Janome Stirling Review - What Kind of Sewing Machines Are They?


“I’ve seen this ‘Stirling by Janome’ brand of sewing machine and overlocker around – but cannot find them on Janome Australia’s website. Are they Genuine? The prices seem too good to be true.”


We get this question a lot, especially around Mother’s Day. For good reasons. Let me explain.

“Stirling” is Aldi’s own brand for electronics, made by well-known manufacturers especially for Aldi. Some call them “re-badged” models. Janome makes their sewing machines and overlockers – that means these machines are genuine Janome, technically. You may have also seem the brand “Lumina” – that was also an Aldi brand, and they used to have sewing machines by Janome too.

janome-stirling-aldi-logo janome-lumina-logo

Let’s first talk about the machines themselves. What exactly are they?


If you take a closer look, you’d see that they are, in fact, almost identical to some of our most popular Janome models.


Stirling Sewing Machine is equivalent to  Janome JR1012 – our most popular basic machine.



Stirling Overlocker is equivalent to  Janome 8002DX – our most popular basic overlocker.



The differences are mainly cosmetic. The inclusions are fairly on par (except there is NO Bonus feet or DVD with Stirling Overlocker from Aldi). If you’re a beginner, you will definitely need the DVD – because overlockers can seem intimidating!




Still – their prices are pretty darn good. Too good to be true?

Well, I’m gonna be honest here. You know we sell machines – so here’s where I give out stern warnings about buying sewing machines from Aldi. Right?

But the truth is – I also shop at Aldi myself, and I love them for what they do. And I can’t match those prices because they are a multi-national giant – I’m just one happy little shop.


So here’s what I think….


If you’ve done your homework on sewing machines, know what you’re looking for / know your way around sewing machines, and happens to be handy to an Aldi store – sure, by all means save yourself some money. I would.


But….. if you’re undecided about which model to choose, what features / functions you actually need, whether this model is right for you, and what if you’re going to need a hand on sewing related questions down the track, then perhaps the lovely staff at Aldi may not have all the answers for you.


Beside, there’s the Warranty - they give you 1 year like most places. We cover you for twice as long on ALL Sewing Machines, and you can always pick my brain about sewing stuff – that’s what I’m here for :-)

And, we also do a 60 Days Money Back – in case you change your mind. Just make sure you pack everything back so that it can go straight back on the shelf, and send me a quick email :-)




If you’re new to sewing, and not sure what to look for in a machine, you can start by reading this:


How to Choose a Sewing Machine – a Beginner’s guide.


Now, if you’ve already bought a Stirling from Aldi, and looking for more presser feet – but not sure where to start, take a peek at this:


“Will This Foot Fit My Sewing Machine?”


Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!




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