What Would Your Sewing Parrot Say?


If you had one next to you...?


Let's have a bit of fun today...

Pretend you have a sewing parrot. He quietly takes in the things and repeats what he hears most often, when we sew.

What would YOUR parrot say...??

As silly as it sounds - what we repeatedly mutter to ourselves can tell us a lot.

If you find yourself cursing..

"Damn bobbin! I've been sewing for 10 mins with no thread!" 

Then you know to pre-fill more bobbins before you start sewing. And here's a little-known trick to bobbin filling to avoid a sad bobbin.


If you go..

"Oh, bloody skipped stitches... again!" 

Consider changing the needle. Chances are, your needle is a bit blunt / bent. Or not right for the fabric.

Try a different type of needle , perhaps?


If you're wrestling with...

"$@%#$ tissue patterns - won't go back into the envelopes!"

Solution is surprisingly simple - simply trace your patterns  on proper pattern making paper for cutting out, and leave the tissue patterns whole :-)


What if... your frustration seems to be your sewing machine?

Surprisingly - the issue might not be the machine at all. Perhaps all you need is the right presser foot that's made to solve your specific headache, and avoid unpicking. 

Here's a handy guide that shows you what the feet do, and how they can help you:



Maybe there's no need to fork out for a new machine - when a presser foot or two will happily (and cheaply) do the job for you :-)

Now - What Does Your Sewing Parrot Say..??

Simply Email Me  and Share with Me :-)

Happy Sewing!


P.S. If you know deep down that your sewing mojo is seriously dampened - because your machine isn't keeping up with you any more....

And you're considering an upgrade - but not sure where to start....

Simply pick up the phone and let's have a chat. I'm happy to walk you through all the options, and help you decide on just the right machine for you. 


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Hi Shelly ,

I actually have a parrot beside me when I sew. He is an Australian pink/grey galah called BirdDog.

His usually comment is “whatcha doing “ then laughs .



My parrot would be saying "#@@### that's not what I asked you to do!"

- Alison


Love this question, Lol!

My sewing parrot would say, "Just a minute Sweet Sweets, Just have to finish this row, I will be with you in a minute!"

(I am talking to one of my cats).

- Sue Niven


"Damn! Have to unpick again!"

- Katie


My Lovely Parrot would be saying "Nan, Nan, Nan" as soon as I start to sew Arrrrr

- Bronwyn


If i had a dollar for every time the cotton slips back through the needle because I've been trying to save thread - I'd be rich.

- Jeanette


B##### h### nooooo, you have to be kidding

- Denise


Thank you Shelley for making me laugh :-)

A good thing to do on a cold wet day! I liked the bobbin diagrams too.

- Jan (no parrot yet!)


"Oh no buggar..... not again!!!!! "



My sewing parrot would say “sorry”.

If / when I make a silly booboo “sorry” to myself is my usual response!

- Lorraine


Simply ‘idiot’.

- Elizabeth


"Bugger! reverse sewing again."

- Christine


"Stop procrastinating....come on...do something."

- Margaret


My sewing parrot would say...

"OOHHoohh, now where did I lay the scissors / pin cushion / ruler?!?!"

- Janice M


"Don’t touch my scissors."

Happy days sewing!

- Kerrie C


I HATE hemming trousers........wish my husband was taller!!

- Lynn


"What’s that? Another UFO to add to the pile."

Would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

Best wishes Janelle


Hi shelley,

I do have a talking parrot, he's a blue fronted amazon, and he would no doubt tell me to shut the f@@@k up ..

- Nicola



if i had a parrot my words would not be repeatable lol

- Pat


My sewing parrot would say ‘Hasten slowly: speed is your enemy’.

But he’d say it as “%$#@@$%^&’



Dear Shelley,

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

In response to your question: What does your sewing parrot say?

It has changed over the years and has gone from saying "I can't ". . . to "I CAN"

2 simple words that have changed my life - enlightening inspiration, passion and determination.




I have an actual parrot and he says "bugga, bugga, BUGGA" every time the machine stops



Hi Shelley

My sewing parrot has sworn a lot in the past when the tension hasn't been right or stitches are skipped but now I'll be teaching it to say "Thanks for the tips Shelley"!

Kind regards
Sandra Ryan