Bushfire Sewing Updates


Sewing for bushbabies - here's an update... and more.


For those who tuned in last week, I passed on an urgent call for help from The Rescue Collective & Animal Rescue Craft Guild - who desperately needed everyone who sews to make things for the bushfire affected animals.

Our story went viral on Facebook - reaching 29,732 people (and still going)...

Things started to happen quickly...

High school kids got busy too...

Even SBS did a story...

Fellow crafters across Australia get together to take part in sewing bees...


Watch Video Now



Then it's the organiser's turn to get really busy...

Finally reaching the survivors...

But the bushfire roars on.

While the carers have plenty of mittens and small pouches now, there are things they STILL need urgently:

  • Hanging Pouches
  • Animal Beds
  • Bat wraps (Flat ones without pillow)


Can you help?

Keep reading for more details & patterns...


3D Hanging Pouches 


These fully lined bags are ideal for the young ones.

Hanging bags have the movements that mimics the feeling of being in mummy's pouch.

The design allows joeys the freedom to hop in and out of their bags whenever they wish. 



Ready to Get Sewing?

Here's the pattern to download:


Download 3D Hanging Pouch Pattern Now


Day Time / Night Time Hanging Bag

This style of pouch is more like a tote bag.

The patterns come in two sizes - large for the roos and small for wallabies.

Both day & night bags are similar in design.

The night version (not shown) has a higher front, to keep them snug with a goodnight's sleep :-)

While the daytime bags are cut lower in the front for the joeys to watch the world go by.

Originally designed by Long Grass - here are the links to download:


Here's a video tutorial, made by Jessica...

Let Jessica show you how to make a hanging pouch.


Watch Video Now





Bat Wraps - Flat Ones Only Please!

Bat wraps simulate mum's wings and are used by carers to wrap injured and orphaned bats so they feel safe.

Use 100% flannelette fabric – new or old fabric / sheets will do as long as they are clean, but please make sure the flannelette is 100% cotton.

This pattern included a small cushion though there are no buttons or Velcro as the wrap is simply rolled around the bat. The stuffing for the cushion can be new toy filling or filling from new and recycled (clean) pillows.

UPDATE: the rescuers are fine with the bat wraps with pillows. They need FLAT bat wraps without pillow now - just make without the stuffing!



Ready to make some bat wraps?

Download pattern here (but omit the pillow)...

Download Bat Wrap Pattern Now


This week has been... INCREDIBLE!

Incredibly overwhelming...
Incredibly rewarding...
Incredibly tiring...

But with every letter, note, drawing, little treat & well wish we find tucked into the donations, we are INCREDIBLY grateful & reminded how INCREDIBLY lucky we are to have you all here helping us get this done!

Here’s two of TRC Exec Team, Rachel Sharples & Melissa Heynatz finding some choccies and a thank you note

from The Rescue Collective


Finished? Here's Where to Send Them...

Send or drop off to these locations:


Ok, please get sewing, and help us get the words out :-)

To make it easier for you to share, here's a link to my updated FB post and my original blog post.

If you have any other questions...

The best place to ask is the Animal Rescue Craft Guild because they are in charge and constantly publish updates :-)

You can join the guild too while you're at it.


Happy Sewing!


P.S. Have time to sew but NO fabric?
Have fabric but No time?

Join this Facebook discussion (cheekily named "Speed Dating for Sewers") so you can make a new friend who has too much fabric :-)


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