Does Your Dress Form Have a Name?


I came across something that cracked me up this week....

I met Fancy Nancy.

"While I was attempting to dress "Fancy Nancy" for a photo shoot this afternoon, Miss 10 expressed confusion as to who I was talking about.

Upon clarifying that Fancy Nancy was my mannequin, she told me 'sewing has turned you weird' and 'Who on earth actually names their doll?'

So tell me - who has named their Mannequin, and what is his / her name??"

- Amanda



Even if they have names like Diana, Celine, and Lady Valet -
Have you got a special nickname for YOURS...?


Margaret had called hers "Phryne"...

As in, Miss Fisher :-)

I thought long and hard about committing to the Lady Valet - at first I thought: so expensive!

I read so many reviews about the limitations of such devices, and almost talked myself out. On a whim I decided to go for the best - and I have to say, it is probably the best decision I ever made.

Although 'Phryne' is not properly adjusted yet, she is already in use and is so sturdy and elegant she is a work of art in herself.
I am so impressed with your company. Thank you!
Kind regards,
Margaret Davies. from Blackwood, SA 5051


Lizel named hers "Lady Mary"....

Doesn't Mary look dapper in Royal Blue...??



While Virginia didn't rename her Lady Valet....

....she did have a tea party to discuss sewing plans :-)



So tell me...


What have you named YOUR sewing buddy?

Have you got a photo or two?


Simply Email Me & Share with everyone :-)

Happy Sewing!


P.S. If you're ready to enlist the help of a mannequin for that perfect fit, but can't decide which one to choose...

Here's a quick guide I've put together for you:

How to Choose a Dressmaker's Dummy by Type 





And please make sure you DON'T rely on size alone...

How to Choose a Dummy by Dimension (Not Size)





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I call my mannequin Miss Tilly.

- Diane

Hi Shelly

I have 2 Mannequins they are called Miss Millie & Miss Villette.

- Ann

Hi Shelley,

Mine is Millicnet the manni - also known as Milly!


I named my mannequin Myrtle.

- Kathy

Hi shelley
my mannequins Name is Betty i always give names to all my machine too big Bertha and Queenie

cheers bernadette

I call mine Ruby

- Nicola

Hi Shelley, I love reading your blog too,

My mannequin is Deknees, because she hasn’t any. Poor thing


My mannequins name is Maggie, she insists that she does all the work, while I just skive off, and she constantly complains that she's gets left holding the top, she feels very abandoned at times.

Oh dear, I hope there's no organisation to prevent cruelty to dress manaquines! And I suppose it's not politically correct to call them dummies?!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who gives names to work tools and dare I say other things also!



Oh dear many years ago I inherited my girl from a friend of my mothers who only had boys. She was on the plump side that is my girl. The previous owners boys had written various girls names on her body all known to me and all on the plump side so my girl was named by me selecting one of the names written on her body, making sure I never used her name when that particular girl was at our home. And of course our dolls had names. Jean June was my doll's name and she had previously belonged to my mother


I have named my borrowed mannequin MONA.

My mother said, I always moaned when I had to try clothes on she was making me. She was a dress maker.

My mother’s name was Nancy and to her horror my brother always called her Fancy Nancy..

Thank you. Shelley Nicholls.

I have only just got my mannequin and as she was delivered at 6am I've named her Dawn , also it is the Dawn of a new era in sewing for me have wished for one for over 40yrs , can't wait to dress her up

- Margaret

Hi Shelley,

I inherited my Aunty Hazel's dress mannequin. My Aunty was a dressmaker and worked for special dress boutiques making up special orders for customers back in the 1950s and 1960s (before Target, Kmart and clothes cheaply made overseas).

I named my mannequin Jeannie. She lives in my sewing room and is very dear to me. Unfortunately Jeannie is too big for my smaller than my Aunty's frame and so Jeannie is in retirement. Much like me!!! I would never get rid of her. She represents so much as it was my Aunty who started to teach me to sew at age nine (59 years ago!) and I am still sewing and love it very much. I am not too sure how old Jeannie is (maybe 20 years) but she is still good and can be adjusted still. I sometimes make my own tops and I often think maybe I should get Jeannie a smaller sister but for now it's just Jeannie and me.

- Suzanne

Hi Shelley,

I do not have a mannequin but if I did I would call her Phyllidia, now I do not know where that name came from it just popped into my head when reading your blog.


Hi Shelley,

I would name my dressmaker form Sunshine as it would brighten my day to be able to make clothes to actually fit me.

Thank You<
Tina Burrows