Sharpening Rotary Blades & Scissors

Sewing Hack: Sharpening with Kitchen Foil

Yes. Really.


When your rotary cutter blade is blunt, there's no spare blades in the house, and you're in the middle of cutting up - probably in the middle of the night - What on Earth Do You Do?!

Panic Not. Instead, f ollow these steps:

1. Get your hands on some kitchen foil.

2. Fold it to create a few layers. Say 6 layers. Put it on your cutting mat, and...

3. Get cutting! You wanna go in the same direction, and do it until your foil piece is all cut up.

4. Repeat a couple of times - test cut as you go - until you are happy with the sharpness of your blade :-)

This works because the foil removes the little burrs on your blades and made them smooth again. This trick works well to improve dullness from general usage - except for the severely damaged blades that has obvious nicks. 

Now, this is just a quick-fix to get you going. Eventually you'd still need to replace the blade. But why not get every inch of life out of your blade?!

Save on blades and buy more fabric instead :-)

This works equally well with scissors - so now you don't need to kill the guilty household member who cut paper with your fabric scissors!

And would you believe, it works on pinking shears too. Marvellous.

Inspired? Now go raid your kitchen foil :-)

Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!


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