Show & Tell: from a Lucky Draw Winner


I received a surprise the other day. It was an unexpected email.

The email came from one of our Lucky Draw Winners , Denna.


"4th October 2017 I won my body double and I love it.

I just wanted to say thank you so much again she has been a massive help."

It all started last year...  

Shortly after winning, Denna sent a work-in-progress photo with this lovely note:


"I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you so much. Diana arrived this morning and i love my doppelgänger.

It's sew easy to set up to use - my 2.5 year old son helped. It was cute watching him put the feet on the stand but we had to explain to him that she wasn't broken because she didn't have a head or any legs and arms lol...

I have put my pirate jacket I have almost finished making over her at the moment but i cannot wait to start using her to make my wedding dress thank you so very much again."

In the latest email, she shared her pirate outfit, all finished...

"To show you how much help [the mannequin] has been, in the photos attached is my Victorian steampunk pirate skirt and my steampunk jacket..."

Not only is she talented, she's brave too.

"I have recently been diagnosed with cervical degenerative diseases so my neck bones are deteriorating and pinching the nerves that control my my hands and arm's but I'm still sewing lol."

I love her spirit...
"This is my Christmas dress (not very Christmas-y but its me lol)" 

What's Denna's secret?

None other than simply "Have a Go"....


"I have taught myself to sew and to create patterns. I have been sewing clothing for about a year [in that time] I made my best friends wedding outfit and her bridesmaids skirts."



"Here's the mock up of my wedding dress with no side seams that still needs tweaking (Please excuse the mess) I will be more then happy to send progress photos."

Yes, please!! Can't wait to see how Denna's wedding dress come to life.

If you're inspired to make your fantasy wearable...

Here are TWO things you'll find helpful:

Your Body-Double ( Choose Your Size) to wear your work-in-progress while you tweak.

And a Simple System that ensures a perfect fit
(which I shared in  MY story last week)...

Have you made something you're proud of, that you'd be happy to share with our lovely readers?

Simply email me...

With some photos and a few words - like Denna did :-)

So we can all Enjoy your Show & Tell, and Celebrate Your Creative Moments together!


Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!


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Dear Shelley,

Thank you for sharing; Denna is an inspiration and as I work in teaching with little ones, I tell them each & every day - have a go.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!




Hi Shelley

I can't believe I didn't add rhe photo's my pirate skirt lol Thank you for sharing my story I hope it has helped some one xx

Denna M


Hi shelly

just a updated on my wedding dress...

As you know I won a mini me in 2017.

Since winning I was diagnosed with cervical degenerative disks disease from the c2 to c7. That means it's squashing the nerve roots at the c5/c6 and c6/c7 and putting pressure on my spinal cord.

I have had a nerve root blocker injection at the c5/c6 and having another one done on the 3rd December at the c6/c7 and then surgery will be after that to remove the disk at the c6/c7 and replace it with an artificial one.

This disease is effecting how far I can turn/move my head its causing arm spasms tremors pins and needles and almost no feeling in my hands with extreme pain from my neck all the way down my arms. It also causes weakness in my legs.

This disease is not common in someone of my age (I'm 37 years old).

It has slowed me down on my sewing but it has not stopped me.

I'm 3 weeks out from my wedding, still have 2 vests and 3 bridesmaids dresses to start lol and I need to finish my wedding dress and 1 of the bridesmaid dresses and this is how they look so far.

I'm proud of what I have been able to accomplish as some days everything seems impossible and to hard but no matter how I feel or how much pain I'm in.

I think to myself it doesn't matter what sort of day I'm having someone is having a worse day than me so I pull up my big girl pants and do what I can lol

Denna M