arts and collage works, it’s evident that this talented woman just oozes creativity. It’s who she is and what she does.




You can make this with your button collection...


There are also fabulous button collages.

Let Ashley from Lil' Blue Boo show us how it's done...


In case crochet is more your thing...

Check out this adorable PDF pattern from Susana...


Make your own Frida clothes dolls with scraps.

Keen to cut into some of your fabric stash?

I love these cloth dolls by Anabela Félix (she runs an Etsy store called Blita - though she's currently taking a break).

There's no patterns that I could find, though you can easily draw up your own, and even make a Frida version of a paper doll dress-up quilt for your little one.

Watch this video to get inspired...


This brilliant quilt is designed by two clever ladies at Paper Doll Blanket.

You can get the patterns here....



This could easily be a quilt...

Do you have a favourite artist?

Have you made anything inspired by their works?

Send me photos because I'd LOVE to see your work!

Happy Sewing!


P.S. While Halloween might be fun for kids, it's not quite the same with our warmer weather and daylight saving. Though I do love Day of the Dead for the explosion of colour and life-affirming joy - which is perfect for this time of the year, don't you think?

Instead of associating death with being sad and solemn, I love how people hold parades, parties, sing and dance to remember & celebrate family members that are no longer with us. That's how I'd like to be remembered :-)

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Hello Shelley,
I enjoy your stories and look forward to reading your emails. This is my contribution I made this last season as l fell in love with the fabric.


I LOVED the Frida inspired email. Thank you

Not sewing related, but .... Long ago, I fell in love with Vincent van Gough's 'Starry Night' painting.

It inspired me to have my hair coloured for the first time in my 65years.

Jo Carson


Hello Shelley and thank for your FRIDA posting.. .

I too am a Frida Fangirl. I did a Dia de los Muertos pumpkin and have Frida in my dining room too! She is quite and inspiration

all the best,